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1.  C. J. Morse (SW10): My style of driving’s old-fashioned—one wiggle, then wallop! (wag + oner).

2.  Mrs E. McFee (Rhos-on-Sea): What’s improper or new about topless dress in Hollywood? It’s O.K. for this group of Stars ((r)ag, (US sl.), in anag.; ref. constellation Auriga).

3.  C. Allen Baker (Milnathort): One of many to have departed, heading west (W + a goner, & lit.).


T. Anderson (Folkestone): Signing the pledge about getting drunk? Come along with me! (on in wager (n. obs.); on the wagon).

F. D. H. Atkinson (Claygate): Star group requires shake expert (wag oner; ref. constellation Auriga).

R. S. Caffyn (Cheltenham): Group of stars produce the Ring in a most suitable setting (O in Wagner; ref. constellation Auriga).

Flt Sgt J. Dromey (Finningley): Sid. Capella and the Shiners—fabulously gear now! (anag.; sid. = sidereal; ref. stars in constellation Auriga; gear (sl.) = with it).

B. L. H. Ford (Welling): Team manager has to contend with inside left (gone in war).

P. D. Gaffey (Dublin): Barkis’s calling. Bet it’s about being willing (on (adj.) in wager; Barkis, a carter, was “willin’” to marry Peggotty in D. Copperfield).

E. Gomersall (Fulford): The Ring in its former heavenly arrangement (O in Wagner; former, n.; ref. constellation Auriga).

A. J. Hughes (Sutton Coldfield): Rock expert produces Northern star group (wag oner; ref. constellation Auriga).

N. H. Keir (Stockton-on-Tees): The charioteer is a fellow no longer employed, a rare bird nowadays (wag (obs.) + oner).

A. Lawrie (Cheltenham): He can change gear now (anag. & lit.).

A. D. Legge (Walsall): Jehu departed in peace? On the contrary (gone in war; see Jehu in C.).

H. Lyon (Stroud): I used to drive horses fast enough; now gear changing gets me down (anag.; charioteer; down clue).

T. A. Martin (SW15): Joker, Ace, King—he has the whip hand and should deliver the goods! (wag one R).

G. Perry (Newcastle, Staffs): Barkis was willing—pledge sent about it (on (adj.) in wager; Barkis, a carter, was “willin’” to marry Peggotty in D. Copperfield).

R. Postill (Jersey): You want a driver? It’s a shocking lie … Fool! You’ve topped it! (wag + oner; down clue).

W. K. M. Slimmings (Worcester Park): Team manager gives truant a caution (wag oner; c. = astonishing person).

J. E. Smith Wright (SW3): I used to drive a racing car: can just about change gear now (anag.; charioteer).

W. Watts (Westcliff-on Sea): The creator of a famous musical ride includes nothing to show who drives (O in Wagner; Ride of the Valkyries).

J. F. N. Wedge (Carshalton): Shake expert stars in group (wag oner; ref. constellation Auriga).


C. I. Bullock, J. F. CoIdwell, G. Cuthbert, T. Davies, N. C. Dexter, L. L. Dixon, G. E. Fallows, Miss D. Fennell, J. A. Fincken, J. Flood, J. Fryde, F. D. Gardiner, J. Gill, C. P. Grant, R. R. Greenfield, E. M. Hornby, J. E. Jenkins, L. W. Jenkinson, W. H. Johnson, J. Hardie Keir, R. E. Kimmons, C. Koop, J. H. C. Leach, Mrs R. D. Lemon, A. F. Lerrigo, Mrs B. Lewis, Lady Macnair, Dr T. J. R. Maguire, D. P. M. Michael, Mrs M. Newell, D. A. Nicholls, B. G. Palmer, L. S. Pearce, Mrs N. Perry, E. G. Phillips, Maj J. N. Purdon, E. J. Rackham, N. E. Sharp, E. B. Stevens, J. B. Sweeting, H. S. Tribe, G. R. Webb, Mrs M. P. Webber, B. C. Westall.

COMMENTS:—About 250 entries, not many mistakes. The postal upset came at an awkward moment for us, and I expect quite a few entries haven’t reached me. I have waited till Thursday, the latest possible day, unless we were to put off the result for a week, which would make the whole thing rather stale. The entry was of a good average standard, with much more variety than last time. The popular Wagner idea tended to produce rather too easy clues, when the Ring and the actual word “composer” were used. I’m afraid this will reach you late: I don’t see how I can get it to the printer before Saturday at the earliest.

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