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M. Barley3262336267143385Oct 1985Feb 2022
No.Clue wordClueExplanation
2591GHATWhat borders a river in India (good for spot of bathing)?i.e. Bh(aR)at, with g for b, & lit.; see Bharat in C.
2569BILBOHobbit and term for lightweight blade? That’d be this, possiblycomp. anag. incl. t, & lit.
2525PLACITUMDecision still not finalised, Trump sees Republican power slipping awayplaci(d) + T(r)um(p)
2460TWEETPost we put on net (there’s no Chambers entry for noun)post we net less pos n, & lit.; ref. entry in C.
2430CLERIHEWQuirky couplets of rhyme celebrating well-known lifeanag. of initial letter pairs, & lit.
2408LUNCHEONETTEDiner munched on lettuce when needing to lose weightanag. less w
2322VENTRICOSEFat-bellied character starting Christmas round must squeeze into chimney shaftC, o in vent rise
2283BARGAINEntries to Azed get brain working a good dealanag. incl. A, g
2213SOLECISMGrammatical error, this, or a lapse in social morescomp. anag.
2196SEMANTRA / TRABEATE (Overlaps)National team run ragged in South America – when they play, bars reverberate with cross supporters endlessly frustratedanag. incl. N, r in SA; beate(n)
2105TITANIC / ICEBERG (Overlaps)It being knocked back with curry, extra-large beer is dashed good – cold one requiredit (rev.) + tan; anag. + g
2040EASTER (Printer’s Devilry)Sailor lengthens stay as hor/rible wind hits port 
1997FADOFollowing difficulty striking new driver, golfer displays dejected airf ado, Fa(L)do; ref. Nick F.
1879LITTER BASKETSee best & lit. take first place in results slip … and worst end here?anag. incl. r; slip vb.
1758BIMBETTEVacuous blonde bit, me, feature of tabloid spread?anag. incl. b(lond)e, t, & lit.
1654CRESCENT / ENTHRALS (Overlaps)Growing concerns are expressed about conclusions of the Hutton report, and with Blair et al.’s intriguesc(a)res + c; last letters + al.’s, ref. Lord Hutton’s inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly
1633EMPATRON / WINTERLY (Right and Left)In vintage form, champion English tramp gleefully upon dismal Welsh and cross trylineE + anag. + on; W + anag.
1546TRANSPARENTAfter ‘Devilry’, entrants must tackle standard ‘Plain’par in anag.; ref. AZ comp. puzzles
1439JOHN CANOECelebrations Antiguan-style, whose origins lie in gospel story a long time backC A in John + eon (rev.), & lit.
1178BOOTLEGA bottle of gin would not normally be this, if an item from Thresherscomp. anag. incl. T, & lit.; ref. off-licence chain
917HOOLIGANISMTrouble Italy has looming?anag. incl. I, & lit; ref. forthcoming World Cup in Italy
816POTLACH (with extra O in word) (Extra letter)Trio of potentates behold a child; now gifts are givenpot + lo + a ch
701BALUSTRADEBears cope?balus trade, & lit; cope1,2