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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
88 Oct 1948BRISTOL normal22


AwardClue writerClueExplanation
FirstE. S. AinleyHere Lot’s misguided wife turned round to seeanag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.); episcopal see
SecondRev E. B. PeelBritish Liberal Reform Riots centreanag. in B, L, & lit.; ref. 1831 Reform riots
ThirdMrs J. E. ThorntonLighters get busy when the packets from this western port arrivecryptic def.; home of Wills Tobacco
HCM. A. AndersonMilk Board fashion cream hereB. Milk and Cream sherries; B. board; B. fashion
HCC. K. FosterThe G.W. line is a back-number (it’s been nationalised); you’ll arrive here sooner by ’planeBR is + lot (rev.); British Railways est. in 1948, replacing Great Western to B.; B. Fighter aircraft
HCS. V. GibsonMix a high ball and stir in nautical fashionanag. of lob, stir; B. fashion
HCW. E. GreenPort? Certainly! Bot. 20s., sir. Wrapped upanag. of Bot L sir; 20s. = £1
HCS. B. GreenLot’s backwards-looking wife in the lead, but not in the local fashionanag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.); B. fashion
HCP. A. HarrowLot’s wife turned round. Kind of bored? Sounds: like itanag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.); B. board (‘bored’)
HCH. C. HillsThe city to which Lot’s erring wife looked back?anag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.)
HCMrs L. JarmanBrowning and the Queen tucked in, and left very little old portL in anag. of Bisto + R; Bisto gravy
HCV. R. Lowe“Orbis non sufficit,” said Cabot, but, having enlisted the services of a small officer, he found his starting pointanag. of orbis, Lt; ref. John C., sailed from B.; ‘the world is not enough’ (L.)
HCR. C. MacfarlaneName of Channel Port where they scheme to get one across in the aircryptic def.; solution at 1ac = Blenheim, bomber built in B.; B. Channel
HCA. R. McInroyLooking back at this city caused Lot’s wife to be transformed, according to Genesisanag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.); Gen. 19:26
HCE. L. MellershO sweet Will’s home on Avon!—misplaced apostrophe!cryptic def.; home of Wills Tobacco; river of B., cf. Stratford-upon-Avon
HCD. G. C. MockridgeBrixton’s not a long distance call—use the dialling system in townBRI’s TOL; dialling code for Brixton, TOL dialling system
HCP. H. RowleyBoat-shaped fashion in bridal head-gear, with lots up at the backbri(dal) + lots (rev.); B. fashion
HCT. E. SandersWhere salt could be seen turning back into Lot’s wife perhapsanag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.); Gen. 19:26; salt = sailor
HCD. W. SnowBroken bones come from not keeping to the left in townanag. of ribs + to L
HCR. G. TateLot’s looking back after changed wife sets salt fashionanag. of rib + Lot’s (rev.); Gen. 19:26; salt = sailor; B. fashion
HCMiss D. W. TaylorWhen this fine old port graces the board it is likely to be much drawn oncryptic def.; B. board
HCL. W. TitmanPort on British Railways is three-quarters tax!BR is tol(l)

Runners-Up in competition 88:

E. J. BellI. C. GilchristE. LeverettS. Sweet
Mrs BrayN. GilroyC. R. MalcolmP. W. Thacker
R. G. CollinsR. McD. GrahamC. C. McInroyJ. Thompson
E. E. EvansCol GroveT. W. MelluishB. Timmins
L. E. EyresW. F. HaydenMrs PorterE. Ward
Mrs FisherL. JohnsonH. RaingerF. K. Wilson
T. C. FitzpatrickJ. Hardie KeirA. J. C. SaundersL. C. Wright
E. H. FreedmanMrs LambJ. B. SaundersJ. S. Young
C. E. GatesK. F. LawtonW. K. M. Slimmings