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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
13 Dec 1945IPOMAEA normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs JarmanI’m in the trailer with half a gun, anti-aircraft, in the middle eastI + pom(-pom) + E in AA; trailing plant
SecondC. HordernHark! The peremptory Cockney calls for his pet in a trailer‘’i pom ’ere!’; trailing plant
ThirdJ. M. DoultonHere you see the trailer of “A Poem in Indiana”anag. of a poem in Ia[?]; film trailer; trailing plant
HCT. A. L. CairnsMost of Mesopotamia lost for a mess of sweet-potato!anag. less most; ipomoea is a kind of s.-p.
HCL. E. EyresSell the fruit of this plant for a penny? The idea!poma (L.) for d in idea
HCP. IrvingA. Poe I am sure could write you a creeperanag.; ref. Edgar Allan Poe
HCC. B. JoynerPious Pamela, nonplussed and shaken, creeps away like a wormanag. less plus
HCJ. MalingTip Tom at tea? Tease away, you weedy twister!tip Tom at tea less T’s (‘tease’)
HCA. I. OldakerPennsylvania, Maine, Iowa and Ohio to be amalgamated? It’s a plant!anag. of Pa, Me, Ia, O
HCE. W. PadgettEastern portion of life-saving jacket comes to nothing, but why should the climber be bitter about it?0 Mae (West) in IPA (beer); climbing plant
HCR. C. PaynIt’s a plant to get the Navy out of Pomeraniaanag. of Pomerania less RN
HCR. D. PriorPlant growing out of every other stop on the Simplon-Maas-Edam linealternate letters
HCI. W. SeatonThis tropical cigar wrapper sounds like a Cockney calling his dog‘’i pom ’ere!’; type of bindweed
HCJ. F. SmithThe Navy helps to get damaged plant out of Pomeraniaanag. of Pomerania less RN
HCR. W. E. StickingsIf you muddle your Latin Verse in 1A, you may still make a climberanag. of poema in IA
HCM. WhitehouseThis trailing plant yields a first-class fruitanag. of a A1 pome

No Runners-Up in competition 13