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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
112 Sep 1949SHEET DLM23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. PostillUndergraduates Heckle Attlee—Senior Proctor Acts—Ten Sent Downref. Acts 10:11
SecondD. AshcroftStock Market Hesitant—Floaters Wind Up To Control Boomsheet2
ThirdG. M. NeighbourSteelworkers’ Dispute Shelved—New Rules Laid Down For Night Duty 
HCA. BladesThe “Sterling” Policy of Socialists—Leads From Boom to End of Ship Of State?sheet2
HCJ. H. ColemanFresh Testimony—Gardener’s Ear In Petunia Bed—Accessory Held 
HCW. J. CroweNews Print Slashed—Back To Two Pages—“The Only Way” Says Chancellor 
HCF. S. DanksFall Of Ten Degrees Threatens Cup Tie—Volunteers Work All Night Covering Pitch 
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonWall Street Shaken—Turnover Large—Cotton Piece Goods Up 
HCT. H. EastBig Business Crash—Steel King Missing—No Cover For Sleeping Partners 
HCS. R. GibbsAnnie Gets Her Gun—Victim Found Stretched On Bed 
HCP. Gross“She Tempted Me” Says Buttons—Page Not Bound Over 
HCP. A. HarrowHow To Face The Dentist—Proverbially Pale, But With Teeth Set!white as a s.
HCG. A. HolmesU.S. Rail Crashes—Terrorist Held—Bombs Found Under Sleeper 
HCH. J. HowellsConquest of Mt. Everest—Hero Describes Lightning Ascent 
HCT. W. MelluishM.O. Lashes The Run Down Patient—Corpses Only Need Winding? 
HCD. P. M. MichaelShakespeare’s Theatre Reopened—Dramatist’s Ghost Walks In 
HCR. MillsWeather Report Latest—Heavy Rain Stops Trains—Water Covers Sleepers 
HCH. C. PilleyDevaluation Prophets Exultant—Wide Covering Moves In Dollars Threatened 
HCP. H. RowleyExpress Turned Over—Sleepers Torn Up—Jammed Brakes Theory 
HCC. A. StewartChampion Golfer Ill After Missing Tee Shot—Henry Cotton Lying In Bed 
HCE. TaylorDemand For Restriction Of Profits Heeded— Large Cloth Reductions 
HCW. H. VictoryThe Season’s Danger!—Guard Against Dust, Says M.D. 
HCJ. F. N. WedgeWeekly Ximenes—The Observer Two Pages Larger 

Runners-Up in competition 112:

E. S. AinleyA. R. FraserT. LewisA. Robins
Maj P. S. BainesP. G. W. GlareJ. I. LoganJ. F. Smith
S. S. BlytheP. Glennie-SmithMrs B. A. MalletJ. A. L. Sturrock
Maj H. L. CarterP. A. HallT. A. MartinMrs H. Y. Thomas
H. ChownA. T. HobbsC. J. MorseL. E. Thomas
A. N. ClarkC. H. HudsonP. M. NeweyCapt A. K. Trower
G. H. ClarkeF. JacksonG. W. PughB. K. Watts
D. L. ClementsMrs J. H. C. LawlorMrs D. L. Randell 
D. N. CrockerA. F. LerrigoE. W. Richart