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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
98 Mar 1949HUMERI normal15


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. Allen BakerWe start to murmur … our anger rises … then we’re up in arms!hum + ire (rev.)
SecondG. E. DenyerThe love-lorn nymph holds me in her armsme for 0 in houri
ThirdT. W. MelluishNought would make him rue? These arms mightanag.; ref. King John, V.7, closing lines
HCJ. R. BurtonEmbrace me, nymph of Paradise—you’ve nothing to lose in my armsme for 0 in houri
HCD. ConnellThey’re up in arms when anger rises under an impositionhum + ire (rev.); hum = imposition
HCP. M. CoombsWe are a bit inclined to lift the elbow: he and I are quite fuddled with rumanag.
HCA. J. CroftStrangely hesitant opening to a speech straight from the shouldersi.e. “Hum, er, I …”
HCDr J. N. FellIf you fracture these and shake out mats you may well get rheumatismcomp. anag. incl. mats, & lit.
HCMrs N. FisherResentment is rising under the imposition of armshum + ire (rev.); hum = imposition
HCC. H. HudsonThese may make him rue appearing in shirt-sleevesanag.
HCJ. P. LloydTwo applications of humus, made before there’s a risk of frost, provide ideal surroundings for marrow cultivationhu(mus) + anag. of rime; bone marrow
HCS. B. LucasRheumatism! Shake out the mats and you will find your bones all rightanag. less mats
HCR. PostillThey’re up in arms. The imposition has roused keen resentmenthum + ire (rev.); hum = imposition
HCW. H. ThorneRoman shoulders arms? This would sound singularly funnyLatin; humerus (sing.) sounds like ‘humorous’
HCJ. S. YoungThough our comrades in arms are the funny ones, we sound singularly like themhumerus (sing.) sounds like ‘humorous’

Runners-Up in competition 98:

E. S. AinleyJ. M. DoultonP. IrvingH. C. Pilley
K. W. AndrewsJ. F. DowC. B. JoynerMrs D. M. C. Prichard
Rev L. BlackburnA. R. FraserC. KoopH. Ingram Rees
Mrs CaithnessMiss J. FraserCapt G. LanghamT. E. Sanders
R. ClarkI. C. GilchristG. G. LawranceR. A. Sutton
A. E. ClaytonD. GoddenT. A. MartinA. H. Taylor
D. L. ClementsS. B. GreenF. E. NewloveE. Ward
W. DarbyJ. D. HastingsA. I. OldakerJ. B. Widdowson
G. DavisSurg Capt J. M. HeyesD. G. Owen