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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
219 Feb 1953SOCIALIST normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstMrs L. JarmanDisliking “blue” performances, I give monologues from Winnie the Poohcryptic def.; i.e. I pooh-pooh Churchill’s speeches
SecondL. R. SmithA decomposed cat turned into well-dug soil is a fine pea-nut grower!anag. of cat soil is; ref. Labour govt’s ill-fated Tanganyika Groundnut Scheme 1946-51
ThirdM. G. Powell-DaviesAs for the introduction of politics in a puzzle, it makes one see redanag. with as for p
HCC. Allen BakerWhat makes many people cross at times is coal—it’s so rockyanag.; i.e. cross on voting paper
HCRev B. ChapmanAn equaliser scored by the left-half (soccer)—without any dispute it appears!soc(cer) + a lis in it; lis = dispute in law, see OED
HCF. A. ClarkWhat does old-time privilege lead to? I answer, “Cant!”soc I a list, & lit.; a. = answer
HCW. J. DuffinI, with a hankering after a lot of soccer, could be called an Association fansoc(cer) I a list; association football, trade unions
HCRev J. G. GrahamConflict of class—I love it!anag. incl. 0, & lit.
HCDr G. P. HartiganIndeed! No trumps doubled, is it? I call for a fresh deal!so + laic (rev.). + is’t; lay3 = not trumps
HCC. T. HattenWanted Lab. worker who will examine critically properties of any substancecryptic def.; Labour; properties = private possessions
HCR. W. HawesSoccer left-half, with first-class back heel, agitates the opposing right wingsoc(cer) + A1 (rev.) + list
HCC. HighamI love it when you mix and class is outanag. of class I 0 it, & lit.
HCB. J. IliffeI cast soil of a muddy varietyanag. & lit.; political mud-slinging
HCJ. Hardie KeirType inclined to the left, as inverted italicsso + anag.
HCL. R. MansellSoccer left half back a slow mover—but given the inclination he may upset opposing wing’s tacticssoc(cer) + ai (= sloth) (rev.) + list; opposing, i.e. right wing
HCT. A. MartinBourgeois type is hardly suitable for this, so italics could be usedso + anag.
HCMiss D. W. TaylorThe Left Foot is such a Membercryptic def.; ref. Michael F., Labour MP
HCD. H. TompsettSo Conservative, I must head what Ko-ko’s got if he’s this!so C I a list, & lit.; ref. Mikado, ‘I’ve got a little list’

Runners-Up in competition 219:

E. S. AinleyV. L. HarrisonMaj J. N. PurdonMiss R. E. Speight
T. E. BellH. C. HillsC. P. ReaF. B. Stubbs
D. L. L. ClarkeP. HoltbyA. R. ReadJ. A. L. Sturrock
R. M. S. CorkP. W. W. LeachN. J. ReedH. G. Tattersall
C. H. DevonaldC. J. LoweW. RennieF. J. Walker
J. A. FinckenP. J. MeadeW. RodgersW. G. Webb
J. A. FloodE. J. MillerF. G. RogersJ. F. N. Wedge
B. FrancoA. D. MitchnerM. H. SandsM. Winterbottom
Mrs D. FullerE. G. PhillipsA. E. SharpM. Woolf
C. E. GatesMrs M. G. PorterW. K. M. SlimmingsA. J. Young
S. B. GreenR. PostillJ. F. Smith 
W. E. GreenG. W. PughO. Carlton Smith