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C. R. Gumbrell1198149741141Dec 1977Sep 200426y 9m
 Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
1685MINO (Printer’s Devilry)VHCPlay-goers boo ha/rder to show disapproval of bad acting 
1676CRINGE-MAKINGVHCSegment of worm found in cold mutton, a piece of poor qualityring in c em a king
1659SCAREDY-CATVHCIn raddled decay, star gets chop – no spring chickenc(hop) in anag.
1654CRESCENT / ENTHRALS (Overlaps)VHCChapter about trail growing hard (one penned by travel writer) is absorbingc re scent; H + a in RLS; ref. Stevenson’s ‘Travels with a Donkey’
1650SAPHENAVHCA vein, shape distorted? That’s possibly this, i.e. with bit of varicositycomp. anag. incl. v, & lit.
1641GADGETEERVHCRead e.g. rave about hit in Q?get in anag.; ref. music magazine and James Bond character
1637AMNESICVHCAnswer comes with rendition of second part in playing of fuguea + anag. less o; rendition = surrender
1633EMPATRON / WINTERLY (Right and Left)SecondBleak victory, Troy prematurely discounting a bad omen about trap, managed back in days gone bywin t e(a)rly; anag. in anag.
1628ENCOMIONVHCSee cracking person recalled by flatterer, in bidding farewell, with this?C in one (rev.) + m(in)ion, & lit.
1624BELAYFirstHearts of sailors applauded in the old book Westward Ho!l, a in ye b (rev.); ref. Charles Kingsley novel
1619GISMO (Printer’s Devilry)VHC‘Yesterday’, a short lyric, also n/oted as arguably the Beatles’ best 
1615RUGATEVHCUrge to move seizing characters heading to America, going west like old Audent A (rev.) in anag.; ref. Auden’s emigration, and his face in later years
1611LEISLERFirstIt’ll need sonar to get about, fluttering and not going astrayanag. less anag., & lit.
1606TEOSINTE / INTELSAT (Overlaps)VHCSystem of links tailored to Net is electronicanag. + e
1602FENESTRAVHCOriel, for example, term for institution established in early part of fourteenth century?n est. in f era; O. College, Oxford, founded 1326
1598PHRASEMONGERVHCNo epigram is he doing without each one being overwrought? Rightanag. less I, I + r, & lit.
1596GENISTA (Definition of Anagram)VHCCore of Lavengro? It’s provided, in substance, by a gypsytsigane; en in gist + a; ref. book by George Borrow
1593MANSUETEVHCCook first to traverse with seamen central part of South Pacific, historicallyanag. incl. t, u; ref. Captain C.
1589JOKESMITHVHCJoint with smoke all over the place avoided by weak person noted for wheezesJ + anag. less w
1585SHIATSUVHCGet enthusiastic massaging etc in this?comp. anag. & lit.
1580MARGENT def. BEETLES (Wrong Number)VHCMan, going after runs, with early show of vigour striking six – a boundaryruns; (vi)m + r + gent
1576FACADEVHCA character abandoned by king must wear iron maska ca(R)d in Fe; ref. Dumas novel
1567QUEENVHCSingular noun representing Reginaqueer with n for R, & lit.
1563SLYBOOTSVHCDodger? Term for Dawkins, boy that’s rifled many pocketss + anag. in lots; ref. Artful D.
1559THEOLOGASTERVHCBroadcast rated ‘God slot’ showing no signs of depth when he’s involved?he in anag. less d, d, & lit.
1554PEARLVHCOne cuts through middle of shellfish to get ita in per + l, & lit.
1544PATROL (with jumble of RAPTORES) (Christmas Devilry)VHCRound spot of tundra shot spear ruffled polar bearst in anag.
1541CHUPRASSYVHCOrderly form of pyramid, such as we see amid desertanag. less amid
1533MASTER-MARINERVHCI’ll have tar name me ‘sir’, being trained rightanag. + r, & lit.
