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1.  J. Riley (SE12): Little Boy Blue, who caused the sheep delay (anag.).

2.  J. M. Doulton (Orpington): “A seedy help” inaccurately describes Wardle’s Joe (anag.; ref. ‘Pickwick Papers’, Mr. Wardle’s servant).

3.  L. E. Thomas (Bangor): Unlikely promontory on Wake Island (cryptic def.).


G. N. Collins (Ipswich): Comes to delay sheep, but should have no need to count them (anag.).

H. J. Connell (Kirkcaldy): After sleep neither you nor I in the returning day will be a sluggard (sleep + he in day (rev.)).

Mrs V. Cooper (Sidcup): Astray in sheepy dale with no need to count them (anag.).

A. Fenton (Oxford): Makes sheep delay, though he has no need to count them (anag.).

H. S. Fielden (Rochdale): First of a nursery trio, the one with the L-shaped eye? (anag.; ref. “Come, let’s to bed, said S.”).

R. I. Gunn (NW7): Cape Wrath at reveillé (cryptic def.; ref. Housman, ‘Reveillé’).

C. Hoop (Ferring): Deeply as he is involved, he is never in the toils! (anag.).

Mrs L. Jarman (Brough): No wonder this teacher has dull pupils—and down come the lashes! (sleepy head).

Lt R. H. Lemon (Woolwich): Not a glutton for work, deeply as he may he involved in it (anag.).

Maj D. P. M. Michael (Dorking): The pal she eyed proved to be no more than a nodding acquaintance (anag.).

F. E. Newlove (Barnehurst): Deeply as he must be upset, his indolence is inexcusable (anag.).

J. H. Quincey (Oxford): Woolgatherer responsible for making the sheep delay (anag.).

A. Robins (Hartford): Please, Miss Lamarr, break it up! I’m tired! (anag. of please Hedy; ref. H. Lamarr, film star).

J. V. Skinner (Glasgow): Surely too dull a Jekyll to please Hyde (anag.).

J. C. W. Springbett (SE21): Learning would be a dream if there was one at his school (cryptic def.; sleepy head).

Capt C. Tyers, RN (Eastbourne): Delay sheep perhaps—but not for numbering, apparently (anag.).

W. B. Wake (Seaview): Sheep delay for an idle fellow, but he doesn’t need them (anag.).

L. D. Wakely (SW19): Lazy type produced by prominent seaside resort giving up its beach for sleep (Beachy Head with sleep for beach).


COMMENTS:—The number of fairly equal sheep-delayers and deeply-as-he-ers makes the list a longish one: there were others who did not express these two ideas quite so well. The aptness of the shepherd-boy “under the hay-cock fast asleep” made Mr. Riley’s clue stand out. Mr. Gunn’s capital idea nearly won a prize, but his clue is perhaps a shade too difficult. Only one come-let’s-to-bedder is mentioned: it was the most popular idea, but does not lend itself well. There seem to be many versions current. A. E. H. must have turned in his grave at the number of solvers who quoted the quatrain in full with their solutions and indented lines 2 and 4: he was not one to brook such inaccuracy!
[Archive note: The quatrain referred to appears to be from A. E. Housman’s ‘A Shropshire Lad: IV – Reveillé’, ending “Up, lad: when the journey’s over / There’ll be time enough to sleep.”]

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