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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1585 Oct 2002SHIATSU normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. J. WhaleTailor has suit technique of making one fit by handanag.
SecondG. H. WillettTry exciting intimate sushi bar in time to get exotic massageanag. less in time
ThirdW. MurphyBodyworker’s reconditioning his battered old car with no wingsanag. + (D)atsu(n)
VHCD. AndersonAssorted sushi passed round at local finger buffet?at in anag.
VHCM. BarleyManipulation shown by Iraq’s leader has finally got US mobilizinganag. incl t
VHCJ. R. BeresfordMassage enthusiast disregarding hospital department to get this?anag. less ENT, & lit.
VHCRev Canon C. M. BrounMassage treatment exhausts, but not without relaxing one internallyI in anag. less ex
VHCDr J. BurscoughRejecting specialized medicine, enthusiast for this demands massageanag. less ENT, & lit.
VHCC. A. ClarkeMassaging nude, therapists pretend this works as an alternative treatmentcomp. anag.
VHCR. DeanMassage enthusiast abandoning hospital department – for this?anag. less ENT, & lit.
VHCV. DixonAlternative treatment for enthusiast with ear, nose and throat blocked?anag. less ENT, & lit.
VHCC. R. GumbrellGet enthusiastic massaging etc in this?comp. anag. & lit.
VHCR. J. HooperApplying pressure over arms etc, has it to be done with American backing to succeed?anag. + US (rev.); ref. Iraq
VHCW. F. MainThis therapy, taking lead from acupuncture, provides treatment for hysteria at a pushcomp. anag. incl a, & lit.
VHCJ. R. C. MichieMassage has its Asian titleanag. + U, & lit.
VHCT. J. MooreyHas Matsui shedding a thousand reduced pressure on Japanese corporationanag. less a M
VHCC. J. MorseThere’s pressure on key points from Asia – has it turned America backanag. + US (rev.); ref. Iraq crisis
VHCR. J. PalmerIt involves kneading tissue with hand no endanag. less end, & lit.
VHCJ. R. TozerAlternative therapy developed by enthusiast abandoning speciality in conventional medicineanag. less ENT
VHCM. J. E. WarehamJapanese digital ingenuity hits USA badlyanag.
VHCR. WarrenJapanese digital service relays US adult hitsanag. incl a
VHCP. O. G. WhiteStress-relieving ‘finger buffet’ at sushi slap-bang?anag.; slap-bang, 2 mngs.
VHCP. B. G. WilliamsSuit has gone out of shape; specialised pressing by hand is requiredanag.
VHCD. C. WilliamsonForsaking medical speciality initially, enthusiast might turn to thisanag. less ENT, & lit.

HCs in competition 1585 awarded to:

D. AshcroftN. C. DexterJ. C. LeylandA. Roth
Mrs M. BootleL. K. EdkinsD. F. ManleyM. Sanderson
H. J. BradburyP. D. GaffeyR. MannD. P. Shenkin
C. J. BroughamN. C. GoddardP. W. MarlowP. L. Stone
E. J. BurgeG. I. L. GraftonRev M. R. MetcalfD. H. Tompsett
C. J. & M. P. ButlerJ. F. GrimshawC. G. MillinA. P. Vincent
D. A. CampbellJ. HastieS. NewberyMs S. Wallace
Mrs M. J. CansfieldR. HeskethF. R. PalmerA. J. Wardrop
C. W. ClenshawM. HodgkinJ. PearceDr E. Young
D. C. ClenshawA. HodgsonR. PhillipsR. Zara
N. ConnaughtonR. A. HumphriesH. L. Rhodes 
K. W. CrawfordMrs S. D. JohnsonD. R. Robinson