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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
85 Sep 1948SERGEANT normal18


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. S. AinleySort of reagents most sensitive to inert forcesanag.; i.e. lazy soldiers
SecondF. L. UsherStriped, and infests barracks; to get him worsted apply insecticidei.e. serge(ant); ref. insignia
ThirdE. L. MellershHe would make a saint shrivel and turn green: yet, having received stripes, he seeks a crown aboveanag. of a St green; i.e. insignia of Staff Sgt.
HCH. G. ButtersSent away—kit left untidy—his heart turns to angeri.e. anag. of gear or rage in sent, & lit.
HCA. E. ClaytonFabricant? Well, he dresses the raw materiali.e. serge (fabric) + ant; dress = align troops in parade
HCP. M. CoombsTextile worker gives private instruction in stripe effectsserge ant; private soldier; ref. insignia
HCT. E. FaberRate germanium-tin alloy superior to copperanag. incl. Ge, Sn; ref. police ranks
HCT. C. FitzpatrickWe see more than corporal punishment in this stern ageanag.
HCJ. L. HallGents are—As you were!—Officers and gents are my superiorsanag.
HCG. A. HornsbyHis coat-of-arms (in vert) bearing three chevrons or a chief fretty rampantcryptic def.; i.e. invert into ‘arms-of-coat’; ref. insignia
HCC. KoopThe way to ruin gets near—the constable and the inspector between them have got me!anag.; ref. police ranks
HCA. F. LerrigoCarries on as Regent after Restoration; (hoping yet to wear the crown, perhaps)anag.; i.e. crown insignia of Staff Sgt.
HCJ. MontgomerieStriped drilling: the fabric has not shrunkserge an’t; ref. insignia, drill Sgt.
HCR. PostillTwill trousers (extremely short)—with a striped coat! He does dress loudlyserge (p)ant(s); ref. insignia; dress = align troops in parade
HCE. O. SeymourStrange ’e should be in a mess? Not at allanag. & lit.; mess = canteen
HCMrs E. ShackletonHe, with his remarks on private enterprise, can cause a gent’s ear to splitanag.; i.e. private soldiers
HCMiss D. W. TaylorFell to declaiming Hamlet, making his mother less rude about joining ENSAanag. of Gert(rude) ENSA; ref. mother of H. and Hamlet V.2.350, “fell sergeant”
HCCapt C. TyersCompound of reagents exerting reflex action on uniform linesanag.; ref. parade drill

Runners-Up in competition 85:

Mrs AdamE. E. EvansR. LumleyR. F. Sellers
C. AndersonL. E. EyresJ. MartinW. K. M. Slimmings
D. AshcroftW. V. FarrarB. J. McCannJ. Templeton
C. Allen BakerI. C. GilchristA. R. McInroyH. S. Tribe
R. BrainM. W. A. GoverA. C. NorfolkCapt R. F. Tyers
P. S. C. BrisbourneW. C. HaywardDr W. D. OliverE. Ward
Rev B. ChapmanH. C. HillsMiss PritchardJ. E. Ward
F. A. ClarkMiss HornerP. H. Rowley 
J. H. DingwallH. T. JennerT. E. Sanders