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1.  Mrs B. Lewis: Product of the Tory’s pelf, snarls the prosy left (2 anags. & lit.; snarl2).

2.  Rev C. D. Westbrook: Dives enjoyed it while alive: he slept to fry in torment (anag.; Luke 16.19-25).

3.  R. F. Pardoe: My devotees could be left with trophesy—so could I (anag. & lit.).


C. Allen Baker: Body’s a crock—and a tyre’s faulty; it’s one blow-out after another (flesh pot + anag.).

Mrs J. M. Bates: La Dolce Vita? Feelthy sport is involved (anag. & lit.).

J. W. Bates: Living-it-upmanship, by redistribution of the Tory’s pelf? (anag. & lit.; cf. S. Potter, ‘One-Upmanship’).

E. Chalkley: What could make the toper’s wretched inside burst? (anag. in fly, & lit.; fly = burst).

J. Crowther: One who takes delight in his cups gets involved in gross —— (potter in fleshy, & lit.; in one’s cups = drunk).

F. D. Gardiner: Knowing about protest he spoiled life for the rich (anag. in fly (adj.)).

E. M. Hornby: He slept, forty winks; it often has that effect (anag. & lit.; wink = flicker).

A. H. Jones: Jag series specially designed for the L types (anag.; jag2).

Sir S. Kaye: The ropy Left’s mucked up high standard of living (anag.).

J. R. Kirby: Soft living in style for the extravagant (p in anag., & lit.).

J. Langton: Trophesy felt as a possible result of this (anag. & lit.).

A. Lawrie: This’ll give you fat round belly shape—soak up (pot ret (rev.) all in fleshy, & lit.).

L. F. Leason: The pelf story, in a dissipated form (anag. & lit.).

L. May: People throwing orgies (flesh pottery; throwing = forming pottery).

D. P. M. Michael: The soft reply surprisingly associated by Israelites with Egypt (anag.; ref. Exodus 16. 3/4).

C. J. Morse: The ultimate in luxury, with bodily appetites and dalliance put first (flesh potter2 + (luxur)y, & lit.).

M. E. Ventham: Having a ball makes Pelé try shot—a foot over the top (f + anag.).


Miss M. R. Adcock, R. H. Adey, W. G. Arnott, Mrs D. Barker, A. H. P. Cardew, Mrs M. B. Carter, Mrs M. P. Craine, N. C. Dexter, Cdr H. H. L. Dickson, G. H. Du Boulay, Mrs N. Fisher, P. D. Gaffey, Dr E. Gallagher, G. P. Goddard, N. C. Goddard, C. T. Hatten, Mrs S. Hewitt, N. L. Hindley, J. P. H. Hirst, Mrs L. Jarman, N. Kemmer, R. E. Kimmons, Mrs E. McFee, W. L. Miron, J. J. Moore, P. H. Morgan, J. B. O’Kane, Mrs E. M. Pardo, S. L. Paton, Miss M. J. Patrick, Mrs E. M. Phair, R. Postill, W. M. Reid, Rev E. G. Riley, J. Shaw, Mrs E. M. Simmonds, Mrs I. G. Smith, Brig R. F. E. Stoney, J. G. Stubbs, D. J. Thorpe, M. J. Tomkinson, C. W. Willink.

COMMENTS:—Just under 300 entries, nearly all correct. Was it too hot? Am I, quite unconsciously, becoming more difficult? Or were people upset by not finding Jethart staff (s.v. Jeddart)? This arbitrary omission of cross-references in C. is annoying (and, I think, inefficient); but when it happens I always give a clear subsidiary indication which you can trust; and I don’t include rare words not given by C. without saying so.
There were some excellent clues. As to the winner, I usually deprecate a double anagram because it tends to give too much information and is apt to make a clue long. But this one is brilliantly neat, not too long and not, I think, too obvious: I regard it as well worth its place. To show how times have changed I’ll quote what I believe to have been the only previous double anagram to win first prize, back in 1947: “How to do the washing with half the soap gone and no pegs” (6). Can you solve it? The indication of the anagram and the “halving” are questionably sound by modern standards, but the neatness is undeniable. “Potter” in “fleshy” was used a bit too much to achieve real distinction, though “getting plump eating trifle.” occurring at least half a dozen times, was appropriate. The indication of an anagram by a noun has almost disappeared after my recent remarks, but “top shelf mode” for “flesh-pot” was a bad example.
I hope next month’s Printer’s Devilry will produce a large and worthy entry: don’t forget that the sense of the final “undevilled” version is what matters most.

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