1528STROP (Spoonerisms)VHCSort blasted by leader of prohibitionists’ band downed red-eyeround dead-eye; anag. + p
1524INGRATITUDEVHCWhat’s shown by throwing aid in gutter?anag. & lit.
1515SNIDEVHCMalicious end Iago’s evolved, since being passed overanag. less ago; ref. Othello
1511DEEP-SEATEDVHCOld-fashioned fencing involved épées? That’s firmly establishedanag. in dated
1506BARE(-)BONESVHCMore than one old rake must have been so aroused after undoing of braanag. + anag.
1502RAPPELFirstWhat’s given by drum if end of truce is approved?app. for e in reel, & lit.
1500GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)VHCOne engaged in operation of tiller at rear of boatCOGITLLIER; cog + I in anag.
1494MARATHONVHCIn this you’d find Mota ran fantastically, capturing heartsH in anag., & lit.; ref. Rosa M., former Portuguese marathon runner
1492The year that Columbus discovered America (Anagram)VHCA hero, very much admired, set sail to Cuba etc. 
1489FRONT-BENCHERVHCSee Benn linked with Thatcher for having worn this hatcomp. anag. & lit.
1485BOURSE / TIFOSO (Right and Left)VHCExchange ‘Born to Run’? Not about to if, stirred by pieces of Springsteen’s, one’s a fanb + (c)ourse; anag. + S o
1480SAMARITANVHCIn a bad way, a man at end of his tether finally rings oneI in anag. incl. s, r, & lit.
1476LIGNIPERDOUSVHCEvil is purged, lion bringing about destruction of witchesanag.; witch2; ref ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’
1467CANAPÉVHCSomething offered by restaurant, appropriate for start of feast?nap for f in café, & lit.
1463REVERSIONALVHCGoing back in history, Stephenson’s foremost character seen to be in on rail’s developmentever S in anag.
1459GREATEST (Spoonerisms)SecondWhat must feature bit of gunplay on a screen? Oater mustuttermost; g re a test
1450PRETENDANTVHCCharles Edward Stuart? Prince linked with giant alarm, historicallyPr. eten dant; ref. Bonnie Prince Charlie
1446NEWSPAPERDOMVHCSee cod wrapped in some piece of its outputanag. less i, & lit; cod adj.
1441Word containing MM displaced by a bug (Millennium Bug)VHCPuzzle was beset by bugs!flummox / wasp; was in flu pox
1439JOHN CANOESecondIn this would you find how a jocund Noel is observed abroad?comp. anag. & lit.
1433NEANDERTHALVHCWhat sadder than end Lear comes to, being an old man?anag.
1428CRICETIDThirdYou’ll find this one’s done in once rodenticide’s workedcomp. anag. & lit.
1424HEISTVHCJob? He knew no end of sorrowhe (w)ist
1419SPLODGEVHCSpa – place for a splash?spa with lodge for a
1411LOOK-SEEVHCGander can remain, with positive flying, around front of skeinloo + s in kee(p)
1406CHASSEPOTVHCType of rifle distributed to chaps suppressing last traces of Paris Commune?s, e in anag.; ref. events of 1871
1402PENTOSE (Definition of Anagram)VHCIn Swan Lake’s finale you’ll see most of cast danceone-step; tos(s) in pen e
1398PERMETHRINVHCTo make hemipterans rare, scatter areas with thiscomp. anag. & lit.
1394BERGAMOTVHCIt’s to NW Africa (passing hot) we may turn for citrus fruitto Mag(h)reb (rev.)
1387Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales (Anagram)FirstIt has charm, this Swansea man’s cold idyll 
1385PANTRIESVHCSpence and suchlike characters starting postwar architecture with new aimsp a + n tries; ref. Sir Basil S.
1380RAPPORT (Misprints)VHCConfection soft and yellow in spongy partconnection; p or in anag.; spongy = drunken
1376LOGOVHCWhat, with regular showing of ad, becomes prime stimulus?lo(ad) go(ad), & lit.
1372MASTERSTROKEVHCIn which one’s pulled off staggering sortie and queen mates king?anag. incl. R, K, less I, & lit.
