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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
16 Jan 1946UNVULGAR normal16


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstP. MallalieuIt’s not just vernacular to have vun with a gurlanag.
SecondMrs CheyneTo torment rustic sweetheart unclothed in Paris is the reverse of refinedrag luv nu (Fr.) (all rev.)
ThirdGnr C. HerzigIn short, without a game, but the beginnings of game and rubber in sight. Extraordinary!unvul(nerable) ga(me) r(ubber)
HCF. AylmerTo have a reversed guinea suspended in the uvula, right at the end, is not commongn (rev). in uvula r
HCMiss M. BehrendtI’ve left my grin entangled in my uvula! This is far from commonanag. of gr(i)n uvula
HCF. A. ClarkUnited Nations Vulgate arrives, though not for public useUN Vulg. ar.
HCA. B. KingsfordIt is quite genteel for a Chaldean to lug van all over the placeanag. of lug van in Ur
HCMrs LawlorFractions at Miss Pinkerton’s?2 mngs.; ref. vulgar fractions, Vanity Fair
HCR. LeslieA Frenchman with no clothes on going backwards, seen in front of fifty long-nosed fish? That’s not commonnu (Fr.) (rev.) + vu (Fr.) + L gar
HCRev W. McEntegartYou! Envy you! Elgar? That’s literally, up to a point, uncommon!‘U NV U L gar’
HCW. MeadeCurious! To put in our tongue is not this, to put out our tongue is not this, to hold our tongue is thiscryptic def.; i.e. the ‘vulgar’ tongue
HCJ. G. MilnerShall we reverse and slightly alter this clue? ’Course not!cryptic def.; i.e. not coarse
HCRev E. B. PeelProper fraction in familiar juxtaposition for one killed in Arrascryptic def.; vulgar fraction; ref. Polonius, Hamlet I.3
HCMiss G. SavoryIt’s not common to call the United Nations meanUN vulgar
HCJ. E. Smith-WrightHamlet’s forefathers, when they lived in the place, were just oppositecryptic def.; ref. Gray’s Elegy, “The rude forefathers of the hamlet”
HCJ. SparkesReverse of frolic love-letter reverse of commonly usedrag luv nu (all rev.); Greek letter

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