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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
46 Mar 1947LYSANDER normal21


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstC. R. MalcolmLoved her dissolute French friend and caused some talkher + anag. of ami (Fr) = Hermia, lover of L. in MND; ref. ‘Some talk of… L.’, song ‘The British Grenadiers’
SecondCapt C. Tyers“But who is here? ——! On the ground!” Recce finished, perhapsref. MND II.2.100; aircraft
ThirdMrs A. BuxtonOn the ground said “Run through fire I will”: airborne didref. MND II.2.100-103; aircraft
HCC. Allen BakerHer misdirected aim got himher + anag. of aim = Hermia, lover of L. in MND
HCM. A. AndersonDream lover was grounded, but put up his wings laterref. MND II.2.100; aircraft
HCD. AshcroftDarnley’s mixed up in the plot of 24 Juneanag.; midsummer night, ref. MND
HCMrs Baird“Proceed, moon” said this lover. Should he not have said otherwise “Lend rays for me”?anag.; ref. MND V.1.262
HCN. A. BreezeTough general who used to rend and slayanag.; Spartan admiral
HCF. A. ClarkFiddle and lyres! See, the conquering hero comes!anag.; Spartan admiral
HCJ. DangerfieldSome talk of, but the Darnleys have made, such a great nameanag.; ref. ‘Some talk of … L. … great names’, song ‘The British Grenadiers’
HCC. E. GatesPossibly slyer and definitely less of a hero than a Grenadieranag.; ref. ‘Some talk of … L.’, song The British Grenadiers
HCP. A. HallIn one particular dream his night seemed to be full of large dogs, and lyres out of tuneanag.; ref. MND I.1.144 ‘collied’ (i.e. full of collies)
HCW. S. HoldsworthAs a German A.A. gunner said “Thou art not by mine eye, ——, found” etc.ref. MND III.2.180; L. target for German anti-aircraft
HCR. MacleodObs. plane, not comparable with a British bomberref. observer aircraft; ‘Some talk of … L. … none that can compare … to the British Grenadiers’, song
HCT. W. MelluishOrdered “Proceed moon,” Darnley’s ’plane crashed in Athens 404 B.C.ref. MND V.1.262; anag.; aircraft; Spartan admiral
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelDistinguished Ancient Mariner, Bridegroom and Wedding-guest in a Dream2 mngs.; ref. Spartan admiral and MND
HCR. PostillR.A.F. type—not to be compared with a Grenadierref. aircraft; ‘Some talk of … L. … none that can compare … to the British Grenadiers’, song
HCD. W. ReedSpartan: has grit but no match for a grenadiersand is in Lysander; ‘Some talk of … L. … none that can compare … to the British Grenadiers’, song
HCMiss C. F. SampsonWork days disorganised through a broken railway line—enough to make one Spartan!anag. of days LNER; ref. Spartan admiral, rail company
HCMiss D. W. TaylorOld French Lil and ’er boy-friend, in a dreamlys (Fr. = lily) and ’er; ref. MND
HCG. C. TurnerA marshal is wanted for L.N.E. yardsSpartan admiral; anag.; rail company

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