Clues written by N. C. Dexter
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VHCsHCs Hons
N. C. Dexter3084031237198379Feb 1957Dec 201255y 10m
 Clue wordAwardClueExplanation
2027THRENETICALVHCSuch as the recital warbled about cock-robin’s endn in anag., & lit.; ref. traditional song
2014HACKETTEVHCE.g. Whitehorn? Kath involved with the most frequent feature in The Observer, etcanag. incl. e, & lit.
2010A COMING OF AGEVHCLove a jar? Love a ciggy? When one may embrace both0 Ming, 0 fag all in ace, & lit.
2000TWO THOUSANDVHCWork out what’s Azed’s latest no.anag. incl. d, & lit.
1992FOULARDVHCWhat may become heads of ladies at upper-class do [Fr]anag. incl. l a u, & lit.
1988PERIQUEFirstPartly a pauper, I queued for possible refill of bowl. (Twist, maybe)hidden; ref. Oliver T.
1984ORWEL(L)IAN (Doublethink)VHCSuch as Napoleon, say: one the French backed on war spreading roundI le (rev.) in anag.; ref. Stalinist pig character in ‘Animal Farm’
1979FAR-OUTVHCAfter start of Feb. a change for our temperature: rather more than just ‘cool’!F + a + anag. + t
1975SEPTENTRIONALVHCPotent side of note Sir Alex almost entirely rebuilt in the Northanag. incl. n less x; ref. Man. United
1962ANADEMVHCFind, say, a head of Nero and notice me around?a N ad + me (rev.), & lit.
1949PALFRENIERVHCI could produce real fine starters for point-to-point racesanag. incl. p r, & lit.
1936LITMUS TESTVHCAlkali finally settles tum upset with no end of flatulence (I told you so!)anag. incl. i less e
1918PALAMPOREVHCYou could find one from Asian realm pop off – under this?anag. incl. A, & lit.
1910BARPERSONSecondI’ll get a bit of rollicking with no spare barrel aroundanag. incl. r, b, & lit.
1908WE THREE KINGSVHCAfter the kine grew restless, the stable’s opening for usanag. + s, & lit.
1879LITTER BASKETVHCUntidy bit of bumf? Let’s take it right here!anag. incl. b, r, & lit.
1875GOUTTE / UPREAR (Right and Left)VHCPartial to stingo? Utterly! A nip giving us from the word go curiously rare power to elevate spiritshidden; u(s) + anag. incl. P
1871FAIRY GOLDVHCWhat use such money if a grand or £500 end in leafy withering?anag. of if a g or LD y, & lit.
1856LITAS (Printer’s Devilry)VHCDo paedophiles dream of seeing an under-age lo/t? Ripping!Lolita
1853ANTIQUITARIANVHCAgainst changing ain’t I – square at heartanti + anag. incl. (s)quar(e), & lit.
1840W(I)NN(I)E-THE-POOH (Letters Latent)SecondHe won hearts of happy wee beginners, tho’ placing letters wobbly-wiseanag. incl. p e n, & lit.
1836POSTHASTEVHCFantastic start for Hamilton – set to finish in championship as speediest?anag. incl. H p; ref. Lewis H.
1831MARGINALIAVHCThey could give a reading, at the sides, in Lamia, perhapsanag. incl. r, g, & lit.; ref. Keats poem
1814HIPSTERVHCFan of Billie Holiday – still excited with her power, though the 50s are goneanag. less LL, incl. P; ref. B.H., jazz singer
1810HARE / POSEUR / SERINETTE (DLM)VHCRise at dawn – no longer dash around for rehashed breakfasts, no further fake diarising (‘Rose punctually’, e.g.) – when in trees etc songbirds follow my arrangement. 
1806INEBRIANTVHCDouble in the bar, without a modicum of H2O, could be thisanag. less H, & lit.
1804CLOTHES SENSE (Spoonerisms)VHCFear glare after onset of cataracts? Get those lenses changed!gear flair; c + anag.
1801RUSE DE GUERREVHCFor which, infantry au front being blocked, use a couple of guns derrière possibly?anag. incl. gu(ns) less i, & lit.
1797HEARTVHCEros’s target? I’m getting carried away when he takes aim right here!he a(I’m) rt, & lit.
