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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
84 Aug 1948SHINGLE / THIRSTY Right and Left21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. B. StevensLike a gasper? Try this mixture—close cut, English blendanag. of try this; short haircut; anag. of English; ref. cigarettes and tobacco
SecondM. E. MossXXX with a dash of soda making dry English cocktail to distress the head!s(oda) in thirty; anag. of English; dis-tress = cut hair; ref. XXX grade rum
ThirdR. BrainTry this freshly-mixed dry English cocktail, “Short Cut.” Just one if you’re tipsy—to have more would be rashanag. of try this; anag. of English; i.e. ‘single’ pronounced with slur; i.e., shingles
HCF. A. ClarkNeeding a drink? Try this cocktail (1/-): a tumbler of gin and the genuine French. You get it down the Strandanag. of try this; sh (=shilling) + anag. of gin, le; strand1 = beach
HCJ. ColebyFor a change try this dry, rocky English coast—deposit requiredanag. of try this; anag. of English; i.e., coast-deposit
HCW. DarbyWanting a drink? Try this cocktail. English version: Stony? As there’s no slate, you may have this on the houseanag. of try this; anag. of English; stony broke; i.e., as roofing
HCJ. H. DingwallDry? Try this cocktail. It’s an English concoction and will show what sort of a head you haveanag. of try this; anag. of English; haircut
HCL. DixonVery stony and rather sozzled bachelor says he is in need of a drink. Try this cocktailstony broke; i.e. ‘single’ pronounced with slur; anag. of try this
HCT. H. EastTry this recipe for dry Englsh cocktail: it will take your hair off!anag. of try this; anag. of English; haircut
HCMrs N. FisherWanting a splash? Try this turning—here’s a signboard: “Short cut for the beach”anag. of try this; shingle1 = signboard (US); haircut
HCR. McD. GrahamEnglish version cut short? Very dry? Try this translationanag. of English; short haircut; anag. of try this
HCS. B. GreenIntemperate individual at sea-side wanting a drink might be moved to try thisi.e. ‘single’ pronounced with slur; anag. of try this
HCH. F. GreenwoodDry? Try this well mixed English cocktail. Obtainable at most barsanag. of try this; anag. of English; bar = shoal
HCA. R. McInroySays the toper “Jusht one on the house: I’m desperate for a draught of Three X, being without a shilling!”i.e. ‘single’ pronounced with slur; shingle=roofing material; s in thirty; brand of beer
HCD. P. M. MichaelDry? Try this concoction. Not everyone has the head for it—round about six quarts make the legs unsteadyanag. of try this; haircut; hin (= 6 quarts) in anag. of legs
HCJ. D. P. O’LearyDry, but cut the top off first in your becoming English hair-style(f)irst in thy; anag. of English; haircut
HCR. PostillSchool House Fire In Scotland. Head’s Close Shave As Dives Amid FlamesSH ingle; short haircut; cryptic def.; ref. Dives and Lazarus, Luke 16:19ff
HCA. J. C. SaundersWanting a drink? Have a change from XXX’s and try this! Stones make it from pure English ingredients!anag. of thirty’s; anag. of try this; anag. of English; ref. XXX grade rum, Stones ginger wine, etc.
HCMiss D. W. TaylorLeg fractured after climb up tree to get wood for roofing—needing a drink! Try this cocktailshin + anag. of leg; anag. of try this
HCE. WagstaffWant a drink? Try this new recipe on the house: one-third part sherry, pour in gin (mix well), add the French lastanag. of try this; sh(erry) + anag. of gin + le
HCDr K. P. WhiteheadA broken leg below the tibia—a close shave—over-eager result of taking double bend about thirtyshin, anag. of leg; short haircut; S (bend) in thirty

Runners-Up in competition 84:

Maj P. S. BainesL. E. EyresJ. P. LloydA. Robins
C. Allen BakerT. C. FitzpatrickMrs McCartieN. Roles
W. W. BrownG. C. FullerC. M. McEwanT. E. Sanders
Mrs CaithnessC. E. GatesI. A. H. MunroJ. C. Saunders
Rev B. ChapmanG. O. GibbG. M. NeighbourR. A. Smithson
D. L. ClementsE. R. GibbsF. E. NewloveA. H. Taylor
F. L. ConstableW. E. GreenA. E. NorthJ. Thompson
E. DaviesH. C. HillsR. C. PaynCapt R. F. Tyers
Cdr DicksonJ. Hardie KeirRev E. B. PeelE. H. L. Whitestone
F. E. DixonC. KoopMrs Porter 
J. F. DowG. G. LawranceT. I. Pound 
J. DuffillL. J. LawranceH. Rainger