Azed Cup Winning Clues written by R. J. Whale
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R. J. Whale1501018122188
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2373CACOGASTRICA stomach accruing fluid might make human thiscomp. anag. & lit.
2364COMPOST HEAPCanine requires pet shampoo after rolling about in this!C + anag., & lit.
2122NICETYTouch of refinement missing from a mere HC?nice t(r)y, & lit.; ref. AZ comps
1960NGANA (3 defs + letter mixture) (Parcels)Getting mad cow disease, broken down Jersey in gaga-land!RAGING ANALYSED
1585SHIATSUTailor has suit technique of making one fit by handanag.
1415MANATI (Printer’s Devilry)Ro/me’s face is strangely not italicref. typeface
1336STOCKINGYou’ll recollect letters to St Nick go hereanag. & lit.
1294TRANSENNAScreen for saint’s remnants – this forms it, perhaps?comp anag. & lit.; screen = sift
853DEBACLEThis situation, with letters in extremis, could make you cable Azed!anag. less A, Z, & lit.; ref. postal strike
538INGRAINLike a tattoo artist that’s restricted by where it may be visibleRA in in gin; ‘gin and it’