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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
48 Apr 1947ADONIS Knock-knock24


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstW. E. Green—— or boo: Ah just throws tomatoesI don’t hiss
SecondMrs R. Rivers—— ’ickle pink toes look sweet, the duck!Ah, don’t his
ThirdMiss J. Sharp—— when me teeth ’old in tightI don’t hiss
HCD. Annan ——ee where ’ee be goin’ tü?ah, don’t I see
HCE. P. Barrett ——self ter blimehad only his self
HCS. Belt—— what I deserve to be for this clue!a donee’s
HCMiss A. M. Corney ——, not bein’ a snakeI don’t hiss
HCT. Crippin—— risk onlyat owner’s
HCK. Dobson ——sue nothin’ wi’out a permitI don’t issue
HCR. Dubock——self ter blame, pore fellerhad only his self
HCE. H. Evans —— word fer it, wuss luck!had only his
HCA. H. Gomme——ackly know. A zeed nowtI don’t exactly… I see’d
HCS. B. Green ——pecially wanner set the world on fi-yer!I don’t especially; song
HCM. G. Hipkins——even rowin’? Then betcha Cambridge ’ad ten!had only seven
HCW. S. Holdsworth——itate when I shay “troory looral” do I, constable?I don’t hesitate
HCT. P. Hughes—— so much after ’aving ma teeth knocked ootI don’t hiss
HCH. A. Joslin——pam, as usualhad only spam
HCC. Koop—— one of the nutsa dough ’un is
HCMrs Lawlor—— risk (at owner’s) 
HCW. O. Robertson——Cape Wrath, when ma missus finds outI don’t escape
HCMiss T. Robinson ——sue no tickets till ah sees yo’ moneyI don’t issue
HCSir M. P. Roseveare——elf to blamehad only his self
HCC. P. Scott-Malden—— riskat owner’s
HCMrs E. M. Simmonds—— ’utch ’d be worth two bucks to ’ima doe in his

Runners-Up in competition 48:

G. W. BainG. A. HornsbyMiss MortimerW. Rennie
Mrs BarrMrs HurstG. NevilleJ. C. Smith
Sgt M. FooksO. R. JonesF. H. OliverJ. R. Whitelegg
Dr Armstrong GibbsSir P. LairdH. J. PhillipsMiss Wilson
J. H. GrummittB. C. LewisR. C. ReevesG. C. Wiltshire