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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1294 Mar 1997TRANSENNA normal 21


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Competition 1294’s average clue lengths over 21 clues:

47 letters per clue (2 above the archive average, and 1 above the average for 9-letter words)

9.9 words per clue (0.3 above the archive average, and 0.3 above the average for 9-letter words)


Longest clues (the 1,611th longest normal clues in the archive)

Church screening nude’s not art? Ban is possible if this doubt carries on

59 letters, 13 words, by J. R. Tozer


One of the screens hiding inner sancta, excluding heads of idly curious?

59 letters, 12 words, by D. A. Campbell


Shortest clues (the 1,099th shortest normal clues in the archive)

Grill St Anne was screened within?

28 letters, 6 words, by N. C. Dexter


This item screens tenant remains

28 letters, 5 words, by R. K. Lumsdon


Competition 1294 has contributed 15 unique words to the clue archive:

R. R. GreenfieldAnnas
D. WilliamsonEffectively
D. F. Manleyerection
D. J. Dare-Plumptongazing
F. P. N. Lakehalf-hiding
D. J. Dare-Plumptonheavenwards
D. Williamsonmist
E. J. BurgeNantes
J. R. Tozernude’s
E. J. BurgePartition
D. A. Campbellsancta
R. Parry-Morrissanctum
R. R. Greenfieldtemple
Mrs M. P. Webbertransept
D. Williamsonveils

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