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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
82 Aug 1948CURARE normal23


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstF. L. ConstableNot to be taken; but a sovereign remedy used externallya R in cure
SecondRev E. B. PeelIll-bred fellow with cauliflower ear! Sounds made for ’Arrow; must not be Eton!cur + anag. of ear; poison arrow; ‘eaten’
ThirdA. R. McInroyThe Guiana Killer can be relied on to produce knock-out blows, after being pasted on points!cryptic def.; blowpipes; ref. boxer Cliff Anderson (v. Al Phillips, Mar/Jul 1947)
HCP. E. BuggeToxin: remedy—radium injectionRa in cure
HCMrs F. Castle-KnightCopper seldom seen on point duty in South America?Cu rare
HCRev B. ChapmanIt paralyses the old-fashioned Vicar when the King drops in for tea!R for t in curate; ‘tea’
HCC. B. DaishA good tip for a blow-out—on pointscryptic def.; blowpipe
HCL. DixonThis will kill you! Father has had a radium injection and lost his accentRa in curé without accent
HCT. C. FitzpatrickMethod of tipping favoured by South American barbers!cryptic def.; barb = dart
HCJ. P. LeePoison the dog. It has canker of the earcur + anag. of ear
HCMrs B. A. MallettArrow was what I tipped for that race in America—and the dog nearly beat the hare!cur + (h)are
HCD. P. M. MichaelScientific copper runs up against uncommon poisonCu rare
HCG. M. NeighbourAt the point of death (due to the short ration in medicine)ra. in cure
HCP. M. NeweyFor darts this copper tip and superior tail give deadly aimCu rare
HCR. C. PaynIf you treat this poison carelessly, your end is in sighti.e. curare less care = (yo)ur
HCH. RaingerPoison: remedy, a little radium taken internallyRa in cure
HCT. W. RiggYou are beset with care? This will put an end to your troubles!U R (‘you are’) in care
HCW. O. RobertsonPoison—just right for the curate’s tear for t in curate; ‘tea’
HCG. W. RobinsonThe curate was poisoned by injection of a liquid after a dental extractionr for t in curate; liquid and dental consonants
HCMiss D. W. TaylorSpeeding on the Dart causes fatalitycryptic def.; ref. River Dart
HCW. H. ThorneS. American vine product, usually on points, for immediate despatchcryptic def.; ref. points system of rationing
HCE. WardProduct of a South American vine which nobody wanted when it was on pointscryptic def.; ref. points system of rationing, being withdrawn in 1948
HCL. C. WrightMeans to finish the game with one dart. Take care—you are after 100!U R (‘you are’) after c of care

Runners-Up in competition 82:

E. S. AinleyC. DaviesAC1 P. D. JohnsonT. E. Sanders
D. AmblerJ. E. EvansC. KoopW. K. M. Slimmings
K. W. AndrewsMrs N. FisherA. F. LerrigoA. H. Taylor
C. Allen BakerA. R. FraserJ. P. LloydT. R. Tear
G. R. BoothMrs D. FullerR. MacleodL. E. Thomas
A. E. BrookesC. E. GatesT. W. MelluishE. H. L. Whitestone
Miss E. C. ChapmanI. C. GilchristMrs J. MorrisE. H. Williams
F. A. ClarkS. B. GreenF. E. NewloveJ. S. Young
D. L. ClementsMrs B. P. HallA. E. North 
R. A. W. CohenD. HawsonP. H. Rowley