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M. Barley3262336267143385Dec 1981May 202240y 5mM. A. Barley
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2599DESIDERATAVHCWhat you want clued is ID’d with a star - entries from everyone encouraged!anag. incl. e, e; ref. ‘definition asterisked’
2595FIFTY YEARSVHCX’s successor’s devilish era observed in Sunday’s latest stiff ‘special’Y + anag. in anag. incl. y, & lit.
2591GHATFirstWhat borders a river in India (good for spot of bathing)?i.e. Bh(aR)at, with g for b, & lit.; see Bharat in C.
2586BALDERDASHVHC‘B—’ comprises a colourful bit of language proffered up for ‘nonsense!’a + red l (rev.) in B + dash
2582ACHITOPHELVHCIn the Bible, wise man advanced before child Prince in squalid holea + chit + P in anag.
2578VARIORU(M) (Letters Latent)VHC The video ref, alas, has diminished football for many, garnering a range of criticismVAR + io + RU
2573HANDS-ONVHCSee osteopath, and so necessarily secure such treatmenthidden & lit.
2569BILBOFirstHobbit and term for lightweight blade? That’d be this, possiblycomp. anag. incl. t, & lit.
2564CLEARINGVHCWhat a large number will have to enter to secure college educationi.e. c lear(n)ing, & lit.
2560BOMBASTVHCTurkey roasted with trimmings and traditional stuffingbomb + (ro)ast(ed)
2556TOERAGVHCRogue gets a very long stretch, being locked up inside for goodera in to g
2551SPAVIN (Spoonerisms)VHCWith onset of spring, see golfer hanker for the coursecanker … horse; s + (Corey) Pavin
2547FILATORYSecondSpin line of yarn with it (obscure noun)anag. incl. l less n, & lit.
2543CABRETTAVHCArrange to rent a cab, saving on shoe-leatheranag. less on
2534BOTTLE-WASHERVHCBelowstairs, scrubbing is the work for suchanag. less is, & lit.
2532POTLA(TSUGA)TCH (Presents Round the Tree)VHCSee lots of spice from the East carried by trio of potentates to childla + gust(o) (rev.) in pot + at ch.
2525PLACITUMFirstDecision still not finalised, Trump sees Republican power slipping awayplaci(d) + T(r)um(p)
2521CHAMBERSVHCChief source for solvers in which light will be foundamber in Ch. + s, & lit.
2512OSCITATEVHCPossibly act so, with it getting close to bedtimeanag. + e, & lit.
2508CHARACTER (Misprints)VHCJob varied entries to Azed tackle entails reproducing clue typotype; char + anag. of first letters
2504UPBEATVHCTuba starts off piece exuberantly, playing a cheery noteanag. incl. p, e
2500ESPAGN(OLETTE STRENG)THENER (Half and Half)VHCEspecially tricky, the latest in Azedian range – locked down we may find it something hearteningesp. + anag. incl. n
2495BUNGVHCSmall house with a low shed one’s added on the sidebung(a low)
2480STOCKING FILLERSVHCTrifles left in sock grandchild’s opening excitedly?anag. incl. l, g, & lit.
2477SPRAT-WEATHERVHCSun being hidden, it’s short odds that we’re miserable in suchRa in SP + anag., & lit.
2473INTERPLAYVHCCross tryline with a couple of passes, displaying such an exchangeanag. incl. pa
2469GUDDLE (Spoonerisms)VHCSunday’s mass the reverend held in simple English, avoiding LatinSandy’s muss; DD in gul(L) + E; simple n
2460TWEETFirstPost we put on net (there’s no Chambers entry for noun)post we net less pos n, & lit.; ref. entry in C.
2456TRACTOR / TORMINAL (Overlaps)VHCI work hard to draw tense contest, batting out final gut-wrenching minutes with a 50t + rac(e); min. + a + L
2451CAPUTVHCOne option if after spot of culture: head for Romec + a put
2447CONGENERVHCShow what could be inside bottle, leaving one with hangover ultimately?con gen(I)e + r, & lit.
2443ERATHEM (Printer’s Devilry)VHCEv/e of Brexit now here, is there consensus among MPs? 
2438MONTE DI PIETÀVHCPop into me and get paid, leaving item of gold behind?anag. less g, & lit.
2434STONKEREDVHCBrahms and Liszt: noted pair of keyboardists ultimately rather famous for composinganag. incl. ke, r, s; ref. rhyming slang
2430CLERIHEWFirstQuirky couplets of rhyme celebrating well-known lifeanag. of initial letter pairs, & lit.
2428SHEPHERDSVHCWe feature in a gathering close to Messiah within outbuildingsh in per in sheds, & lit.
2425EPILIMNIONSecondSurface water is involved in pile-up on M1 (you can’t see what’s ahead)anag. less up
2421SPASMODICALThirdOccasional unsound entry to Azed comp is, sadly, not unknownanag. incl. A less y
2417ALTARAGE / PROPOSAL (Right and Left)VHCCongregation’s donations are left with thanks, a fit offering for priest raised in due course before funeral’s enda l ta rage; pro P + so (rev.) + a + l
2412UBIQUARIANVHCRegulars to Cumbria hunker down inside, upon swirling rain appearing everywherealternate letters + (s)qua(t) + anag.
2408LUNCHEONETTEFirstDiner munched on lettuce when needing to lose weightanag. less w
2399CHARMEUSEVHCAre the insides of garments tailored with such?anag. incl. me, & lit.
2395PURITANISMVHCWith it, there’s an element of severity displayed in religious ritualanag. incl. s in Purim, & lit.
2390POISSON D’AVRILVHCSee sly —— end with solvers in a spin, oddly perplexed?comp. anag. & lit.
2382STRIPE def. HARLOT (Wrong Number)VHCRotten starts off the punk rock era singing in bandpunk; anag. of initial letters; ref. Johnny R.
