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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
316 Xmas 1954BATHROOM normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. O. SeymourIdeal place for a rendering of “Thora,” wearing negligee coming backanag. in mob2 (rev.), & lit.; ref. song by F. E. Wetherly & S. Adams, 1905
SecondJ. W. BatesWhere one may have a full-blooded rendering of “Thora” within an angry crowd standing about outside!anag. in mob (rev.), & lit.; ref. song by F. E. Wetherly & S. Adams, 1905
ThirdE. L. MellershIn this enclosure the favourite’s the one to put something on and to get away quicklycryptic def., i.e. vacate bathroom quickly
HCR. B. Adcockclue not given
HCE. S. Ainleyclue not given
HCC. Allen Bakerclue not given
HCMrs F. Beggclue not given
HCJ. Corderyclue not given
HCP. Graystoneclue not given
HCS. B. Greenclue not given
HCF. H. W. Hawesclue not given
HCL. W. Jenkinsonclue not given
HCG. G. Lawranceclue not given
HCA. F. Lerrigoclue not given
HCN. C. Mahonyclue not given
HCF. E. Newloveclue not given
HCD. A. Nichollsclue not given
HCR. Postillclue not given
HCMrs E. M. Simmondsclue not given
HCW. K. M. Slimmingsclue not given
HCH. S. Tribeclue not given
HCJ. F. N. Wedgeclue not given
HCH. T. Youngclue not given
HCJ. S. Youngclue not given

Runners-Up in competition 316:

K. BirdJ. O. HallH. LyonE. W. Richart
C. E. GatesF. J. IronsSgt L. W. G. Oxley 
S. GoldieR. W. LerrigoC. P. Rea