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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
102 May 1949ARCHIMEDES normal14


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstH. C. PilleyWeight reduction guaranteed on my principle. I give mashed riceanag.; A.’s principle
SecondF. E. NewloveMade riches? Not so: was probably satisfied with his original screwanag.; A.’s screw; screw = wages
ThirdJ. P. LloydMight have made riches for himself, but—wise man!—was quite satisfied with his screwanag.; A.’s screw; screw = wages
HCE. S. AinleyWhen ill-gotten riches made up his screw the liquor flowed freelyanag.; A.’s screw; pause before “up”; screw = wages
HCMrs Caithness“I’ve got it!” he cried, showing the Chimera wriggling about on a fish-hookanag. incl. sed; “Eureka”; a sed—see Chamb.—fastens a fish-hook
HCW. DarbyScreamed “Hi!”—but not like that!anag. & lit.; “Eureka”
HCA. D. MersonRan home in his birthday suit? I’m scared he must be deranged!anag.; jumped out of bath
HCR. MillsOld maths. master behaves like a spiteful cat about half-backdemi (rev.) in arches
HCG. H. PodmoreDiscovered naked in the street! I’m scared he’s madanag.; jumped out of bath
HCMrs M. G. PorterMaths. were absolute Greek to him, but he got a jolly good screwcryptic def.; A.’s screw; screw = wages
HCF. RoseExpert on figures, but only half up in curvesdemi (rev.) in arches
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsCoy? I’m the Home Secretary’s mentor on curves and figures generally!arch I’m Ede’s; ref. James Ede, Home Sec. in 1949
HCL. E. ThomasEarly summer spell from 15th March and beginning of Easteranag. of Ides, March, E; summer = mathematician
HCD. W. H. TrippRecipe: red hams and ice. Result: Bath chap!anag.; jumped out of bath

Runners-Up in competition 102:

Maj P. S. BainesJ. H. DingwallS. B. LucasE. O. Seymour
C. Allen BakerB. Donne-SmithA. MackenzieO. Carlton Smith
Capt J. G. Burton-PageA. B. GardnerT. W. MelluishA. H. Taylor
Inst Capt J. CampI. C. GilchristD. G. C. MockridgeP. H. Taylor
H. CarterS. B. GreenJ. D. P. O’LearyM. A. Vernon
W. T. CliftL. S. HarrisE. G. PhillipsA. G. H. Walde
P. M. CoombsMrs D. M. KissenR. S. PollardL. C. Wright
G. DanterB. M. LeggT. E. Sanders