2378PROPOSALThirdWhat’s made by prince with ring, ending in betrothal after positive answer?Pr. + O + pos. + a + l, & lit.; ref. Prince Harry
2376SOW(PIASTRE)ENS (Christmas Pudding)VHCThe essence of Christmas: family members gathering in one place for presents, snow swirling outsides + I in pas + tree, all in anag.
2373CACOGASTRICVHCA cigar combined with endless Scotch – might some end thus after scoffing Xmas dinner?anag. less h
2369FACETIAEVHCLewd stories collectively surface – even members of cabinet are involvedfacet + anag. of even letters
2364COMPOST HEAPSecondA repository of fertile material, Chambers, the starting point for anyone entering competitionpos + the + a in comp.
2360VIDENDAVHC‘Sehenswürdigkeiten’ in Germany, but rendered in the Latin wayD end in via; but2
2356PUBLIC SERVANTVHCOfficial victor among cryptic clue brains is revealed in slip list’s final placingsV in anag. in p, t; ref. annual honours list
2351RHAGADESVHCCracks affecting e.g. a hard bit of skinanag. + s, & lit.
2347ASLEEPVHCAffected by hypnotics (pills we take on odd occasions when restless)anag. of odd letters
2338TRUMPVHCSound one’s let slip from backsidet(one) + rump, & lit.
2330BRAZEN / MOPISH (Right and Left)VHCUninspired leadership of President, his MO horribly shameless, starts with border restrictions affecting a certain religionanag. incl. P; b, r, a + Zen; ref. Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’
2325MASONSecondI’ve work to do, cutting stone put on after topping Christmas(X)mas + on; topping = excellent
2322VENTRICOSEFirstFat-bellied character starting Christmas round must squeeze into chimney shaftC, o in vent rise
2318TIMENOPENNY (TIMENOGUY) (Penny for the Guy)VHCNo term of exactitude, it – sign of memory misfiring a bit?anag. incl. e, m + penny, & lit.
2313PERFECTVHCClosing stages of latest Ryder Cup produce some dramatic golf, terribly tenseanag. of last letters
2309GLOBETROTTERVHCTerm for Fogg, fellow collecting wager after travel finally overl o bet in g rotter, & lit.; ref. Phileas F.; fellow = worthless person
2305AGREE def. PATCH (Wrong Number)VHCWith a step back in time, it’s ‘to reconcile’a gree2; time
2300MISHMASHVHCPotpourri, when deployed, heads off horrible household miasmsanag. incl. h, h
2291AVESTA (Printer’s Devilry)VHCAfter England scrum, he/ctic Welsh try involves counter-attacking 
2287VALETVHCSee Parisian at entry to tabac, carrying Le Figaro perhaps?le in v + à + t; ref. Beaumarchais/Rossini/Mozart character
2283BARGAINFirstEntries to Azed get brain working a good dealanag. incl. A, g
2279CLEMENTINESecondOne displaying zest in eminent clues, sadly no longer with usanag. less us; ref. the late Sir Jeremy Morse
2274SIMPATICOThirdHere’s entry to Azed comp – is it crafted with winning appeal?anag. incl. A
2272SNOWMOBILEVHCTransport an Eskimo will be sat on (not like Santa, somehow)anag. less anag., & lit.
2270FENESTRAVHCOpening presents loudly, dinner finally eaten – the heart of Christmas merrymakingf + anag. incl. r, s
2265ESPRIT FORTVHCIntroducing element of rationalism, I protest vigorously about the lead faith providesf in anag. incl. r, & lit.
2257BUST-UP / PIT-PAT (Right and Left)VHCFlapping PM’s apparently backtracked in row: admitting migrants ultimately is aim aheadap. (rev.) in Pitt; s in but + up
2250MILESTONE (with missing O) (Missing Letter)VHCWhat we tasted at Azed lunch is very much high qualitytoasted; miles tone
2248WAISTLINEVHCNot exactly lean, is it, when one’s put on weight?w + anag., & lit.
2244AVANT-GARDISTEVHCA very innovative artist, e.g. an originator of Dadaa v + anag. incl. D, & lit.
2239ERADIATE (Spoonerisms)VHCSeam as from bowler fires Root out short of centurybeam as from solar fires; eradi(c)ate; ref. Joe R., England cricketer
2235CHOCK-A-BLOCKVHCUse this term for network in grip of vehicle jam?hoc k in cab + lock, & lit.
2230GATES OF DEATHSecondSee one finally departing face God at these, possiblyanag. less c, e, & lit.
2222OBJECT LESSONVHCDemonstration demands fewer cuts etc., and no job being ‘restructured’less in anag.
2220A twelve-letter ‘Christmas cracker’ (Christmas Cracker)VHCGuiding light in sky leads to new King very long ago, accompanying trio of astronomers all the wayLODESTAR/STRAIGHT; LODEASTRIGHT; anag. + R; ast + right
2218FOREIGNERVHCWatch out! – erring shot slicing right finds one in unfamiliar territoryfore + anag. less r; ref. golf
2213SOLECISMFirstGrammatical error, this, or a lapse in social morescomp. anag.
2209(O)CT(O)BER (Letters Latent)SecondIt’s when in the year leaves turn and drop(a)ct + be(a)r, & lit.; a = anno, drop = give birth to
2205CUMBERSOMEVHCSee Morse inventively secure title, an annual honour not easily managedU MBE in c + anag.; ref. AZ honours list
2200BRINDISIVHCToast caps off breakfast – ideally round is had after bit of baconrind is in b, i
2196SEMANTRA / TRABEATE (Overlaps)FirstNational team run ragged in South America – when they play, bars reverberate with cross supporters endlessly frustratedanag. incl. N, r in SA; beate(n)
2191PLUGVHCParty languishes, unpopular at the polls, with Clegg ultimately a spent forcefirst letters + g
2187WESTVHCThose heading this way evening sun will dazzleanag. of first letters, & lit.