1792APPALOOSA / ESTAMINET (Right and Left)VHCAlmost all in a racy soap op nag tipsily at ‘Time!’ closures of the Rovers Return baral(l) in a + anag.; anag. incl. e, s, n; ref. ‘Coronation Street’
1784TEARAWAYThirdOne’s needing bit of telling off and ear boxed?ear in t away, & lit.
1775ROUGH-AND-READYVHCWith no finishing touches added, you go and hurry work? With such an outcome!anag. less final letters
1766GEST (Printer’s Devilry)FirstPanel of jud/o OK decision and settle ‘dan’ award 
1762DUDDERYVHCWhere buyer wanting pair of breeches gets threepence out? That’s about right!r in anag. less br incl. 3 d’s, & lit.
1758BIMBETTEVHCBubbly ‘it’ babe without a scrap of acumen met hereanag. less a, & lit.
1753DIAGONALVHCAn oblong’s extremities I’d obliquely join with a lineanag. incl. o, g + a l, & lit.
1752MIDWINTERVHCNow ’tis time dormice regularly get curled upanag. of alternate letters, & lit.
1737ANIMUSVHCI am Sun mad: it’s a male characteristic being partial to females!anag.
1728EIDOLA def. NULLAH (Wrong Number)VHCEcstasy! Leaders of IOC ditch other lands’ athletics dreamsditch; first letters
1724MONEYBAGSVHCMy bank, e.g.? So composed when a thousand’s withdrawnanag. less K, & lit.
1719ANHELATIONSecondHeal it on termination of Craven ‘A’, possibly?anag. incl. n, & lit.; ref. cigarettes
1711MINUSFirstThis degree makes nudism shiverycomp. anag. incl. d, & lit.
1702WORDSMITHERYVHCTerribly shoddy writer’ll need a bit of a miracle for a degree in thisanag. with m for d, & lit.
1700FIVE-O’CLOCK SHADOWVHCFacial hair spoils chic looks – female avowedanag. incl. f
1694MISINTERPRETVHCEnglish, met with a bit of Russian in trips abroad, fail to decipheranag. incl. E, R
1680PILLOW-CUPFirstWhat’s maybe downed before one’s about to get aloft?pillow c up, & lit; downed = filled with down
1667CLARINIFirstSome brass monkey about with air nil C!anag.; C = Celsius
1659SCAREDY-CATVHCOne shaking at Crecy as danger’s beginning?anag. incl. d, & lit.
1648MAGIC LANTERNFirstItem gran arranged family slides in?clan in anag., & lit.
1646BLACKVHCDeadly half back able to get English going deliriousanag. incl. ba(ck) less E; ref. Jonny Wilkinson
1641GADGETEERVHCOne’s excitedly greeted introduction of gismos around onea in anag. incl. g, & lit.
1633EMPATRON / WINTERLY (Right and Left)VHCTo cheer unhappy men with a port wine? Try mixing a dash of lemon in when needing cheeranag.; anag. incl. l
1628ENCOMIONVHCIt’s encompassing foremost feature of individual on passing awayencom(passing) + i + on, & lit.
1624BELAYVHCSecure by a short line twisted round middle of cleata in anag. incl. l, & lit.
1615RUGATEVHCShowing – sadly enough – initial signs of ageing? True!anag. incl. ag, & lit.
1606TEOSINTE / INTELSAT (Overlaps)VHCLent is a time for trimming long grassanag. incl. t
1593MANSUETEVHCFor this archaic adj, what’s now primarily in use? ‘Tame’, possiblyn in anag., & lit.
1589JOKESMITHVHCAnother way to put him? ‘King o’ Jest’anag. incl K, & lit.
1580MARGENT def. BEETLES (Wrong Number)VHCAs a rule, in motor transport, interior bits of bangers break downbangers; anag. of (b)anger(s) in MT; see New SOED for abbrev.
1576FACADESecondFemale, half clad, outstanding around front, with just a little behindf + (cl)ad in ace
1567QUEENVHCFor whom it’s now annus non ingloriosus – neque horribilisanag. & lit.; neque (L.) = and not
1554PEARLVHCResounding clap about 3rd of March (Azed’s anniversary)r in peal
1550MEMORITERVHCBy heart being exercised more I’m not half fitter!anag. + (fit)ter
1537CAFTANFirstDress with not much leg showing – in fact possibly just a pair of anklesanag. + an, & lit.