1367SANBENITOSSecondCovering things in an auto is a bonnet’s workanag.; work vb
1363MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number)VHCAdept guitarist releases inmost character of G-stringG-string; (Hank) Ma(r)vin
1360BOG-ASPHODELVHCPiece of Betjeman’s with line framing atrocious hope goads denizen of Slough?anag. in B, l; ref. poem ‘Slough’
1355DIACATHOLICONVHCHad it a colonic’s outcome if drunk?anag. & lit.
1351NEATEN (Printer’s Devilry)VHCAt the Eisteddfod it’s possible a competitive alto’s rendition’s outdo/ors 
1346PHARISEEThirdMount in bad shape not having heart for lusty canterrise in anag. less s
1342ALIENS / RAPINE (Right and Left)SecondDeals in uncommonly striking Dutch transfers taking Gunners to peak?anag. less D; RA pine; peak2; ref. Arsenal stars Bergkamp and Overmars
1338SMART ALECVHCA star, me, clever without ever being fazedanag. less ever, & lit.
1336STOCKINGVHCProviding this is loaded go, St Nick!anag. & lit.
1334CATACHRESTICFirstIn which fashion see the cold as ‘artic’anag. incl. c, c, & lit.; cf. arctic
1325UPROOTALVHCWhat can make mandragora yelp out? There’s danger this maycomp. anag. & lit.
1316FINGERLICKIN’VHCToy with whip I name topfinger lick I n
1312REST-CUREVHCWhat’ll have a patient repose on middle of bookshelf – ‘Trent’s Last Case’?re s t cure2
1307AGILE (Spoonerisms)VHCWhat a lovely wine is red Aigle!lively one; anag.; red2
1303PONIARDVHCDo in with a prod?anag. & lit.
1290NITERIEVHCYou’ll find playing in here hit releases each of the small hours?anag. less h, h, & lit.
1286CHALETVHCA little house, Alpine, out of wood etc. builtanag. incl. h, less pine, & lit.
1284STALE (3 defs. + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)VHCWhat introduces Scrooge? Story, short one specifying seasonSTA(TER SE)LE; S + tale
1281ABLUTOMANEVHCOne drawn to balneum?a + anag., & lit.
1277NOVE(M)BER (Letters Latent)ThirdIn which we find the end of autumn again about to occurn + be in over, & lit.
1268ARGIE-BARGIEFirstClay with left wiped out energy Joe put into raw set-toargi(l) E + GI in bare; ref. Cassius C., J. Frazier
1255CATAFALCOSecondWhat you might see at head of cortège, a focal structureanag. incl. c, & lit.
1242KNOCKERSVHCWe’re to fill cups? Top tip of Khayyam’s, drunk reckonsK + anag.
1234AVANT-PROPOSFirstThus is French scholar expressing Schwarz’s opening piece for Chambers?(s)avant pro pos, & lit.; ref. Chambers page vi
1232The world is too much with us; late and soon (Anagram)VHCA wise lot must not show a child unto Herod. 
1229GRUPPETTOVHCGrace Darling in forefront of rescue got up in a stormpet in anag. incl. r
1225CURRYVHCFiery stuff to consume prey of Old Scratch?3 mngs.
1220CASSANDRAVHCWith horse, and heading for ruin, people came – ignoring meass and r in ca(me), & lit.; people vb
1212HILDINGVHCIn escape you’ll find, instead of women, he’s first?h for w in wilding, & lit.
1207EPOCH-MARKINGVHCSee graphic in comic dealing with Mekon as characterizing an era?anag.; ref. Dan Dare in the former ‘Eagle’ comic
1203CLERICALISMVHCIt is clear Columba could spread this aboutcomp. anag. & lit.; St C., missionary abbot
1200Nine letter word (C and T latent) (Letters Latent)VHCThe leading part in England’s lies on IllySELE(CT)ION; anag. incl. E, & lit.; ref. R. Illingworth, nicknamed Illy
1194DONETSecondWhat introduced one to cases, and noted imperfect and perfect tense?hidden, anag., done t, & lit.