2183SANGRAILVHCCapturing lad’s heart, flirty girl’s an unobtainable object of desirea in anag.
2170SAYONARAVHCStokes OK against Australia; for all remaining, heads must roll – it’s goodbyeS + ay + on A + a, r (rev.); ref. Ben S. and Ashes aftermath
2168CENTURY (with missing C) (Missing Letter)SecondYears spanned by crossword anon after its first appearance, entertaining for allcanon; c + U in entry
2165OUT OF ORDERVHCBust is on view for Roe when cavorting round centre of stadiumout + d in anag.; ref. Erica R., Twickenham streaker
2161FARRAGOVHCScraps from roast are cut off and go to make dog’s breakfastr, a in far go
2157MELODRAMATICVHCStirring film actor made lacks element of finesse – could be this?anag. less f, & lit.
2152STUFFED SHIRTVHCYou’ll find this duffer pompous but ultimately ineptanag. incl. s, t, & lit.
2148ZOLLVEREINVHCZone – past German one – wherein one’s tolled centrallyll in z + over + ein, & lit.
2144INFERNO (Spoonerisms)VHCDinner’s swell here in Italy – there’s no finer cookingsinners dwell; anag.
2139DE RIGUEURVHCHats for upper-class gents required when racing? No question, they’re ——anag. incl. U, g less q, & lit.
2135LOBVHCGolf ball sent high … see it fall close to flag?comp. anag. incl. g, & lit.
2126DESPERATEVHCPadres might console the terminally ill in extremisanag. incl. t, e, e
2122NICETYVHCCity establishment’s starting afresh under new discerning managementn + anag. incl. e; ref. new governor of Bank of England
2116YULETIDE (with jumble of COMEDO) (Christmas Devilry)VHCThe seasoned Como you’d get round tree with uplifting old words to singule + dit (rev.) in ye
2113PICAROONVHCPicture one lifting gold having boarded ship, perhaps?pic + a + or (rev.) + on, & lit.
2109THICKETYVHCBristling public condemnation leaves bank in the City reeling(ban)k in anag.
2105TITANIC / ICEBERG (Overlaps)FirstIt being knocked back with curry, extra-large beer is dashed good – cold one requiredit (rev.) + tan; anag. + g
2100A STITCH IN TIMEVHCTitchiest bit of needlework am I, cannily deployedanag. incl. n, & lit.
2096TRICKThirdWatch as cricketer disconsolately leaves crease when outcomp. anag.
2091SNIFTERVHCTin provided drinker leaving work with a quick tippleSn if t(op)er
2087ROCKETVHCFireworks feature in Diamond Jubilee concert (at the end)rock + last letters
2083BEWITCHVHCSpell one had in the W.C., ill after onset of bellyacheb + I in anag.
2078RÉCOLLETVHCTerm for frère in Catholic order, one primarily reflectivee in RC + tell o(ne) (rev.), & lit.
2070MISTREATMENTSecondMatter Amnesty is agitated about might be this, saycomp. anag. & lit.
2065DERMESTIDAEThirdYou might find such munching contents of larder, it’d seemanag. incl. (l)arde(r), & lit.
2064COLD TURKEYVHCThe plain fact is a large number found cracking code truly trickyK in anag.
2062APPLE-KNOCKERVHCClose to fine hundred, plonker KP is out after a yahooa + anag. incl. e C; ref. Kevin Pietersen
2058ROBUSTVHCEU must avoid euro collapse and staunch decline surrounding business(EU)ro bust; bus in rot
2049PARTY-POOPERVHCFront page in daily contains print error spoiling typetypo in ro in paper
2040EASTER (Printer’s Devilry)FirstSailor lengthens stay as hor/rible wind hits port 
2036AL CONTOVHCAvailable as per trat menus: slice of veal con tortellinihidden
2027THRENETICALVHCBefore retiring, Latin teacher is given new version of elegiacsanag. less a
2019OVERAWE / HENOTIC (Right and Left)VHCAfter eve-of-war jitters, force deserts to leave shocked CO in the lurch, minded to make peaceanag. less f; anag.
2012BLOATINGVHCSource of bellyache, it, along with distensionanag. incl. b, & lit.
2006GROAN (Spoonerisms)VHCFaces of generation reaching old age naturally grow linedlow grind; first letters
2000TWO THOUSANDVHCCruciverbalist’s latest number (what O.U. do’s organised around)t + n in anag., & lit.; ref. Oxford University
1997FADOFirstFollowing difficulty striking new driver, golfer displays dejected airf ado, Fa(L)do; ref. Nick F.
1992FOULARDVHCSquare worn around la dame’s head?la in four + d, & lit.
1984ORWEL(L)IAN (Doublethink)VHCNovel with ‘E. A. Blair’ on could be such a bookcomp. anag. incl. w and a b, & lit.
1979FAR-OUTVHCOf art done with element of unconventionality?anag. incl. u, & lit.
1975SEPTENTRIONALVHCSet in the polar North, possibly (obscure term for such)anag. incl. N less h, & lit.
1967SUBORDINATELYVHCQulelch boys endlessly endure Latin as a subject, so daily Bunter squirmsanag. less e n, anag., & lit.
1962ANADEMVHCHead of athlete (one coming first) had me placed round?an + a + ’d + me (rev.), & lit.
1958HANGDOGVHCGoing with head bowed, i.e. abjectanag. less i.e., & lit.; abject = cast aside
1953TRAUMA (misprint of T) (Misprints)VHCMarket in recession: it’s for everyone involved a painful stagestate; U in mart (rev.) + a
1949PALFRENIERSecondSee one accustomed to curry eschewing a variety of plainer fareanag. less a; curry2
1945PRISONThirdPlace one’s in for term of incarcerationI’s in pro + n, & lit.
