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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
159 Feb 1951SPANIEL normal17


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstD. P. M. MichaelLies curled up taking nap—let him sleepanag. of lies, nap; “let sleeping dogs lie”
SecondE. R. PrenticeResort to kennel without the house. I may be seen withinspa + I in (ken)nel & lit.; ken2
ThirdC. KoopDue to spring perhaps, he’ll soon find some flapper falling for his fetching ways!cryptic def.; springer s.; flapper = game bird; s. may be gun dog or retriever [see comments]
HCE. S. AinleyA pleasin’ creature—to shootin’ typesanag., creature = something created; spaniel = fawning person/gun dog
HCC. A. BakerAs a dog lies taking a nap all curled up, let it be!anag. of lies, nap; “let sleeping dogs lie”
HCR. W. H. BrunswickMay be in lapse, tailed or tailedanag.: tailed = with tail or without tail; in laps(e) = lap dog
HCMaj A. H. GilesHe may be taken and tried for shooting—wholly the fault of Trygvespan + anag. of Lie; span = wholly; ref. T. Lie, UNO Sec. Gen.; gun dog
HCS. B. GreenNot a shaggy dog, but an American story about onean in spiel; “s.d.” stories
HCC. J. MorseNo mean springer? On the contrary. Springs about an inch in an upward directionin. in leaps (all rev.); springer spaniel
HCA. E. NorthUp and about in leaps and bounds at prospect of gamein, in leaps (all rev.)
HCMrs A. M. OsmondAlpines maybe—but not flora. Should it be fawna?anag.; ‘fawner’
HCE. G. PhillipsHe comes up with leaps, bounding in, always ready for gamein, in leaps (all rev.); see bound3
HCE. J. Rackham“Uneasy lies. . .” Gets in some sort of nap, however! This may be King Charlesanag. of nap in anag. of lies; King Charles spaniel; ref. Hen IV Pt.2 III.1
HCT. E. SandersAn example of one that has naps being allowed to lie perhapsanag. of nap, lies;“let sleeping dogs lie”
HCW. K. M. Slimmings“Sunday piper! Uno boss murdered!” … A shot aide is expected to recoverS.+ Pan + anag. of Lie; ref. Trygve Lie, UNO Sec. Gen.; s. may be gun dog or retriever
HCO. Carlton SmithAfter the revolution in Spain the Spanish could not be surprised at leading a dog’s lifeanag. of Spain + el (Sp.)
HCJ. F. N. WedgeIs penal reform likely to work with gunmen?anag.; s. may be a gun dog

Runners-Up in competition 159:

Mrs M. AndersonT. N. DowseLady HaringtonA. R. Read
F. R. BallM. G. EllisP. T. HeathW. Rennie
J. W. BatesMiss R. LeS. FilleulH. C. HillsS. G. Rose
Rev B. ChapmanC. E. GatesR. D. JonesR. G. Tate
H. P. ChubbC. C. M. GiffinG. G. LawranceJ. Thompson
W. J. CouperP. G. W. GlareF. E. NewloveMrs K. A. Whaley
F. E. DixonRev J. G. GrahamRev E. B. PeelS. Young