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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
221 Mar 1953BUNTHORNE normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstP. A. DrillienPooh Bah expressed his sentiments—“Come here, little girls”i.e. expressing disappointment; ‘So go to him’ and ‘When I go out of door’, and Mikado
SecondL. JohnsonThe muddled bonne Ruth would have done for this disappoinied suitoranag.; R., nurse in ‘Pirates of Penzance’
ThirdMrs E. M. Simmonds“A cursed thing”: often pursued by a crocodiledialogue after ‘If you’re anxious for to shine,’ and “two and two”; crocodile = line (of maidens)
HCC. Allen BakerWed her? No—crushed (and getting the push early too!)bunt1 + anag., & lit.
HCR. N. ChignellHe had a passion for the potato but disliked dirty greens‘If you’re anxious for to shine’ and ‘Am I alone and unobserved?’
HCW. J. DuffinHe recommended professing passion for a French bean, evidently the bonne, Ruth “on breakers always steering”anag.; ‘If you’re anxious for to shine’; R., nurse in ‘Pirates of Penzance’
HCH. H. ElliottWas his passion for Poppy and Lily only sentimental? No, he burnt extravagantly!anag.; ‘If you’re anxious for to shine’
HCH. LyonNo nut and herb concoction for him: he prefers beans and potatoes!anag.; ‘If you’re anxious for to shine’
HCE. L. MellershAppreciated by the Chancellor, sang Pooh Bahi.e. expressing disappointment; “He pays his taxes”, Act I init., and Mikado
HCJ. T. MiltonUnique opportunity—unrepeatable—price ten and sixpenceFinale, Act I, “Put in half a guinea”
HCW. L. MironAuthor of “Heart Foam” and “The Unborn”anag.; poem in Act I
HCA. D. MitchnerWas going to express himself Pooh-Bah-wise to his rival!i.e. expressing disappointment; Mikado
HCF. E. NewloveHis apparent fondness for veg. didn’t really extend to dirty greens!‘If you’re anxious for to shine’ and ‘Am I alone and unobserved?’
HCA. P. O’LearyThe brideless bard despoileth the unbornanag.
HCJ. W. ParrThe unborn reformeranag.; “You had a mother once … Never!”, Act II
HCR. PostillCharacter from Ben Hur not likely to have won an Oscar? Not likely!anag.; B. thought to satirise O. Wilde
HCE. R. PrenticeThink of faint lilies, he said—then burn passionately with love within0 in anag.; B. to maidens, Act I
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsEnnui I shed and throb excitedly … “No doubt I am highly-spiced!”anag. less I; B. to Jane, Act II

Runners-Up in competition 221:

V. E. BrookeRev B. FoleyC. J. MorseMrs S. E. Wilson
Brig W. E. DuncanF. GibbonsG. Tiplin 
J. F. EppsA. L. JefferyJ. F. N. Wedge 
Mrs N. FisherT. W. MelluishC. W. K. Willard