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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
101 Apr 1949BARRACKS normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstJ. C. W. SpringbettDigs provided or provides digs at Chelsea2 mngs.
SecondMrs F. Castle-KnightStands on the rail, and rails on the standbar (= rail) + racks (e.g. toast-racks)
ThirdE. S. AinleyHow the public receives rabbits!bar racks and lit.; rack8
HCMrs N. FisherCheers ironically as the army digs, railing at fatiguesbar racks, 2 defs.
HCMiss J. FraserCounter-cheers: means of demonstrating the lengths members may go to after a divisionbar (= division of music) + racks (= torture instruments); members = limbs
HCMrs J. O. FullerA houseful of regulars chafes and strains at the pub counterbar + racks, 2 defs.
HCA. B. GardnerForbid instruments of torture in place of confinement for trivial offences!bar racks
HCH. C. HillsAdmission of strain in the pubs—Tommy’s home!bar racks
HCMrs L. JarmanStop here, and take a shilling for joining upbar + r ack s and lit.; ref. King’s shilling; ack, signallers’ code
HCL. F. JohnsonPlaces for the military music—only a little on those instruments that stretchbar (of music) + racks
HCG. A. KinnearQuarters for tanks within sound of a dog fightRAC (Royal Armoured Corps) in barks
HCR. C. PaynThe soldier’s home! Extreme anxiety in public houses!bar racks
HCR. PostillRoasts rabbits—except young ones!bar racks; rack8
HCA. RobinsSave the young rabbits, lodging protests against those who bump them off!bar racks; rack8
HCT. E. SandersPlaces services with head of racket in those parts of court where professionals advocaterack(et) in bars; barrack vb.
HCMrs E. M. SimmondsWhere ardent spirits are brought to book—and confinedb + arracks, bar racks, & lit.
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsHoots, a wee place in the Hebrides, wi’ fivescore head o’ kye an’ sheep, wad dae me fine!Barra + C + k, s
HCR. G. TateBets about little arrival (each way): shows lack of taste!arr or arr (rev.) in backs
HCP. H. TaylorPossibly the judgment-place of one who hangs, draws and quarters!bar + racks (= draws, stretches)
HCD. L. TuckettDivision in the House distresses and worries the SpeakerBar + racks; ref. the Bar of the House
HCJ. B. WiddowsonRails about the mutton and complains about the gamerack (= neck of mutton) in bars
HCL. C. WrightBowled short! An ardent spirit (shilling end) cheers ironicallyb + arrack + s

Runners-Up in competition 101:

D. AmblerJ. F. DowA. C. NorfolkJ. C. Saunders
E. J. BellC. E. GatesA. E. NorthE. O. Seymour
Rev L. BlackburnJ. H. GrummittA. P. O’LearyMrs E. Shackleton
Rev B. ChapmanS. W. HardingRev E. B. PeelO. Carlton Smith
F. L. ConstableR. N. H. HughmanH. E. I. PhillipsA. H. Taylor
F. S. DanksG. InnesH. C. PilleyMiss D. W. Taylor
G. E. DenyerG. G. LawranceE. R. PrenticeJ. Walton
Cdr H. H. L. DicksonR. C. MacfarlaneH. RaingerE. Ward
J. H. DingwallB. J. McCannA. R. ReadW. Watts
J. M. DoultonF. E. NewloveA. J. C. SaundersB. W. Webster