1940SCANT def. SNEAP (Wrong Number)VHCNip of Scotch – see Scots merry after such short?nip; s + cant4
1936LITMUS TESTVHCCharacter of liquid’s established – with it an essential part therein?it must in l est., & lit.
1932NINE-TO-FIVEVHCSee one’s office routine unfold in course of such workingcomp. anag. incl. v, & lit.
1927TONSURE (Spoonerisms)VHCWaste of time and no use, right called Brownbald crown; anag. incl. t, r
1923ELLIPTICThirdOval et al, are rejected – IPL heads for Capetown instead to playanag. less a incl. C i; ref. recent IPL decision to play in SA, not England
1910BARPERSONVHCWhat I provide is reason regulars in pub are sozzledanag. incl. alternate letters, & lit.
1908WE THREE KINGSVHCLay about hiking west ere snatching glimpse of InfantI in anag., & lit.
1906MORSEVHCHere’s a set of firsts from me, outstanding regular soon eightyfirst letters & lit.
1901SANITISEVHCDeploy antiseptics: put another way, —— with TCPcomp. anag. & lit.
1897WASH-OUTVHCWhat leads to unhappy Oval spectators, possibly?anag. incl. u, O, s, & lit.
1884FREELOADERVHCFederer falters, with maestro Rafa Nadal ultimately the one taking advantageanag. incl. o a l
1879LITTER BASKETFirstSee best & lit. take first place in results slip … and worst end here?anag. incl. r; slip vb.
1871FAIRY GOLDVHCMoney changing ultimately into what’s dry and wrinkly (i.e. leaves)y g in fair + old(i.e.), & lit.
1866BINGEVHCSee Jag, being faulty, have blow-out and crash, killing rookie driveranag.; bing(L)e; jag2
1856LITAS (Printer’s Devilry)ThirdThe public’s found lo/o offensive – there was a huge stink!‘Lolita’
1853ANTIQUITARIANVHCBeing old-fashioned, aren’t I left with a bewildered air by what’s new?an’t I quit + a + anag. + n, & lit.
1845UPBRAIDVHCCensure is universal, with Brown under pressure having declared poll offU + P + br. + (s)aid; ref. Gordon B.
1840W(I)NN(I)E-THE-POOH (Letters Latent)VHCBear, happy when with honeypot containing no end of honey?anag. less y
1831MARGINALIASecondAnagram & lit. unfinished, one needs solution and notes besideanag. less t, incl. I
1827AMAKOSI def. DENUDED (Wrong Number)VHCBig fish amongst African indigenes (their leaders being here exposed)exposed; makos in first letters, & lit.
1814HIPSTERVHCMember of a generation now gone, this person espouses unconventionalityanag. less son, & lit.
1810HARE / POSEUR / SERINETTE (DLM)VHCExtend further a winning streak that’ll ensure I’ll be showing off again the Azed salver; so, up to me to keep pleasing the setter in Sunday’s most instructive organ. 
1806INEBRIANTThirdIs abuse of such big in ‘Binge Britain’?comp. anag. & lit.
1804CLOTHES SENSE (Spoonerisms)VHCBehold the special Son in happy scene – it’s displayed in site of stallsort of style; lo + the + s s, all in anag.
1801RUSE DE GUERREVHCAshes’ end augured: twice English err, sadly lacking a plan for victoryanag. incl. s, EE less a
1797HEARTVHCEarth moves when passion engulfs that of amoroso?anag., r in heat, & lit.
1792APPALOOSA / ESTAMINET (Right and Left)VHCApparent as one heads inside the Spotted Horse bar is its name, quirky and a little alienapp. + loo in as a; anag. + ET
1788ETHEREAL OILSVHCAerosol and the like dispense such, and KO stinkingcomp. anag. & lit.
1784TEARAWAYVHCNo end of mayhem for gang of juveniles I’ll follow?tea(m) + raw + ay, & lit.; I3
1775ROUGH-AND-READYVHCWhat you regard as handy, if crude, could be … this, say?comp. anag. & lit.
1771PARTERREVHCWhat actor performs before, when playing to an audience?part + ‘ere’, & lit.
1766GEST (Printer’s Devilry)VHCAfter having some UN official stop pa/rade, Unionists call for formal talks 
1762DUDDERYVHCShop snappy dresser after clothing would enter only in extremis?’d in dude + last letters
1758BIMBETTEFirstVacuous blonde bit, me, feature of tabloid spread?anag. incl. b(lond)e, t, & lit.
1753DIAGONALVHCAngling: contest between twisting fish and one with lineagon in id (rev.) a l
1752MIDWINTERVHCChristmas day sees me and mine round tree, endlessly excitedd in mi win + anag. less e; me2
1750PLOUGHMANSecondSee one galumph after labouring? Not how elegy beginsanag. less e, & lit.
1746ENTOMICSecondCharacteristic of bug – it’s for hiding in small space with microphoneto in en mic
1741LORD NELSONVHCPeer achieving famous victory over French left Londoners thrilledl + anag.; ref. Lord Coe and Olympic bid
1733PALESTRAVHCProminent feature of Lyceum area PT’s done inanag. incl. L, & lit.
1724MONEYBAGSVHCObscure gnome, say, with billion banked?b in anag., & lit.
1719ANHELATIONVHCRugged Latino he-man leaves maiden in a state of breathlessnessanag. less m
1698CROSSTIEVHCCorset is tight: it provides support and prevents bulginganag.
1689SYNODVHCHere heresy’s rejected and God carries the vote(here)sy + no + D, & lit.
1676CRINGE-MAKINGVHCMega unseemly – for example, grandad being into music’s latest band?anag. + kin, all in c ring, & lit.
