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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
128 Mar 1950AMMETER Printer’s Devilry18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. J. MorseA D/r. Inge vetoed the line, and repeated the errorAdam and Eve
SecondD. AshcroftUncle, s/pout lay “Cheer fully three cheers for us!”look out for an abbr.; European Recovery Programme (Marshall Aid)
ThirdG. T. HoldenInto water put one gr/ebe. Never! Minnow here will be foundterebene, disinfectant
HCW. AshworthCost a heart-throb (s/ic) on the water-logged marshSam Costa, Eric Barker, in radio comedies ‘Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh’ and ‘HMS Waterlogged’
HCMrs CaithnessIf Uncle’s/ Nest be viny, our outlook might improveErnest Bevin, Foreign Secretary
HCMaj P. H. CareyWould one gr/ebe nest, O pray, upon an ailing sheep?terebene, disinfectant
HCF. A. ClarkBar h/as music—all that anachronistic nonsenseBarham, Erasmus
HCD. M. DevineIf I like the littlest, if fi/nest, new manor, some other times, man, I’d ridicule its columns!Ernest Newman, music critic of the Sunday Times since 1920; stiff = good-for-nothing
HCB. FrancoDisinfectant recipe:—Into one pint lye, stir one gr/ebe nest and a minute toga in complete solution!terebene
HCJ. E. HobsonThe selectors discussed the next te/st, while players conferred and agreederstwhile
HCL. JohnsonTo make their car look like a taxi, the raiders put ash/ on it 
HCC. H. MacmillanThe valves of the cl/ean octopus foresaw its danger 
HCLt Cdr W. G. MarshallIt must have been somewhere soggy (s/ic). A water-logged marsh, perhaps!Sam Costa, Eric Barker, in radio comedies ‘Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh’ and ‘HMS Waterlogged’
HCE. J. MeadonIf he is him, then I’/m Ino, logically 
HCF. E. NewloveNo, Ma/son, taxis don’t stop at the red lights 
HCE. O. SeymourSeeing now I lead/, ring Eve in the garden 
HCG. A. ShoobridgeEve an’ Dad/ red! And we resent to till the Earth 
HCJ. F. N. WedgeWhere did Emily first see ’im s/in? Croynge?Sam met ’er; characters and fictional town in radio comedy ‘Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh’

Runners-Up in competition 128:

E. S. AinleyL. E. EyresG. G. LawranceP. W. Rundle
C. A. BakerW. P. M. FieldB. M. LeggC. R. Satterthwaite
D. E. BarnardJ. H. GawlerMrs E. K. MumfordMiss R. E. Speight
C. A. BeecheyI. C. GilchristA. P. O’LearyJ. Talman
E. H. CampionP. G. W. GlareMiss A. PerryMiss A. C. Tatham
J. C. R. ClaphamP. Glennie-SmithN. J. ReedMiss D. W. Taylor
G. H. ClarkeS. B. GreenH. B. RidleyH. S. Tribe
P. M. CoombsMaj H. A. HardyRev E. G. RileyH. D. Wakely
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonH. J. HowellsW. O. Robertson 
T. H. EastJ. JonesA. Robins