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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
36 Oct 1946TARTARUS normal24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstR. L. CoatsRather feather feather us for the opposite place!i.e. tar tar us: ref. tarring and feathering
SecondI. W. PhillipsIf we are here, we are no angels; so do not feather, feather usi.e. tar tar us
ThirdMrs PartridgeYou wilt only get us into Hell by the skin of your teethi.e. tartar us
HCA. E. Baldwin—— and save fuel (feathers optional), insisted the penitent witches, with the idea of getting here more quickly?tar in Tar us
HCMrs Caithness“Place a deposit with us” says the Fiend “and secure your future”tartar us
HCA. C. ChipperfieldThe lower world finds us hanging on to the skin of our teethtartar us
HCMiss J. E. L. ClarkeAnd twice feather us for under underworld?i.e tar tar us …
HCD. L. ClementsThe other two separately, then Jem Johnson and me: come up from the sea—or a deep gulf?two tars + us: ref. “We’re four jolly sailormen” from Savoy opera “A Princess of Kensington”
HCJ. ColebyStates contracted after dental affliction can give you worse than helltartar US
HCMaj A. H. GilesThe Naval pair lead us at that awful final hole which, if you’re not good, gets you downtar tar us
HCS. B. GreenOne small pie left? “Hell!” says the irritable person in front of usi.e. tart on left; tartar us
HCL. S. HarrisA pair of renegades back to God’s country from the other placerat rat (rev.) US
HCW. HeathDid the Titans sing “A.B., A.B., my boy, where are you taking us now?”?tar tar us; ref. “Aby, Aby”, popular song c. 1918.
HCC. KoopWhere many a “wrong ’un” sent down down under is held in the deepcryptic def.; realm below Hell
HCC. R. MalcolmPit against us one too strong for ustartar us
HCLt W. G. Marshall, RNHell! Start a rush for the deep and seamen go to Americahidden: tar tar US
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelDis-establishment—Homer raised Hell over it!cryptic def.; Dis = Pluto
HCR. PostillWe expect to have to pay if we come to a low haunt like this, but we object to a deposit on the bottletartar us; objective of we
HCH. RaingerDouble Dutch? Nether Nether Land anywaycryptic def.; realm below Hell
HCFlt Lt D. Thomas“The Call of the Open Roads”: a play with R. A. Stuart.—Two sailors are next to us in the piti.e. “Tar, tar us!”; anag.; tar tar us
HCJ. ThomsonVery low dive, notorious for its bad spiritscryptic def.
HCMrs TrowerWhen dental trouble gets us, it’s Hell (tartar us) 
HCF. L. UsherTrust a R.A. Mess to show you where the worst spirits were keptanag.
HCRev R. J. WhitakerTwo short pitches lead us to the worst holetar tar us

Runners-Up in competition 36:

H. BeecherW. J. EmersonO. Carlton SmithJ. J. Ward
E. A. C. BennettG. F. HuntleyMiss Taylor 
T. A. L. CairnsSqn Ldr JamiesonC. Theobold 
F. A. ClarkW. MeadeL. E. Thomas