1667CLARINIVHCCorps left in Iraq not fully equipped embarrassed top brassC l + anag. less q
1663ARMAMENTARIAVHCApparatus used by the Doctor could rematerialise in a Martian mareanag.; ref. Dr Who
1654CRESCENT / ENTHRALS (Overlaps)FirstGrowing concerns are expressed about conclusions of the Hutton report, and with Blair et al.’s intriguesc(a)res + c; last letters + al.’s, ref. Lord Hutton’s inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly
1650SAPHENAThirdOpen has obscure American lifting old claret vesselanag. + A less o; ref. Ben Curtis, little-known winner of US Open golf tournament
1646BLACKVHCFootball ultimately overshadowed by position of rugby? It’s hard to seel in back
1637AMNESICVHCWhat nice drop of scrumpy could make you following morning?am + anag. incl. s, & lit.
1633EMPATRON / WINTERLY (Right and Left)FirstIn vintage form, champion English tramp gleefully upon dismal Welsh and cross trylineE + anag. + on; W + anag.
1619GISMO (Printer’s Devilry)VHCWho considers aggressive approach to china bu/st appropriateWHO; ref. SARS
1611LEISLERVHCWith me, you could be playing leisurely round – Belfry’s where I hang outcomp. anag. incl. O; ref. ‘bats in the belfry’ and golf course
1602FENESTRAVHCSource of light: gloomy, without it, you’ll find home insidenest in fera(l)2, & lit.
1598PHRASEMONGERVHCAnemographs are not adapted to register this source of windanag. less first letters; not2 = polled
1589JOKESMITHVHCJestbook involves him in composition (not a familiar term for the fellow)anag. less bo, & lit.
1585SHIATSUVHCManipulation shown by Iraq’s leader has finally got US mobilizinganag. incl t
1580MARGENT def. BEETLES (Wrong Number)VHCMarks and Agnew endlessly waffling about runs – feature of test commentaryruns; M + r in anag. less w + t; ref. Vic M., Peter A.; see OED for def.
1567QUEENVHCAbdicate? No question of it yet, in short, for mequ(it) + e’en, & lit.
1563SLYBOOTSVHC‘Artful Dodger’ fits into story about abandoned boyanag. in slots; ref. ‘Oliver Twist’
1559THEOLOGASTERVHCYou’ll find my version of OT lore full of empty wordsthe (qv) + gas in anag., & lit.
1554PEARLThirdFeature of pretty decoration suspended from earlobep + earl(OBE), & lit.
1550MEMORITERVHCExam-notes should be known thus, or merit more revisinganag.
1546TRANSPARENTFirstAfter ‘Devilry’, entrants must tackle standard ‘Plain’par in anag.; ref. AZ comp. puzzles
1541CHUPRASSYVHCSee helper that carries baggage around, pocketing rupeesC + r in PA in hussy, & lit.
1537CAFTANSecondSee one worn around Ankara, covering all but head and feetA(nkara) ft in c an, & lit.
1533MASTER-MARINERVHCPossibly I run a steamer (MN), rightanag. incl r + r, & lit.
1515SNIDEVHCOne involved in circulating this could end up insidecomp. anag. incl. I, & lit.
1506BARE(-)BONESVHCStaying in B & B, a person’s getting no more than the basicsare2 in B, B + one’s
1502RAPPELVHCThe end for mountaineer false move in descent of rockfacer + appel
1500GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)VHCRegulars amongst cluers can’t wait to gather in celebration at universityCURRAGITCH; rag in c, u, r itch
1489FRONT-BENCHERVHCTop politician Bush’s inauguration – you’ll find CNN there for broadcast covering itB in anag.
1480SAMARITANVHCIf breakdown occurs, AA man’s first to reach it, providing roadside helpanag. incl. r
1476LIGNIPERDOUSVHCBreaking up log inside with onset of rotanag. incl. r, & lit.
1472TORAN (Printer’s Devilry)VHCIt’s the paisley ran/ge men want when March wind’s upref. Ian P.
1467CANAPÉVHCWhere one spends afternoon taking a siesta?a nap in (a)ce, & lit.
1463REVERSIONALVHCDorsal nerve damaged, one’s in for a bit of discomfort bending backanag. with I for d
1459GREATEST (Spoonerisms)ThirdStars teem, twinkling endlessly, following evening’s last ray over the westway … rest; g + anag. less s, m
1454GET-UPVHCRustic viol’s a little alien in piano ensembleET in gu + p
1450PRETENDANTSecondCapturing dearest’s heart is cherished goal one takes time pursuingr in pet + end an t, & lit.
1446NEWSPAPERDOMSecondIt’s within the hurly-burly of me PA pen wordsanag. & lit.; Press Association
1439JOHN CANOEFirstCelebrations Antiguan-style, whose origins lie in gospel story a long time backC A in John + eon (rev.), & lit.
1433NEANDERTHALVHCEnd near at HL following purge of anti-reformers?anag.; ref. House of Lords
1428CRICETIDVHCSprinkle rodenticide about to have done with this?comp. anag. incl. c, & lit.
1402PENTOSE (Definition of Anagram)VHCDance exercises lead to Nureyev-like twinkling toesone-step; PE + N + anag.
1398PERMETHRINVHCAfter an onset of nits I’m the right sprayper + anag. incl. n, r, & lit.
1394BERGAMOTVHCWhat makes taste from tea bag more exotic?anag. incl. t, & lit.; ref. Earl Grey tea
1389ALL-OVERISHVHCHeart of sentimental lover is hopelessly afflicted with strange malaisehidden
1385PANTRIESVHCWhere cooks will store what’s not fully eatentrie(d) in pans, & lit.
