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1.  H. J. Cape (Sudbury): “Put away the leaven of malice and wickedness,” says the Collect, and surely man is wickedness (anag. of malice, man; put away = confine).

2.  C. Koop (Ferring): “Put on Bill Bowes!” That’s a sound suggestion (i.e. sound of ‘bilboes’; cricketer).

3.  F. Luther (Leeds): To ruffle a calm mien apply the handcuffs (anag.).


D. J. Allen (Oxford): What Clem may do to you when he has mania (anag. of Clem mania; Clement Attlee).

P. J. Chubb (NW8): Milton’s chaputins? Ciel maman! (anag.; i.e. put in chains).

Maj A. J. Douch (Barry): Put de bracelets on dat melanic ma ob mine (anag.).

Maj H. B. Drake (Haverhill): Close as a decomposed clam in a thoroughly ruffled state, that’s me (anag. of clam Maine (Me); close vb.).

L. E. Eyres (York): How to confine Cpl. Rind to barracks? (cryptic def.; ref. Milton, ‘Comus’: “this corporal rind Thou hast immanacled”).

S. B. Green (NW10): Mean claim to crib used by Milton (anag.; crib = confine).

Maj J. J. Hilary (Camberley): Claim the last word, would you? Shut up! (anag. of claim amen).

E. H. Morris (Fleetwood): Milton’s gyve can be twisted to maim ancle (anag.).

A. P. O’Leary (Rugby): Give both hands to hold a catch (cryptic def.; give = gyve, vb.).

W. O. Robertson (Marlow): Give? It may sound all right to you, but remember I’m a McLean (anag. of I’m a McLean; give = gyve, vb.).

I. W. Seaton (Belfast): Close up like an oyster? Well, possible I mean clam (anag.).

J. C. Seddon (N12): Preserve a calm mien, though put in fetters (anag.).

B. K. N. Wyllie (Dumfries): Uncommonly huge envelope for a hundred and fifty letters (a C L in immane).


Note. 1. The number of anag. clues should not be taken to mean that they are preferred, but merely that this week they greatly predominated in the entry. 2. The explanations italicised above are supplied by Ximenes in his own words [updated for the archive]. 3. The number of entries received cannot be divulged.

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