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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
87 Oct 1948SISKIN normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstA. R. FraserAmong St. Francis of Assisi’s kindredhidden, & lit.
SecondMiss E. PritchardPeel is used for stuffing the roosteris in skin
ThirdL. W. JenkinsonBob’s your uncle, maybe, Dickys is kin; s = shilling; dicky bird
HCE. S. AinleySliced? Bob’s your uncle, perhaps—with a close run-up—you’ll get a birdies is kin; s = shilling
HCD. AshcroftI wingéd? I hide on Sunday, while my family sings loudly in church!S I skin; f in Ch = finch
HCF. A. ClarkA little brother of St. Francis in Assisi’s kindergartenhidden
HCF. L. ConstableSinks one (not very calmly) for a birdie!anag. incl. I
HCF. S. DanksTragedy for an actor; misses the bus; little sister goes on instead and gets the birdsis for bus in buskin
HCT. J. DinanTravel swiftly downhill in direct violation of the law, and get the bird!ski in sin
HCMrs D. M. D’EathA diminutive connection, relatively speaking, of Assisi’s kindhearted Sainthidden
HCMrs N. FisherIf the bird shows itself on Sunday I must be in the hideI S in skin; S.=Sunday
HCC. C. M. GiffinOccupied a place in S. Francis of Assisi’s kind heart—a bird divine, we hear!hidden; ‘aberdevine’
HCS. B. GreenA layer of bark is grafted inis in skin
HCC. B. JoynerIn this crisis kindness “gets the bird” from Russiahidden; winter migrant; ref. Berlin blockade
HCA. F. LerrigoRelations at the end of a crisis rest on a firm footing(cri)sis + kin; perching birds
HCMrs J. MorrisPlanner changes his pounds into shillings and perchess for L in Silkin; Lewis S., Min. of Town and Country Planning in 1948
HCRev E. B. PeelBird is breaking cover—a bird divine?is in skin; ‘aberdevine’
HCG. H. PodmoreGirl-friend gives you the bird in front of the family: sounds like she’s in the wrongsis + kin, ‘ski’ (pron. ‘she’) in sin
HCT. E. SandersMy sister has got the “King’s Head” in the main part of Finchley and is often seen behind the barssis K in; Finch(ley); caged bird
HCJ. A. StaffordPart of the charm of hedgerows is kin to bramblinghidden; charm= flock of finches
HCW. H. VictoryNoted denizen of St. Francis of Assisi’s kingdomhidden, & lit.
HCL. C. WrightBeing airworthy, is about to take offis (rev.) + skin

Runners-Up in competition 87:

J. E. AdamsJ. J. HilaryT. W. MelluishJ. Sutton
D. AmblerA. HodgkinsonD. P. M. MichaelC. M. Tatham
D. ConnellMiss S. J. HomerMiss H. MilvainA. H. Taylor
H. J. ConnellL. R. HuxtableMrs MumfordJ. Thomas
J. H. DingwallMrs KissenR. PostillJ. Walton
F. E. DixonJ. P. LloydS. RundleJ. A. Watson
G. W. H. EdgcombJ. MarshallJ. C. SaundersF Lt E. I. Williams
L. E. EyresJ. J. McCormickE. O. Seymour 
C. E. GatesA. R. McInroyS. P. Shanahan 
D. HawsonA. McIntyreD. W. Snow