1367SANBENITOSVHCFateful dress with stains on leads to Bill’s eventual undoing?anag. incl. B, e; ref. Clinton / Lewinsky
1355DIACATHOLICONVHCWould one with a tummy-ache swallow a couple of drops of this, of old?a th(is) in ’d l a colic + on, & lit.
1351NEATEN (Printer’s Devilry)SecondGuys, being fi/t, shouldn’t go downing ale! 
1342ALIENS / RAPINE (Right and Left)VHCSee vintage transport take a long while tackling slope close to Brighton – any here’ll have travelled farr a pine; lie n in as
1336STOCKINGVHCIt starts off kid’s Christmas, noisily getting one such undoneanag. incl. it and first letters, & lit.
1329PITHOSVHCJar served up by mine host – provided it’s not time!pit hos(t)
1316FINGERLICKIN’VHCMight such cooking make one linger in KFC?anag. incl. I, & lit.; ref. Kentucky Fried Chicken
1312REST-CURESecondWinter cruise in WI this could take the form ofcomp. anag. & lit.
1307AGILE (Spoonerisms)VHCCore elements of Blair dogma “will see left dimmed”deft-limbed; middle letters
1294TRANSENNAVHCIf one’s missing engine driver, try the station’s bar, perhapstra(I)n Senna; station = holy place, bar = barrier; Ayrton S.
1286CHALETVHCWith old pine you might build this shelter from the Alpine cold?comp. anag. & lit.
1284STALE (3 defs. + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)VHCLong ago, noble trio of stargazers left East in wonder to behold the LordSTA(RE GENT)LE; anag. incl. l
1268ARGIE-BARGIEThirdRowing gives dismal GB a rare glimpse of gold (i.e. one)anag. incl. g, I; ref. Olympics
1260OUT-AND-OUTVHCAbsolutely nothing to do – common feature of life on the dole0 + ut2 + ’andout
1242KNOCKERSVHCInnings ends in collapse; thereafter Athers boobs – more ammunition for us, perhaps?knock + e, r, s, 2 defs.
1238ELASTIN (Printer’s Devilry)VHCIn the wood you’ll often find redwin/g forages 
1234AVANT-PROPOSVHC‘Could consist of five paras on top’ – words seen before?anag. incl. v; ref. AZ comp 974
1232The world is too much with us; late and soon (Anagram)VHCSon – out in some low hut to which star’d lead? 
1225CURRYVHCYou’ll find this is meat cooked with (say) turmericcomp. anag. & lit.
1216CHAPERONVHCEscort – see busy rep inside talking endlessly on mobile carphone?anag. in cha(t) on, anag.
1212HILDINGVHCWhat’s harbouring trace of listeria within – chicken past its sell-by date?l in hiding
1207EPOCH-MARKINGThirdChangeover for HK – with start of Peking era coming – is seen as this?anag. incl. P, & lit.
1203CLERICALISMVHCThis a laic claims RE could constitute?comp. anag. & lit.
1194DONETVHCFor Latinists, I give numerous expressions and translations (beginners only)do + first letters, & lit.
1190DENARIUSVHCFancy closure of Observer (i.e. Sunday without X’s successor) – I’d be a bit lost!anag. of r i.e. Sunda(y)
1181SLADEVHCAlders would flourish in this, right?comp. anag. incl. r, & lit.
1180COLD TURKEYVHCPiece of cake, getting on horse? The reverse – coming straight off it is!c + old + turk + ye (rev.); horse = heroin
1178BOOTLEGFirstA bottle of gin would not normally be this, if an item from Thresherscomp. anag. incl. T, & lit.; ref. off-licence chain
1143DEATH (Printer’s Devilry)VHCGuzzling mars bar’s ma/in tot, stout 
1139BENJAMINVHCEngland’s opening pair have difficulty batting against what’s bowled short – which I provide?b + En(gland) + jam + in, & lit.; ref. Winston B.
1134TOVARICHVHCParty type: see one cavort wildly to No. 1 in hit-parade?anag. incl. I + h
1128CHRISTMAS PRESENTVHCIs version of this given by the princes star leads to Savour’s manger?anag. incl. S, m, & lit.
1122BASILIANVHCI believe Arianism mistaken: I’m ever this?comp. anag. & lit.
1117STAMNOS (3 Consecutive Letters)ThirdBroken shards of this: might such not show Odysseus and Agamemnon?anag. of first letters
1100CONCORDANCEVHCConcentration on yellow ball – two points tally as a result of which?conc. or2 dance; ref. snooker
1095STINKVHCWhat’d make someone’s nose wrinkle up?s + knit (rev.), & lit.
1091SAPSAGO (Spoonerisms)VHCMousetrap’s been great hit – time it’s packed in?green bait; SA in sap go
1076PARLOUR GAMESVHCPlay us (e.g. morra) – no end of party fun?anag. less y, & lit.
1069(P)OSTICHE (Headpieces)VHCGoing over the top is characterized by line charging enemyF; stich in foe
1061MAGICVHCTricky little touches from Gascoigne Motson inevitably characterises as ——?anag. of first letters, & lit.; ref. Paul G., John M., football cliché
1052AGANIPPEVHCFor this one’s forlornly appealing, if a bit of lyricism’s lackinganag. less l, & lit.
1026LET-OFFVHCWhat sees wallet of fisherman filled – catch landing on the deck, perhaps?hidden; ref. cricket
1024PRESENT (3 defs + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)VHCKings, after offering Son small tokens of adoration, return home East another wayA(PRES ENT)HRONES; anag. incl. ar, h E; king vb
1021BEARDSecondDamaging this thing could make breathing start to deteriorate – oyster’s end in sight?comp. anag., r in bead (= rifle sight), & lit.
1017SCHAPSKA / PEARMAIN (Right and Left)VHCWhat might grow red and swollen? Part of prop’s ear might, as packs play without hard head-protectionp + ear main; H in anag.