1190DENARIUSVHCSum earned vineyard labouring amounts to this d every man?comp. anag. & lit.; ref. Matthew 20, 1-10
1186GRISELDAVHC‘Patience’ typified G & S: antiquity, in song, sent upG + S eld in air (rev.); ref. opera
1180COLD TURKEYVHCWhat’ll have one off coke and truly suffering?anag. less an, & lit.
1178BOOTLEGSecondCooper perhaps equal to Clay with good boxing until up-endedto (rev.) in bole g; cooper2
1169BLITHE / URSINE (Right and Left)VHCHaving Baloo’s humour animated ruins ultimate character of ‘Jungle Book’, turning high tension in story merryanag. + e; b + HT (rev.) in lie; ref. Disney’s treatment of Kipling
1161ADIAPHORONVHCA drop I, Noah, drunk – there’s no need to observe meanag.; ref. Gen. 9:21-25
1156TERPSICHOREANVHCSo one might dub the Twist novel re orphans etc Dickens’s secondanag. incl. i; ref. ‘Oliver Twist’
1152PARACETAMOLThirdWhat might be given orally, one having felt upset inside?ace + mat (rev.) in parol, & lit.
1147MAYDAYVHCFor which we set up the pole to go round yearly, in good time off? Yesy(early) in mad + ay, & lit.
1143DEATH (Printer’s Devilry)VHCWas he, who’s given the world’s pa/in, Man’s creator? He wasref. D. Hammett
1126CHEATERYVHCResult when mouth bones the ape developed provided Piltdown’s head partsanag. less P in cry, & lit.; bone = seize; ref. ‘missing link’ fraud
1122BASILIANFirstTuck among outlaw film’s central characters, is a round, monkish type(f)il(m) is a (rev.) in ban; ref. Friar T.
1117STAMNOS (3 Consecutive Letters)VHCSuch, to be filled with what ends thirst, man fashioned back in Athenst + anag. in so + s, & lit.
1113EMPLASTRUMSecondPossibly Romans put me, imbued with spot of liniment, on cutl in anag. less on, & lit.
1104BURYING-PLACESVHCTurning which, Gray’s pen dealt with bucolic company passed overanag. less co, & lit.; ref. Gray’s ‘Elegy’
1100CONCORDANCEVHCWhat’ll restrain Mandela’s followers, closing the rift in racecord ANC in cone, & lit.
1091SAPSAGO (Spoonerisms)VHCHeed chars, chiefly wise in the working of soaphard cheese; sag(e) in anag.
1084PIERCEABLE / SALESGIRL (DLM)VHCAs I’m easily thrilled, when you peel bare I cheer –
Is there bliss large and lovely in store for us, dear?
1078KIRBEHVHCWhat carries drink man extracted from brook?kir b(rook) eh?, & lit.
1074DEMIREPVHCI’m presumed (without substance) wantonanag. less sum, & lit.
1065TANDOORIThirdGrub that’s come from east to west and encapsulated a taste of Indiaand in root (rev.) + I & lit.
1048GALLOPADEVHCActivity getting everyone involved to foot it with energyall in go + pad E, & lit.
1043PESTO (Printer’s Devilry)VHCThatcher won’t be amateur o/pposition if federalists prevail 

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  1672 IMPASTOS (Spoonerisms)
  1667 CLARINI
  1646 BLACK
  1537 CAFTAN
  1519 CARRY-ON
  1472 TORAN (Printer’s Devilry)
  1454 GET-UP
  1415 MANATI (Printer’s Devilry)
  1329 PITHOS
  1322 CARPET
  1300 OXFORD (extra O) (Extra Letter)
  1273 SIPOREX
  1264 TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS (Right and Left)
  1260 OUT-AND-OUT
  1238 ELASTIN (Printer’s Devilry)
  1108 GREEN
  1095 STINK
  1069 (P)OSTICHE (Headpieces)
  1061 MAGIC
  1056 ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE (Wrong Number)

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