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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
165 May 1975Lance, pompano, bonito, porbeagle, thornback, menhaden, albacore, huso Anagram29


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstDr G. B. GreerPeople can catch ‘em, hook ‘em, one and all, using a net, bob, barb, or harpoon 
SecondP. DrummondEach booboo planned. Untangle a marine troop. Chambers’ book can help 
ThirdG. H. ClarkeOh help! Benn on B.B.C. shook me! Anagram dealt boon – a real preoccupation 
VHCR. AbreyBombard back-bencher, a palaeontological phenomenon (Eoanthropus) 
VHCG. AspinPhenomenal ocean scrabble to bring me honour and poach a book plate? 
VHCF. D. H. AtkinsonLaunched on anagram alone, hopes ebb. Pro bono meo catch pink bloater! 
VHCM. J. BalfourTo pooh-pooh Callaghan in European market, comrade Benn nobbles B.A.C 
VHCC. O. ButcherAn anagram can be a pronounced problem – a shibboleth to help cook one 
VHCR. S. CaffynProblem can take age… No, no – probable hunch, amenable, too… Ah, coin drops! 
VHCR. O. CalderProblem:– To do anagram chaos. One hint:– No U.K. ocean can be probable help 
VHCM. Coates‘Ombrophobous’, ‘ancon’ and anagram can help keep bonce lithe or able 
VHCMrs C. E. ConstableBandage on poor knee can push a noble compiler to march on at a hobble 
VHCMrs M. P. CraineAn anagram, eh? O.K. – E.E.C.? A poll – a bold act. On B.B.C. P.M. hopes ‘In’ or hero Benn ‘Out’ 
VHCA. L. DennisCan that improbable bore U. Geller make a spoon bend? Oho no! No chap can 
VHCJ. R. du ParcqGo plumb the ocean deep, an A.B. can; / Or look in Chambers (boo!) – another plan 
VHCS. GoldieCan one harpoon, net, and hook be ample, catching us? A probable bloomer! 
VHCR. H. F. IshamAn angler on a bank, complete in bobble-hat and cape; our composer? Ho, ho! 
VHCA. B. JonesNo paragraph on us? Oh! handbook (bible on ocean realm) can’t be complete 
VHCJ. R. KirbyTo them home’s a purple open ocean, cool and babbling reach, or on a bank 
VHCMrs S. M. MacphersonAn anagram can hobble poor boob like me, and the top cluers can hope on 
VHCD. F. ManleyKeen angler can blab, ‘I made an enormous catch’. Not probable – pooh-pooh 
VHCC. G. MillinMaroon kippers can’t nobble me – blue cod, an orange loath? Bah! Not a hope 
VHCP. G. O’GormanOmbrophobous and ancon – no bookplate. Hell! Anagram can be the recipe 
VHCF. R. PalmerHooha (Market debate looming up – Barbara, Benn, H. Scanlon, Co. con people) 
VHCM. L. PerkinsLabour boob: Benn and Callaghan oppose each other on Market – P.M. on ice 
VHCR. G. RaeOne notable band these… no common bag like a loath, pope, chub… nor a parr! 
VHCC. G. ShepherdA bream, a chub, a pollock or an ablet can be ‘shod’, no? Ponder on phonemes! 
VHCM. D. SpeigelEuropean economic problems bother bank – Callaghan to abandon hope? 
VHCMrs S. M. WilliamsEngland ban on Europe? Mob can choose. Each mark ballot paper in booth 

HCs in competition 165 awarded to:

R. H. AdeyCdr H. H. L. DicksonA. D. LeggeMrs G. Rajkowska
C. Allen BakerA. J. DuncumH. R. LockhartW. Rodgers
D. W. BabbageE. G. DurhamC. J. LoweM. G. Rupp
S. BarnettM. A. ElderD. P. M. MichaelJ. Shaughnessy
J. W. BatesJ. A. FinckenC. J. MorseW. K. M. Slimmings
T. E. BellMrs E. A. GeorgeR. A. MostynG. Snowden-Davies
P. BermanN. C. GoddardD. S. NagleF. W. R. Stocks
E. C. BinghamMrs R. HarveyT. N. NesbittBrig R. F. E. Stoney
Mrs A. R. BradfordMrs R. HerbertE. G. NobleJ. G. Stubbs
D. A. H. ByattMiss A. HopkinJ. O’HaganG. A. Tomlinson
P. A. CashDr T. O. HughesM. O’SullivanR. D. Vaughan-Davies
E. ChalkleyW. IslipR. J. PalmerM. H. E. Watson
A. E. CrowB. JacksonS. L. PatonT. Wightman
A. J. CrowP. H. D. JonesW. H. PegramH. W. Wood