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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
63 Nov 1947STILETTO normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. E. NewloveIt’s to let, you find? But don’t set your heart on it—the rent would take your breath away!anag.; dagger
SecondT. W. P. ColbySharp steps taken with a spoilt child—can penetratestile + anag. of tot
ThirdA. E. SmithTitles possibly to end: famous regicide thought this was in the air but couldn’t see the point of itanag. + to; dagger, ref. Macbeth II.1.33
HCG. R. CawthraLet the Italians have their point, lest Tito becomes involvedanag.; ref. formation of Yugoslavia
HCMiss ComynDalton’s instrument for making little holes in our pockets? Even the Tote is involved in the list this timeanag. of Tote list; ref. Hugh Dalton, Chancellor, 1947 Budget; instrument for making eyelets
HCF. L. ConstableCause of death in Murder in the Cathedral? T. S. Eliot almost supplies the answer!anag. of T S Eliot (+ t); ref. killing of Becket in Eliot play; dagger
HCP. M. CoombsIs it a means of getting rid of my blessed tenant? That’s the pointi.e., St I let to; dagger
HCB. Donne-SmithIt’s to let (owing to dilapidations). But what a rent it once earned for Casca!anag. of it’s to let; ref. Julius Caesar III.2.175
HCM. S. HallStab me! Still a quid down and the tote’s packed up!stil(L) + anag.
HCC. H. HudsonDelay in Tito’s overthrow may provide loophole for stabbinglet in anag.; ref. formation of Yugoslavia; dagger, instrument for making eyelets
HCA. L. JefferyMy tenant is a saint, but what a sticker!i.e., St I let to; dagger
HCC. KoopYou may say “Good-bye” for ever, should this possibly let Tosti touch you too deeplyanag.; ref. song ‘Good-bye!’, music by Paolo T.
HCR. H. LemonWeapon fired backwards in battlelit (rev.) in set-to; dagger
HCF. C. MacIntoshForeign weapon has backfired in actionlit (rev.) in set-to; dagger
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelLet into poor Tosti it might give point to his good-bye!let in anag.; ref. song ‘Good-bye!’, music by Paolo T.
HCD. S. MilfordIt’s to let, but dilapidated: it means bats have returned!anag.; i.e. bats (rev.) = stab
HCJ. D. P. O’LearyDirty-looking knife and stuck in the best part of the cheese!et in Stilto(n); daggers = dirty looks
HCH. J. PhillipsWhat’s this obelus? It’s to let one recognize anag.anag.; ref. use of † to indicate anagrams in printed solutions
HCR. PostillStrange that Battista Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater was successful, as he always confused this small weapon with a big spear!comp. anag.; i.e., stab at [see comments]
HCW. O. RobertsonA pinker society let in the Red MarshalS let in Tito; pink2 = stab; dagger
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsIt fits T. S. Eliot to a T; an obvious choice for Murder in the Cathedral!anag. + T; ref. killing of Becket in Eliot play; dagger
HCP. WaltonIs this a dagger? Its handle is reversed, but the rest is allowed to proceed normallyits (rev.) + let to; ref. Macbeth II.1.33

Runners-Up in competition 63:

Mrs AyshfordMaj GolightlyMrs MagruderE. C. Semmons
Miss BlameyS. B. GreenD. G. C. MockridgeO. Carlton Smith
R. N. ChignellRev Dr HamiltonMrs NicolMiss Taylor
F. A. ClarkH. C. HillsRev P. H. OppermanW. H. Thorne
Mrs D’EathS. J. HornerMrs OsmondE. Wagstaff
E. H. EvansL. JohnsonE. G. PhillipsJ. A. Watson
Maj GilesMrs LaingR. C. Reeves 
P. G. W. GlareR. C. MacfarlaneT. E. Sanders