Azed Cup Winning Clues written by Dr E. Young
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Dr E. Young1451118116212
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2023CHAMBRANLEAn edging of mural breach, fancyanag. incl. m, l, & lit.
1831MARGINALIAMessages by text spell an end to posting airmailanag. incl. g; spell = enchant
1775ROUGH-AND-READYA hard tussle with Dr E. Young plainly winning?anag.
1147MAYDAYFlowers light is what’s picked up from coaster on bar?may day, ref. Flowers, beer brand
1065TANDOORICurry house has one?tan door i, & lit.
1024PRESENT (3 defs + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)Book records offering after a heavenly signA(PRES ENT)RIES; def.
1017SCHAPSKA / PEARMAIN (Right and Left)One can help make cup brilliant: might old cap ask chaps to open out?pear main, i.e. fruit cup; anag.; ref. R.U. World Cup Final, R. Uttley England coach
934LACE-UPSSpikes, pierced by holes in front?up in laces, & lit.
862OFF-AND-ONPeriodical: ‘The Field’?off and on, ref. cricket
504SIMMENTHALERStyle me Hitler’s man: I could die for the bully of Europeanag.; i.e. bully-beef
384OUTSPREADINGAs girt done up loosely?anag. & lit.