1000ONE THOUSANDVHCHick, outshone by England’s three tailenders – score in fifties requiredanag. + a, n, d; 20 × 50; ref. Graham H.
995STASIMA (Printer’s Devilry)VHCDo P.E. along with music, be fit – the ra/ge nowadays 
991BRASH (or BRUSH)VHCBits of broken rock and shorn hedgerowfirst letters & lit.
987IRON CURTAINVHCThe result of dismantling this barrier with US is … ruction in Russia?comp anag. & lit.
982ALMANACVHCAnnual: lunar months and noteworthy anniversaries could provide entries for itfirst letters & lit.
969BUNTERVHCOne tubby character from Richards novel – this boy?comp. anag. & lit.
965EARBASH def. NECKLET (Wrong Number)VHCShare a drop of Bundaberg rum – that’ll generate chatter at the barbie!drop; anag. inc. B
956SPEAR-SIDEVHCLine of men is deployed in readiness, with President wanting end of Husseinanag. + P less n
952STAR (Spoonerisms)VHCIt’s hot in Devon: rush for the seaside!dot in heaven; star2
947SHOULDER-SLIPVHCUpper arm injury: horse spill leads to decidedly unprincely fractureanag. incl. d, u; ref. Prince Charles’ polo injury
943BARAGOUINVHCUnintelligible speech: go in a bar and at the close you might produce it!anag. incl. u
939A-PER-SE / ESCROC (Right and Left)VHCOutstanding individual (No. 10 in Argentinian blue) cheat playing soccera perse; anag.; ref. Maradona
920CHRIST-CROSS-ROWVHCOut of this Crowther crossword come the word and its letterscomp. anag. & lit.
917HOOLIGANISMFirstTrouble Italy has looming?anag. incl. I, & lit; ref. forthcoming World Cup in Italy
913ARCHIBALDVHCStriker (tricky one) exposed defence with powerful rising shotarch I bald, 2 defs.; ref. Steve A., footballer
904VOETGANGERVHCGrain and vegetation destroyed? There could be a —— in it!comp. anag. & lit.
891CATVHCSee rat run off – here’s why!c (r)at, & lit.
869HOLD-UPSVHCSee us set about a spot of plunder and be off?p in (be)hold us, & lit.
868ROLAND (2 clues + def. of contents) (Parcels)VHCTrio that’s gone west for baby Messiah arrives in Israel, and Saviour is foundtiro, lands; anag.; hidden
853DEBACLEVHCEntries to Competition Azed being held up in strike – disaster!C A b (rev.) in dele; ref. postal strike
844THEOLOGASTER (Misprints)VHCA deficient SDP set right – the Owenites’ no 1 goal after regroupingSTP; anag. incl. r O; STP = Prof. of Theology
835PROSAICALSecondFor shortened form of it in Chambers, look up ‘workaday’pro SA i’ C. + la (rev.), & lit.
823SARBACANEVHCMeans of supporting society over a shoot: a shooting stick?bra S (rev.) + a cane
818EMBUSQUÉVHCCould you style me as ‘bum-esque’?!anag. & lit.
816POTLACH (with extra O in word) (Extra letter)FirstTrio of potentates behold a child; now gifts are givenpot + lo + a ch
814SPOUSAGEVHCYou’d lay short odds on a ring being used hereSP O usage, & lit.
801LINCHETVHCThe bit of country ground on which nothing’s raisednil (rev.) + anag., & lit.
792DISTHENE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCA fast pro’s o/vers can scare, fully!prosodist
788CROWVHCUnwelcome noise after drinking-bout (arousal not required)?c(arousal) + row, & lit.
783CAMPESINOVHCIt’s the peasant farmer for whom CAP monies are distributedanag.
779MISSING LINKVHCIt’s me slinking abominably round foot of Himalayas?mi + s in anag., & lit.; ref. yeti; me2
770HERMITSVHCIn the RM, it seems, their life’s not for one in the public eyehidden; ref. Prince Edward
764CHILDERMASVHCA doleful time after Christmas extravagantly rich meals’d give youanag.
744SKIRL-IN-THE-PAN / COFFEE-DISEASE (Right and Left)VHCOatmeal over a fire? Could it be a thin sprinkle of meal is effective in stopping blight?anag.; of feed is in cease
740ESCADRILLEVHCFrench flight l’escalier’d inaccurately renderanag.; ref. ambiguity of ‘flight’
735MALIGNVHCWith reference to flying, could a gremlin appear as such?anag. less re, & lit.
731STRINGVHCCommon cheat’ll get run in, perhaps for fiddlingr in sting; s. adj.
722SUPERNACULUMVHCBumper product of muscle and a run-up?anag.
718FLO(GG)IN(G) (Letters Latent)VHCWapping: where info’s processed with minimum of labouranag. incl. l; ref. newspaper printing at W.
714MOTEVHCIn me you turn to must and some dustto (rev.) in me, & lit.; mote2,1
712PANTOMIME HORSEVHCPart in some burlesque involving a couple of men with a pair of hooves?me ho in anag., & lit.
705MUSICOTHERAPYVHCInvolve Beethoven’s 7th in this, and it might be ‘symphonicurative’!comp. anag. incl. v, & lit.
701BALUSTRADEFirstBears cope?balus trade, & lit; cope1,2
662BARGE-COUPLEVHCCould this set in badly make gable top insecure?comp. anag. & lit.
660Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (Anagram)VHCC. Moore verse one utters, awaiting Santa run? 
653INTERNUNCIOVHCRoughly expressed in ‘I recount latest from Vatican’?anag. incl. n, & lit.
