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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
56 Aug 1947SHEEP-RUN normal25


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. K. M. SlimmingsIt might suggest a Bach chorale, or a baa corral! (Puns here are out of place!)2 defs., anag.; ref. “Sheep may safely graze”
SecondO. Carlton SmithA fully developed and fast version of the “Lambeth Walk,” omitting the complicated middle part?i.e. Lamb(eth) Walk, anag. of the in middle
ThirdMaj D. P. M. MichaelIdyllic prospect of troubled sphere when United Nations succeedanag. + UN
HCMrs F. Castle-KnightA sphere of Aries? Its changed course is defined by the formula Remove from its sphereanag. of unsphere; Aries, ram
HCF. A. ClarkWhere timid sillies ruminate: “Both hemispheres are crazy—United Nations is at an end”anag. of sphere + UN
HCP. M. CoombsQuick queue for getting mutton fatcryptic def.; ref. rationing
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonIf one may use puns here, this is where to find “12’s 47s”anag.; Lamb’s Tales, tails; ref. puzzle solutions
HCD. H. ElphickMight one perpetrate puns here? Lamb, for one, would revel in itanag.; Charles L.; see Chambers def. of perpetrate
HCS. B. GreenTract on which timid followers are urged to ruminatecryptic def.; sermon
HCW. LambertWhat comes within the sphere of the United Nations is set out in a tractanag. incl. UN
HCR. H. Lemon12’s namesakes eat here; but there’s explosive in the compote of prunes, so they don’t wait for itHE in anag.; i.e. sheep run (away); solution 12 in puzzle is Lamb
HCMrs B. A. MallettWool Producers Speed Up: Australian Pastures’ Product Can Be Spun Heresheep run, anag.
HCJ. I. MasonThey don’t often when they’re in it, unless the wether’s unsettledcryptic def.
HCT. W. MelluishOnce you get the range, the Hun on the Spree will be in piecesanag.; ref. R. Spree, Berlin
HCRev E. B. PeelWoolley gets a single in the long field—after having a dip? (Shocking puns here!)sheep + run, anag.; ref. Frank W., Kent and England cricketer
HCE. G. PhillipsA pasture in Goshen—there’s nothing against this grazing land anyhow, thought Jacobcomp. anag. incl. 0; ref. Gen. 47. 1, Jacob sheep
HCR. PostillSounds as if you might get fed up with the weather herecryptic def.; i.e. ‘ewe’, ‘wether’
HCS. E. Quincey“Global disorder should be laid before United Nations”—Pastoral Tractanag. of sphere + UN
HCMrs ShackletonGround (probably at Canterbury!) where Woolley made a single?sheep + run; canter-bury; ref. Frank W., Kent and England cricketer
HCP. H. Taylor“Where’er you walk”’s interpreted by earcryptic def.; i.e. ‘ewe’ walk
HCA. H. TaylorSomething to chew the cud over? The re-organisation of the United Nations and their sphereanag. of UN sphere
HCL. E. ThomasA tract to ruminate on: it favours something very much like gamblingcryptic def.; ‘gamboling’; sermon
HCH. L. TinklerBoard and lodging for 12? A good field for puns here anyway!anag.; solution 12 in puzzle is Lamb
HCW. K. WardTract to browse over—congregation rushes for itsheep run
HCW. WattsShe cut up dried fruit, providing a vegetarian dietshe + anag. of prune

Runners-Up in competition 56:

D. ConnellW. V. FarrarP. G. W. GlareR. C. Macfarlane
J. H. DingwallT. C. FitzpatrickC. H. HudsonR. Macleod
Maj H. B. DrakeMiss J. FryP. IrvingC. J. Morse
E. H. EvansPte J. GibbonMrs D. M. KissenF. L. Usher