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1.  S. B. Green (NW10): Inlaid boards used by cabinet-makers (2 mngs.; ref. PM’s country residence).

2.  F. E. Newlove (SE9): Used by Cabinet-makers, Pattern-makers and Draughtsmen (3 defs.; ref. PM’s country residence).

3.  P. T. Heath (Weymouth): A draughty house containing one W.C. (cryptic def.; i.e. like draughts; W.C. = Winston Churchill, PM in 1952 [see comments]).


C. A. Baker (Wishaw): A drop of liquor inside encourages some men to engage in a battle royal (qu in cheers; b.r. = chess (see Brewer)).

J. W. Bates (Westcliff): Applause on both sides! There’s little question—the House is entirely for the Prime Minister (Qu. in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

P. M. Coombs (Burgess Hill): Agrees with Churchill to start with, then, oddly, queers his pitch when the House rises (Ch + anag.; ref. PM’s country residence).

J. H. Dingwall (SW19): Question put briefly amidst applause in the House, which may persuade the P.M. to go to the country (Qu. in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

J. A. Fincken (N11): Question-time opens in the midst of applause for the Prime Minister’s address (qu in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

A. L. Freeman (Norwich): Question-time opens amid applause and the House is Winnie’s! (Qu in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence; Winston Churchill).

D. J. Furley (New Barnet): Some credit in India, and an over-draft—that’s what Attlee handed over to Churchill (R (rupees) in cheques; ref. PM’s country residence, and increase in National Debt).

R. R. Greenfield (Ruislip): Who wins this seat? The question is settled by polling amid cries of approval (Qu. in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

R. J. Hall (Redbourn): Quadragesima’s nearly gone, with eggs about displaying variegated colours (Qu(adragesima) in cheers [see comments]).

T. O. Hughes (Maidenhead): House mastered by Premier. Beginning of question-time marked by shouts of approval all round (qu in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

Mrs L. Jarman (Brough): One sees a bit of Churchill here: queer change for the Socialist head! (Ch + anag. + S(ocialist) & lit.; ref. PM’s country residence and recent change of Govt.).

L. Johnson (N. Harrow): Is it not for the Prime Minister to go to the country? The question is put amidst loud applause (Qu. in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

G. G. Lawrance (Harrow): The Prime Minister’s address included a reference to the Queen—that’s what the applause was about (Qu. in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

A. C. Norfolk (Peterborough): Off duty, P.M.? Forget office cares here! (cryptic def.; i.e. half-day off (p.m.); ref. PM’s country residence).

R. Postill (Jersey): What’s the applause about? House awaits P.M.’s decision to go to the country (Qu. (i.e. what is?) in cheers; ref. PM’s country residence).

Miss R. E. Speight (Rugby): Bucks haunt this spot. Dappled patterns seen (2 mngs.; ref. PM’s country residence in Buckinghamshire).

Miss D. W. Taylor (New Malden): Half black, half white, the men on board are an assortment of queer little chaps. (anag. of queer chs.; chaps. = chapters).

J. S. Young (Beckenham): Interrupts the Prime Minister’s address (2 defs.; chequer (vt); ref. PM’s country residence).


A. E. Clayton, Rev H. J. Crees, F. H. Croydon, Cdr H. H. L. Dickson, L. E. Eyres, B. Franco, C. E. Gates, C. C. M. Giffin, D. Godden, R. McD. Graham, J. G. Hull, F. G. Illingworth, L. W. Jenkinson, D. S. Johnson, J. Hardie Keir, Capt G. Langham, E. L. Mellersh, D. P. M. Michael, Rev E. B. Peel, E. G. Phillips, E. J. Rackham, K. Reed, G. Rice, A. Robins, A. J. C. Saunders, E. O. Seymour, W. K. M. Slimmings, J. Thompson, W. E. Tucker, J. F. N. Wedge, I. Young.

COMMENTS—288 correct and few mistakes. As the H.C. list shows, there was a certain sameness about the entries. The obvious treatment of the word produced many sound clues: deviations from it, with a few notable exceptions, did not produce much that was of outstanding interest. Mr. Hall would have received a higher award if I felt surer of his egg = cheer. Mr. Heath was naughty but, to me, I’m afraid, irresistible! Nothing else to say this time, except many thanks for seasonable greetings.

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