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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
83 Aug 1948BUDAPEST normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. D. P. O’LearyCity partners, using different banks, begin to grow a nuisancebud a pest; ref. Buda and Pest on Danube
SecondMrs L. JarmanShares close at varying levels in the city—B.A.T.s up, E. Rand extremely irregularanag. incl. (Ran)d; ref. Buda (hilly) and Pest (flat); ref. Brit. Am. Tobacco, E. Rand mining co.
ThirdD. C. ShutePresidential intervention in U.S.A. debt agitation provides capital for EuropeP in anag.; ref. Marshall Plan, etc.
HCMrs F. BeggIt is quite in order to shoot an undesirable with base designs on the banksbud a pest; banks of Danube
HCA. E. BrookesIs big this? Yes, but the current on which it appears is not, we think, exclusively redcryptic def.; ref. big-bud, a pest of currants; Blue Danube; communist rule in Hungary
HCF. L. ConstableCity youngster gets copy for The Streetbud ape St; Fleet St.
HCP. M. CoombsI should make the spade but my bridge, Elizabeth, is not the sort you play in Hungaryanag.; ref. Elisabeth (Erzsébet) bridge in B.
HCC. HighamIt’s capital on a river to shoot the mingled flood-rapids!bud + anag. of spate
HCJ. P. LloydWhere people are familiar with hammer and sickle, but apt to mishandle a spadeanag. in but; ref. communist rule in Hungary
HCR. C. MacfarlaneCapital spot, but colonised by hundreds of monkeysD apes in but
HCA. R. McInroyYou might make it by finessing a spade but guard against the Vienna Coup: East is well protected!anag.; ref. tactic in bridge; Austro-Hungarian Empire
HCB. MurrayBadly damaged in the war, but spade-work may restore itanag.
HCP. M. NeweyDocument lately obsolete, ends a da—— nuisance, but altogether leaves one in a more than hungry stateBU (bread unit coupon) da pest; a in hungry = Hungary; ref. end of bread rationing, July 1948
HCRev E. B. PeelA plague on the Budget! Get going! Capital seized by Communists!bud(get) + a pest; ref. communist rule in Hungary and socialist Govt. in UK
HCG. H. PodmoreHungry? If you can get a fill, capital!cryptic def.; a in hungry = Hungary
HCR. PostillCity connected with blue flower. You may find flower to be a nuisance!bud (flower-to-be) + a pest; ref. Blue Danube; flow-er
HCP. H. TaylorCapital ingredients can make a superlatively good “pud”!anag. of a best pud
HCJ. WaltonOn the Danube, drop the bait gently in the bluest part. Out comes a pound but not necessarily of fish!dap1 in bluest less L

Runners-Up in competition 83:

W. K. AngusH. C. HillsA. P. O’LearyA. H. Taylor
Maj P. S. BainesR. N. H. HughmanMrs M. G. PorterL. E. Thomas
Rev L. BlackburnAC1 P. D. JohnsonS. RundleH. S. Tribe
C. B. DaishG. G. LawranceA. J. C. SaundersCapt C. Tyers
F. S. DanksB. J. McCannW. K. M. SlimmingsE. Wainwright
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonG. M. McNeilA. E. SmithJ. E. Ward
B. d’ArcyD. P. M. MichaelC. Randolph SmithW. R. Watson-Smyth
P. G. W. GlareMrs M. J. MortimerO. Carlton SmithC. E. Williams
P. A. HarrowF. E. NewloveMrs A. L. Stevenson