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R. J. Heald205212515958251Sep 2000Dec 2021
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2582ACHITOPHELDevoid of principles, coach with help that’s dodgy?anag. less first letters, & lit.
2486BRUHAHABaron Hardup merrily gives away daughter, Prince becoming husband by end of Cinderella pantomimeanag. incl. B less d, with h for P + a
2469GUDDLE (Spoonerisms)Sunday’s Mass beginning to grate forces Catholic to leave foldSandy’s muss; g for C in cuddle; fold = embrace
2456TRACTOR / TORMINAL (Overlaps)Hunt losing backing might help us till normality restored, avoiding unseemly Tory gripingtrac(k); till3; anag. less anag.; ref. Jeremy H., Conservative leadership race
2376SOW(PIASTRE)ENS (Christmas Pudding)Among barnyard animals lies holy son whose love has become a symbol of Christmaspia2 son with tree for 0, all in sows
2351RHAGADESNewspaper is in decline, lacking force, sealing end for sluggish old hacksh in rag (F)ades; see hack
2270FENESTRAPierce Brosnan feted for playing striking Bondanag. less Bond; ref. J. Bond actor; pierce = perforation
2257BUST-UP / PIT-PAT (Right and Left)Quarrel with Republican candidate shortened odds of Trump beating frontrunner for presidency spreading sanctimonious rubbish(Jeb)Bus(h) + alternate letters; p in pi tat; ref. US politics
2244AVANT-GARDISTEWho might make devastating crack about RA retrospective, styling vintage art ‘sad’?RA (rev.) in anag., anag., & lit.
2191PLUGQuid tucked inside jowl?L in pug2, & lit.; see jowl2
2187WESTHow one usually leaves Bath to go round centre of Bristol?adv.; s in wet, & lit.
2078RÉCOLLETResolution to contemplate our Lord makes this man drop outcomp. anag. & lit.
2014HACKETTETake the lead in Cinderella, playing girl who works in ragsang. incl. C
1992FOULARDSilk scarf entangled leads to Isadora’s end on roadfoul + a + Rd; ref. I. Duncan’s bizarre death
1932NINE-TO-FIVEOccupying such positions you’ll see memos from tiresome managers!i.e. hidden rev. at positions 9 to 5, & lit.
1923ELLIPTICDescribing a two-dimensional shape explicitly involved axes x and yanag. less x, y
1884FREELOADERSlippery customer seen in environs of diner or café mooching, without a cent?eel in anag. incl. d, r less c, & lit.
1814HIPSTERChap, beatnik sort, mixing with odd characters having dropped out?anag. of alternate letters, & lit.
1606TEOSINTE / INTELSAT (Overlaps)What’s good if you like browsing among tat? Jumble sale for onein + tat with anag. for a
1528STROP (Spoonerisms)Top performer starved of acting work would make Caine bleedkeen blade; st(a)r op; ref. Michael C.
1476LIGNIPERDOUSDevastating Woods – with fantastic round, Tiger slips clear of the leadersanag. less first letters; ref. US golfer