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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
27 Jun 1946MEANDRIAN normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. K. M. SlimmingsNot the course a bull takes, to the discomfiture of a man in red!anag.
SecondMiss J. FryQuite loopy of coursecryptic def.
ThirdSqn Ldr H. M. JamiesonLoopy? Near mad in one way certainlyanag.
HCL. P. CookA crooked mandarine is not straight of courseanag.
HCC. B. DaishAmend rain to read “windy”anag.
HCF. E. DixonTwist and remain twistinganag.
HCMrs C. E. DuffMazy Chinese puzzle: find the mandarine!anag.
HCRev B. Foley“The wild thing went” this way to a dream innanag.; ref. ‘The Rolling English Road’ in G. K. Chesterton, ‘The Flying Inn’
HCMaj A. H. GilesDoctor Ian’s got a bad name for not going straightmean Dr Ian
HCS. B. GreenUndress and remain in Serpentine, ignoring proprietyanag.
HCM. L. HerzigA nine-dram shake might give you such a walk home!anag.
HCC. R. MalcolmWho’s writhing in bed? An Aberdonian doctor?i.e. mean Dr Ian; river-bed
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelOf course I am winding—I damn near got lost!anag.
HCF. H. OliverAll of a twist, with the lowest point twisted in the middle!anag. of nadir in mean
HCJ. I. PerrettLiable to twist and remain twistedanag.
HCR. C. ReevesZigzagging like a Cockney couple doing the Lambeth Walki.e. like me and ’er (meander)
HCW. RennieHighland John, under a poor little doctor, is twisting and turning in bedmean Dr Ian; river-bed
HCJ. F. SmithScramble, airmen, and get weaving!anag
HCJ. E. Smith WrightUnwind and remain windinganag
HCD. L. ToselandDescribes the classic curves on one side of Lydiacrptic def.: ref. River Meander, southern boundary of the Kingdom of L.
HCE. F. WatlingCrooked, and I damn’ near got mixed up in it!anag.

No Runners-Up in competition 27