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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
107 Jul 1949STRAMASH normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. A. G. JunksWhat a shindy when one section of the band is a bar ahead of the other!tram3 in sash; i.e. separates sections s and ash
SecondE. J. RackhamRiot in Dundee. Strachey seen with concealed hams for his better half?Stra(chey) + anag. of hams; ref. Evelyn S., Min. of Food 1946-50, MP for Dundee West; meat rationing
ThirdT. WilsonThe “Hampden roar” rises from a sea of waving arms and flying hatsanag. of arms, hats; ref. Hampden Park football ground
HCE. S. AinleyWhat’s Scotch to do with mother’s interrupting the stag party being taken the wrong way?ma’s in harts (rev.)
HCMaj P. S. BainesTrim in a sense may involve mortality—vide a digression in the middle volume of Tristram Shandy!(Tri)stram Sha(ndy) with ‘a’ relocated; trim = thrash; ref. Cpl. Trim’s speech on subject of death, T.S. Vol. 5
HCE. A. C. BennettRabble-aisian (?) uproar fra’ Tristram Shandy wi’ a spacial insairtion(Tri)stram Sha(ndy) with ‘a’ relocated; pun on ‘Rabelaisian’
HCD. L. L. ClarkeScots beat Sassenach, with no means of hitting back, outside towntram[?] in Sassenach less canes (rev.)
HCJ. H. DingwallUnrest on the Clyde shows what harm Tass may cause by distortionanag.; ‘Red Clydeside’
HCA. FentonEdinburghi.e. a din in Scottish city
HCA. R. FraserDisturbance caused by gunmen in a street mix-upRA in St mash
HCP. A. HallTo get to your beat from Princes St. take a tram in casetram in sash; P. St. in Edinburgh
HCP. A. HarrowDisturbance over the Border shows what harm Tass Agency can causeanag.
HCMrs L. JarmanSummer-time starts and the butter has melted, giving trouble to the thriftyS-t + ram + anag. of has; ref. Scots reputation for thriftiness
HCW. L. MironIs the cordon round the market place back? Yes, but there’s still a disturbancemart (rev.), in sash
HCD. G. C. MockridgeYou can see the skill required in an overhead shot facing the wrong way—perhaps MacPhail’s racket is the answerart (rev.) in smash; ref. Donald M., Scots lawn tennis player
HCA. C. NorfolkCommotion in Aberdeen: pound given to street artist!St RA mash
HCR. PostillPandemonium in Scottish train smash when coupling breaksi.e. tra in smash
HCT. E. SandersWhat a racket there is in Scotch!—but it’s back in the window now not black marketi.e. mart (rev.) in sash; end of rationing
HCP. H. TaylorTake a conveyance, just in case (N.B. Bustle!)tram in sash; N.B. = North British
HCD. L. TuckettStreet artist taken to court for creating a disturbanceSt RA mash2
HCJ. F. N. Wedge“Shams!! … Art? A travesty of it!” said McMunnings. (Uproar)anag.; ref. notorious 1949 radio broadcast by Alfred Munnings PRA, attacking modern art

Runners-Up in competition 107:

M. AndersonP. G. W. GlareR. MillsE. B. Stevens
A. H. AshcroftS. B. GreenC. J. MorseR. G. Tate
G. W. BainD. HawsonC. J. MyersJ. Thompson
C. Allen BakerR. P. IrvingJ. D. P. O’LearyH. T. R. Twyford
Rev L. BlackburnC. B. JoynerRev E. B. PeelH. D. Wakely
Rev B. ChapmanG. G. LawranceH. RaingerE. Ward
F. L. ConstableR. LeslieW. O. RobertsonJ. E. Ward
F. S. DanksJ. P. LloydA. RobinsL. C. Wright
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonMrs B. A. MallettP. Roland 
Mrs EvansT. W. MelluishE. O. Seymour