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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2376 Xmas 2017SOW(PIASTRE)ENS Christmas Pudding22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. J. HealdAmong barnyard animals lies holy son whose love has become a symbol of Christmaspia2 son with tree for 0, all in sows
SecondDr S. J. ShawWandering star is seen welcoming three leaders from Orient with presentsfirst letters in anag.
ThirdA. H. HarkerScatter needles when pine perhaps is brought insidesow + as tree in pins
VHCD. K. ArnottImplant like mine nurses snigger aboutsow + as in pit + sneer (rev.)
VHCM. BarleyThe essence of Christmas: family members gathering in one place for presents, snow swirling outsides + I in pas + tree, all in anag.
VHCJ. G. BoothSurely our weakened PM is actively seeking terms re ensuring European nationals’ security primarily?first letters
VHCJ. M. BrownUnusual star seen in holy evening with farm animals aroundanag. in pi e’en in sows
VHCDr J. BurscoughWinter stall by devout saint found,/Nativity’s first to have animals aroundpia st + ree + n, all in sows
VHCA. & J. CalderWhat’s this confection? Well, it’s rap mixed up in old fanciesso + anag. in weens; rap, coin
VHCC. A. ClarkeFollowing broadcast, Spain’s in turmoil about divided structuresow + tree in anag.; ref. Catalonia
VHCM. D. CookeBroadcast finished, Queen’s seen relaxing, imbibing oneI in sow past + anag.
VHCV. DixonSpread confusion about residents abroad losing identitysow pi a + anag. les ID; ref. Brexit alarmism
VHCW. DreverTerrible snows brought about the end of office parties, sadlyanag. incl. e in anag.
VHCD. HarrisonIan’s tree’s lit up after a wee drammiesowp + anag.
VHCB. LoveringThat will do! Starts to wolf pudding – there’s a coin in it, flipping scoffso + w, p + as in it + sneer (rev.)
VHCD. F. ManleyTurkey devoured by glutton, not really virtuous when seen bolting?TR in sow + pi + as + anag.
VHCR. J. PalmerBoy-child’s sheltering was encapsulating religious symbol of Christmaspi in was + tree, all in son’s
VHCR. C. TeutonFinishes off Christmas beano with mince pies, a couple of truffles and nutss, o + w anag. incl. tr + ens
VHCJ. R. TozerBroadcast writer’s embracing crude satiresow + anag. in pen’s
VHCMrs A. M. WaldenAfter a wee dram resistance is crumbling, about to evaporatesowp + anag. less c
VHCMs S. WallaceEarly signs from sky offer worshippers plentiful illumination – wondrous star seenfirst letters + anag.
VHCG. H. WillettThere’s something appealing about Wenceslas’s preliminary symbol of logs in loco parentisW + e in anag., all in SOS

HCs in competition 2376 awarded to:

T. AndersonA. FabianP. McKennaP. L. Stone
D. AppletonJ. FaircloughG. L. McStravickP. Tharby
D. & N. AsplandC. D. S. & E. A. FieldJ. R. C. MichieK. Thomas
Ms K. BoltonDr I. S. FletcherC. G. MillinJ. Vincent
G. BorooahR. GilbertT. J. MooreyJ. D. Walsh
A. BrashMs J. GoreM. OshinA. J. Wardrop
M. CernyG. HobbsM. L. PerkinsN. Warne
A. G. ChamberlainR. J. HooperW. RansomeR. J. Whale
P. ColesJ. R. H. JonesG. J. H. RobertsD. C. Williamson
N. ConnaughtonE. C. LanceN. RoperMs S. Wise
B. & T. CoventryJ. P. LesterT. RuddK. & J. Wolff
Ms L. DavisM. J. LunanD. P. ShenkinA. J. Young
A. EsauA. MacDougallN. G. ShippobothamDr E. Young
Dr M. EwartP. W. MarlowP. A. Stephenson