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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
58 Aug 1947ECLIPSE normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstL. E. ThomasIn abnormal English September 151 in the shade!CLI in anag. of E Sep
SecondA. P. O’LearyOval. Fifty added in bad lightC for L in ellipse; i.e. 50 added to L = C
ThirdE. S. ClarkThe Established Church utters its fifth Dominical letter and the ignorant take it for a sign from HeavenEC lips E
HCE. S. AinleyFacile princeps, or could be, with Carp Fin (like the rest) nowhereanag. minus anag. of Carp Fin.; “E. first and the rest nowhere”; E. was an unbeaten racehorse painted by Stubbs
HCF. A. ClarkCap—a jockey’s pride once2 mngs.; ref. unbeaten racehorse
HCB. Donne-SmithHiding for a horse that exhibited insubordination in the City and Suburbanlip in EC SE; 2 mngs.; unbeaten racehorse
HCE. H. EvansSensation of the Day! England’s Stars out at Oval with only fifty addedC for L in ellipse; i.e. 50 added to L = C
HCG. A. HornsbySleep, I see, is disturbed; hence, rest nowhereanag. incl. C; unbeaten racehorse; “E. first and the rest nowhere”
HCA. S. KingScene: The Oval. An early century is needed to surpass the total. Fifty’s not enough!C for first L in ellipse
HCC. KoopDiana naturally takes umbrage when she comes across another body in the passage!cryptic def.; Goddess of moon; umbrage = shadow
HCA. McIntyreThe black-out we can understand, but cuts in next quota’s clothing coupons (yellow)!clips in E E; ref. ‘E’ coupons
HCMaj D. P. M. MichaelWhere the sun first shone, cut off some brief seconds, the sun there reappearsE clip s E, & lit.; sun rises in east
HCMrs M. G. PorterIs this the horse to surpass Midday Sun and Hyperion? The answer’s obscure2 defs., one cryptic; ref. unbeaten racehorse and 1937 and 1933 Derby winners
HCJ. H. QuinceyWon the Triple Crown—starting-price returned, 150-1 against, and with extreme ease!CL I, SP (rev.) all in e(as)e; ref. unbeaten racehorse
HCT. E. SandersBetter has stakes on for the race—may make a pile with just a secondbetter vb.; anag. of pile sec; ref. unbeaten racehorse
HCMiss N. ShooterThe Oval: a mere half century gained—Heavens! how dull!C for L in ellipse; i.e. 50 added to L = C
HCW. K. M. SlimmingsThe darkness gathers: evidently Conservatives. Liberals, Independents—pinker Socialists even—must put their heads togetherinitial letters
HCE. H. Thompson50 more required at the Oval to beat The RestC for L in ellipse; i.e. 50 added to L = C
HCW. R. ThrossellA fine horse this—puts Hyperion into the shade2 mngs.; ref. unbeaten racehorse and 1933 Derby winner
HCH. T. R. TwyfordCut out a jig-saw of fifty piecesanag. incl. L
HCF. L. UsherBewailed poetically by one whose hair was removed in fifty pieces after a brush-upref. Samson Agonistes, I. 61; “Irrecoverably dark, total eclipse”
HCW. D. WestonAn extra fifty at the Oval—Then bad light stopped playC for L in ellipse; i.e. 50 added to L = C

Runners-Up in competition 58:

C. Allen BakerJ. P. LeeF. E. NewloveA. H. Taylor
D. L. L. ClarkeT. W. MelluishJ. D. P. O’Leary 
S. B. GreenD. G. C. MockridgeA. B. Scott