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W. K. M. Slimmings1861520151279221Jun 1946Feb 1988
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
823SARBACANEReactionary supports a switch whose blow can mark one’s endbras (rev.) + a cane
750SALMAGUNDY (THLMAGUY/OULMAGUY) (750 themed clue)A spicy jumble this type of square with happy laugh about thousand by X’s successorT + M in anag. + Y; X = Ximenes
590MINEVEROne gone white, does fear game is up for goodnim rev. + ever; does = rabbits
354SHEER-HULKArk Royal, now? Gloom surrounds her being docked, and broken uphe(r) + anag. of her, all in sulk; gloom verb
212SURCINGLESThey may have Lester, slipping half off, cursing freelyanag. incl. Les(ter), & lit.; ref. L. Piggott, jockey
123SCATTERGOODNamely, one never tight – therefore in the red?sc. a TT ergo o/d, & lit.
Ximenes competitions
868DANDER / TOUPEE (Right and Left)It’s shown by blasting and then turning crimson where you drive, smothering ball completely: to avoid it, keep your head down!anag. + red (rev.) & lit.; O up in tee, down = hair
255SCUTTLEWhere you may see All Blacks do in ebullient Celts. (Wales will be sunk if you do!)ut in anag., 2 defs.; do2 = ut1; wales = ship’s planks; ref. coal and NZ rugby tour 1953
196SHAMAN / SERIAN (Right and Left)Keep Mum! A bloke has to be a wizard—wants all I earns, roughly, would describe the old China!sh! a man; anag.
165CABBAGEOne of two joint accompanists picked for a performance of Madame Butterfly!cryptic def.; meat & two veg.; cabbage-butterfly
146BELDAMENo wonder the old lady’s furious: she’s nothing to show but the B.E.M., and that’s tarnishedanag. of BE Medal [see comments]
119UMBLE-PIEIf the bird’s off, you’ll be having the doctor in most of Christmas! You certainly won’t like eating itMB in (y)ule + pie3
56SHEEP-RUNIt might suggest a Bach chorale, or a baa corral! (Puns here are out of place!)2 defs., anag.; ref. “Sheep may safely graze”
49ESPERANTOThe tongue that Shakespeare spake? Only when you analyse him literally, and not otherwise!anag. of speare not; i.e. shake speare
27MEANDRIANNot the course a bull takes, to the discomfiture of a man in red!anag.