644EASY STREET (or STAPELIA)VHC‘Affluent circumstances’ here required – yet see star, misplaced … Aye, setter’s bungled!anag., anag.; ref. error in competition
627AMBIENTVHCIt, with BA, men crossanag. & lit.; cross = interchanged; BA = British Airways
622SIMP (Printer’s Devilry)VHC‘A squa/re (“T” one) might describe a ruler in appearance only’quasi-mpret
618CRETISMVHCEngland’s game lacks heart; how team’s finished off is sorry storyanag. of cr(ick)et m is
615HISTORIETTEVHCShort title, i.e. no long novelanag. less l, & lit.
610DOUBLETHINKSecondApparently TT, hard drinker at heart: a novel form of split personality!i.e. double T + H + (dr)ink(er)
558MINCEMEAT (with one extra R) (Extra Letter)VHCYou’d find me nicer in a pie, with frost aboutnice ; anag. in mat2
552NOURICE-FEEVHCTerms of the nurse – no cure if not settled?anag. incl. e e; terms = ends
543STAYING POWERVHCWhat could make you stop wearying?anag. & lit.
521ATTITUDINISEVHCPose is not entirely chaste, having nudities flauntedAtti(c) + anag.

HCs awarded to M. Barley
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  2603 TERAS def. PRATT (Wrong Number)
  2539 TORSE (Printer’s Devilry)
  2486 BRUHAHA
  2482 VOX POP
  2403 SWALE (Spoonerisms)
  2343 RESTORE (Printer’s Devilry)
  2178 PARISON
  2174 CHARET (Printer’s Devilry)
  2131 DIVES / MALIK (Right and Left)
  2074 BENNET
  1988 PERIQUE
  1960 NGANA (3 defs + letter mixture) (Parcels)
  1914 VE(S)TAL (Letters Latent)
  1893 EARTHY
  1888 RASTER (Printer’s Devilry)
  1875 GOUTTE / UPREAR (Right and Left)
  1862 UNALIKE (Spoonerisms)
  1849 AUXESIS
  1823 KISS
  1779 NEWIE (misprint of U) (Misprints)
  1728 EIDOLA def. NULLAH (Wrong Number)
  1711 MINUS
  1685 MINO (Printer’s Devilry)
  1672 IMPASTOS (Spoonerisms)
  1624 BELAY
  1606 TEOSINTE / INTELSAT (Overlaps)
  1596 GENISTA (Definition of Anagram)
  1576 FACADE
  1544 PATROL (with jumble of RAPTORES) (Christmas Devilry)
  1528 STROP (Spoonerisms)
  1492 The year that Columbus discovered America (Anagram)
  1485 BOURSE / TIFOSO (Right and Left)
  1441 Word containing MM displaced by a bug (Millennium Bug)
  1415 MANATI (Printer’s Devilry)
  1411 LOOK-SEE
  1380 RAPPORT (Misprints)
  1376 LOGO
  1363 MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number)
  1300 OXFORD (extra O) (Extra Letter)
  1290 NITERIE
  1277 NOVE(M)BER (Letters Latent)
  1273 SIPOREX
  1200 Nine letter word (C and T latent) (Letters Latent)
  1169 BLITHE / URSINE (Right and Left)
  1147 MAYDAY
  1108 GREEN
  1078 KIRBEH
  1074 DEMIREP
  1056 ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE (Wrong Number)
  1034 BURLAP
  1013 ALVEARY
  934 LACE-UPS
  926 NERD
  908 INDIGO (Printer’s Devilry)
  900 (C)HARLATANIS(M) (Letters Latent)
  862 OFF-AND-ON
  857 REDCAP / NICETY (Right and Left)
  849 VISITE
  840 SONDE
  831 COOLABAH (Spoonerisms)
  727 WELL-TO-DO
  692 FIDIBUS def. PRICKET (Wrong Number)
  683 BANISH
  666 Any word; subsidiary indication omits an animal (Beasts)
  607 CARNEY
  581 SPADROON def. MAVERICK (Wrong Number)
  568 TETHER (Printer’s Devilry)
  559 EMBASE

Annual Honours record of M. Barley
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2020-20212 (1, 1, 0) 8 2 2
2019-20200 9 4 6
2018-20194 (2, 1, 1) 9 0 1
2017-20183 (1, 1, 1) 8 2 2
2016-20172 (1, 1, 0) 8 3 3
2015-20163 (1, 1, 1) 8 2 1
2014-20153 (1, 2, 0) 9 1 1
2013-20142 (1, 1, 0) 9 2 2
2012-20132 (1, 0, 1) 9 1 2
2011-20122 (0, 1, 1) 8 2 1
2010-20112 (2, 0, 0) 7 3 3
2009-20102 (0, 1, 1) 8 3 3
2008-20091 (0, 0, 1) 8 4 5
2007-20082 (1, 0, 1) 6 5 3
2006-20072 (0, 1, 1) 9 1 1
2005-20063 (1, 2, 0) 8 1 1
2004-20050 4 6 22
2003-20043 (2, 0, 1) 4 5 6
2002-20030 7 4 8
2001-20023 (1, 1, 1) 6 3 2
2000-20010 9 3 8
1999-20004 (1, 2, 1) 4 3 2
1998-19990 6 5 9
1997-19982 (0, 2, 0) 5 4 4
1996-19971 (0, 0, 1) 5 5 9
1995-19961 (0, 0, 1) 7 4 5
1994-19951 (1, 0, 0) 4 6 9
1993-19941 (0, 0, 1) 6 5 8
1992-19930 6 6 13
1991-19921 (0, 1, 0) 5 5 7
1990-19910 9 3 3
1989-19901 (1, 0, 0) 5 7 9
1988-19890 4 7 22
1987-19882 (1, 1, 0) 6 5 1
1986-19870 7 1 11
1985-19861 (1, 0, 0) 6 4 6
1984-19850 4 5 16
1983-19841 (0, 1, 0) 4 4 10
1982-19830 3 4
1981-19820 1 2