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R. Postill1981831149113247Aug 1946Apr 1969
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Ximenes competitions
1054PINACOTHECAThis might be an apt choice for those interested in abstractionsanag. & lit.
1041TEA-LEADConservative film about what we brew; Heath admits beer unsuitable for childrenale A in Ted; ref. Edward H.; A, film classification
1036CORONETEDSee what Marlborough’s become, without one male voice raised? Are such heads a little uneasy?tenor (rev.) in co-ed; M. College; “Uneasy lies the head…”
941HYPODERMICDespondency, Reichenbach’s effect, unsolved crime … could have led Holmes to this.hyp od1 + anag., & lit., ref. R. Falls, H.’s supposed death; hyp = hypochondria
935MALAPROPMatrimony: a little aversion initially has a supporter in herM,a,l,a + prop, & lit.
878ENTOMOSTRACANot a rat comes off! Obviously some of them stick to sinking shipsanag.; off = out of condition; barnacles
750SEVEN-FIFTY / CROSSWORDS (Right and Left)It’s near to dinner time when X should get a big hand! Mark our great interest as X speaks!7.45 dinner, X numeral on clock; cross words (vb)
728ALDERMA(N) (N’s missing in def.) (Letters Latent)M.C.C., probably well advised to ba-t, dissipated alarm about Dexter’s openersDe(xter) in anag.; MCC = Member of County Council; bant = diet, aldermanly = pompous & portly; ref. Ted D., England batsman
560CONGENITALLYAb ovo … leave the egg and all your original character is latent thuscongé nit all y(our), & lit.
551PITCHERHell! Monmartre’s expensive. Well … I mustn’t go there too often or I’ll be broke!pit + cher (Fr.); ref. proverb, “The p. that goes too often to the well is broken at last”
400Word with 400 theme (Quatercentenary)A result of stirring up s-e-x in one (13)concupiscence; anag. & lit.; x = CCCC
213LEMONADEArticle in French paper shows what people will swallow from the yellow press!a in Le Monde; see y.p. in C.
185STOUTWhen I have no head, the discriminating customer tends to sniff at mei.e. s + tout2 or 4, & lit.
112SHEET (DLM)Undergraduates Heckle Attlee—Senior Proctor Acts—Ten Sent Downref. Acts 10:11
95SPOONERThe Doctor might have described Reggie as a bit fat to play for Englandcryptic def.; a fit bat; ref. Reggie Spooner, Lancashire and England batsman, and Rev Dr W. A. S.
64GLASTONBURYNot “The Stolen Bacillus,” but another sort of “lost bug” yarn by Wellsanag.; ref. short story by H. G. Wells; Wells, Somerset
53SHINTramp, well fitted for conversion into light cutterShin(well); ref. Emanuel S., Min. of Fuel and Power, and power cuts of winter 1946-7; tramp vb. and n. (cargo boat)
31APRIORISTWanted. Reasonable performer for Paris Trio. Experience not essentialanag.