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Punning name

1.  J. Blakey (Hale): Ivan Toby A. Lorne (‘I want to be alone’, Greta Garbo).

2.  A. Robins (Hartford): Major B. Ed. Lyonet (‘made your bed, lie on it’).

3.  R. C. Payn (Ardrossan): Wilberforce de Beauchamps (‘we’ll be forced to be chums’).


S. Anderson (Cambridge): I Wanna Beal-Owen (‘I want to be alone’, Greta Garbo).

Miss E. R. Buckland (St. Albans): Saul Adam Boris Yule (‘’s all a damn bore is Yule’).

Miss R. G. Davidge (Reading): Ananias King Forest-Orme (‘Ann an’ I asking for a storm’; narrator’s wife).

G. L. Davies (Cardiff): Ivor Gunter Hughes (‘I’ve a gun to use’).

Mrs M. Gray (Birnam): Otto B. Jolly, Senior (‘ought to be jolly, seein’ ya’).

S. B. Green (NW10): Evan L. Panter-Cope (‘’eaven ’elp Ann to cope’; narrator’s wife).

F. Knapman (Wallington): Evan Grant deWett Christmas (‘’eaven grant a wet Christmas’).

Lt R. H. Lemon, RA (Woolwich): Howard Bridgework (‘how would bridge work?’).

F. E. Newlove (Barnehurst): Howell I. Cope-Witham (‘how will I cope with ’em?’).

J. A. Plowman (Lane End): Barnabus Nixon (‘barr’n’ a Bass nix on’; i.e. no drinks for guests).

Lt D. M. Reay (SE19): A. Noel-Coward.

J. Wagstaff (W8): Noel Storey Haydn-Clewes (‘Noel story hidin’ clues’).

E. F. Watling (Sheffield): Y. Askham (‘why ask ’em?’).


COMMENTS:—Perhaps the most popular family was the Brown-Doffs (with their cousins German the Braundorfs), but the Boardmans ran them close. Mr Anderson’s Garbo version lacked the appeal of the winner: Wanna is a litle hard to swallow as a name. Will many solvers recognise Mr Plowman’s Barnabas as a reminiscence of Torquemada’s “Knock, knock” crossword? Competitors were about equally divided into sympathisers with the narrator and those who deplored his attitude; Ximenes hastens to assure the latter that he assumes no responsibility for his characters’ views! In fact, he rather likes paper games.
[Ximenes No. 14 ‘Christmas Soirée’ is structured as a story about unwelcome Christmas guests. Competitors suggested a punning name for the narrator.]

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