Azed Cup Winning Clues written by C. R. Gumbrell
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No.Clue wordClueExplanation
1624BELAYHearts of sailors applauded in the old book Westward Ho!l, a in ye b (rev.); ref Charles Kingsley novel
1611LEISLERIt’ll need sonar to get about, fluttering and not going astrayanag. less anag. & lit.
1502RAPPELWhat’s given by drum if end of truce is approved?app. for e in reel, & lit.
1387Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales (Anagram)It has charm, this Swansea man’s cold idyll 
1334CATACHRESTICIn which fashion see the cold as ‘artic’anag. incl. c, c, & lit.; cf. arctic
1268ARGIE-BARGIEClay with left wiped out energy Joe put into raw set-toargi(l) E + GI in bare, ref. Cassius C., J. Frazier
1234AVANT-PROPOSThus is French scholar expressing Schwarz’s opening piece for Chambers?(s)avant pro pos, & lit.; ref. Chambers page vi
1122BASILIANTuck among outlaw film’s central characters, is a round, monkish type(f)il(m) is a rev. in ban, ref. Friar T.