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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
105 Jun 1949SMITHEREENS normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. R. PrenticeState of a steamship blown apart by an exploded mine: yet the waist’s there in one piece!there in anag. of mine in SS, & lit.
SecondL. C. WrightThese miners should be sacked for the little bits they produce!anag.
ThirdE. L. MellershFine result of close cannons: a big breakcryptic def.; snooker
HCE. S. AinleyMeddle with mines and there’s the result!anag. & lit.
HCCol P. S. BainesThese miners show little signs of strikinganag.
HCM. L. BookerThe output of these miners seems to indicate that they reached their target successfullyanag.
HCH. W. BristerMr. Gallagher’s singing partner—“in such a mess before he’s never been”anag. of Mister Sheen; ref. song ‘Mr Gallagher and Mr Shean’ [sic] by Ed G. and Al S.
HCF. L. ConstableSee what comes of disturbing the R.E.’s mines!anag. & lit.
HCRev H. J. CreesAnswer to prophetic last words: “Look out! There’s mines hidden here!”anag. & lit.
HCA. J. CroftThey’re small portions for he-men, sister! Give us a break!anag.
HCCdr H. H. L. DicksonPossible result of the Sappers’ minesanag. of the RE’s mines, & lit.
HCE. C. DoubleA jigsaw intermeshes all the little piecesanag.
HCS. GoldieShiver me! The sirens! What will happen if a bomb drops?anag.
HCS. B. GreenSuch small results from a strike! These miners must be crazy!anag.
HCH. H. HutchinsonBreak up union and smash these miners to bitsanag.
HCC. KoopI sent “Hermes” carelessly packed for an exhibition of pieces—and look what’s happened!anag.
HCF. E. NewloveMines the R.E.s disturbed?anag. & lit.
HCH. C. PilleyFragments produced by forger before being assembled togethersmith ere ens
HCH. B. RidleyThe net result of tangled intermeshes is lots of little wholes!anag.
HCA. RobinsFission chips—see the riddle in it?i.e. …the ree…; punning def.
HCR. G. TateStrangely intermeshes the fates of Humpty Dumpty and Ozymandiasanag.; ref. nursery rhyme and Shelley poem: “… a shattered visage …”

Runners-Up in competition 105:

M. AndersonJ. H. DingwallL. R. HuxtableA. R. Read
Mrs BairdL. DixonJ. Hardie KeirT. E. Sanders
C. Allen BakerM. G. EllisG. G. LawranceW. K. M. Slimmings
E. J. BellA. FentonR. LumleyO. Carlton Smith
Rev H.D. Owen BrownJ. A. FloodMrs B. A. MallettRev H. M. Springbett
Mrs CaithnessC. E. GatesA. R. McInroyC. H. Toy
Inst Capt J. CampS. R. GibbsT. W. MelluishH. D. Wakely
Rev B. ChapmanMaj A. H. GilesD. P. M. MichaelA. G. H. Walde
F. A. ClarkP. A. HarrowR. A. C. Norris-JonesMaj W. G. Webb
G. ClarkeS. HaycraftR. PostillT. Wilson
G. DanterH. J. HowellsH. Rainger