1528STROP (Spoonerisms)VHCWeather for letting sun top right offleather for whetting; S + anag. incl. r
1519CARRY-ONVHCDodgy printing of any sequels to ‘Q’ & Co?anag. incl. RR, & lit.; ref. Quiller-Couch
1515SNIDEVHCLike supposedly ‘silver-plated’ ware – thought mostly to be covered with tin?Sn + ide(a)
1511DEEP-SEATEDVHCOut fencing épée’s not normally so embeddedanag. in dated
1506BARE(-)BONESVHCWe’d little breadth and are persons needing middle of doublet taken inb in b are ones, & lit.
1502RAPPELSecondA tense drop from parapet possibly with lineanag., less a t + l, & lit.
1494MARATHONVHCA run taking around a month possibly – for me!a r in anag., & lit!
1489FRONT-BENCHERVHCName for Brown – the CE, New Labour, sayanag. of n for br the CE n, & lit; ref. Gordon B.; labour vb
1485BOURSE / TIFOSO (Right and Left)VHCWith Footsie mostly unstable, one follows others playing a European exchange, beginning to barter Euros abroadanag. less e; b + anag.
1480SAMARITANVHCPossibly a man at the end of his tether finally rings oneI in anag. incl. s, r, & lit.
1476LIGNIPERDOUSVHCGore leads in latest polls in US: I’d fancy it’s destroying Bush, perhapsanag. incl. l, p
1467CANAPÉVHCDavenport perhaps settles end of Championship with an ace?anag.; ref. US tennis player
1459GREATEST (Spoonerisms)VHCIn his own opinion, clot was way way behind at Greek – endlessly confusedwhat was Clay; anag. less k + St.
1450PRETENDANTFirstHe’s hanging round on true-love’s threshold, perhapsre t in pendant, & lit.
1446NEWSPAPERDOMVHCWomen with drapes off occupy a page in the Sun etcp in anag.
1441Word containing MM displaced by a bug (Millennium Bug)VHCHandicap – Dome being constructed? For minister it’s a benefitcommendam / aphid; anag.
1439JOHN CANOEVHCWI dancing can-can? The present time knows no bounds!john can + (N)oe(l); WI 2 mngs.
1437MISTLETOEFirstAttachment to branches – uncommonly to ilex stem – yielding a kissanag. less x, & lit.
1424HEISTVHCThis breaking and entering ending in porridge?e in anag., & lit.
1419SPLODGEVHCCause of Constable, say, turning back of canvas to fronts + Plod + e.g. (rev.), & lit.
1415MANATI (Printer’s Devilry)SecondAt mention of Pete beating best of the English? Menti/on ‘sorrows’!ref. P. Sampras, Tim Henman
1411LOOK-SEEVHCDressing like goose’s? Is good possibly with this gander!comp. anag.; ref. ‘What’s sauce…’
1402PENTOSE (Definition of Anagram)VHCStanding – still! – after imbibing ten liberal whiskeyspoteens; anag. in posé
1398PERMETHRINVHCTouch of rose-blight? Then prime spray with this, perhapsanag. incl. r, & lit.
1394BERGAMOTVHCIt makes taste of tea bag more exoticanag. incl. t, & lit.
1389ALL-OVERISHSecondWhat maiden perhaps is in nervy ‘Shall I …? ’over in anag., & lit.
1387Dylan Thomas: A Child’s Christmas in Wales (Anagram)VHC‘Silly with cash a/c,’ admits rash Mandelson 
1380RAPPORT (Misprints)VHCBill’s finding such sympathy with Tory Right and Left apparently accommodatedTony; ap. in r port; ref. Clinton / Blair
1376LOGOVHCWith tails on Boeing (Anglo) so controversial, it’s getting redesignedanag. of last letters, & lit.; ref. row over BA’s tail-fin logos
1360BOG-ASPHODELVHCSlough-dweller in dubiously good shape in Betjeman’s first lineanag. in B I; ref. poem ‘Slough’
1355DIACATHOLICONThirdIngredients of a ‘no-ail’ chit doc concocted?anag. & lit.
1351NEATEN (Printer’s Devilry)VHCNow clinic’s dismissed obnoxious otologist, everyone feels fi/t againENT
1346PHARISEEVHCThe Pentateuch primarily he’s well up inP + arise in he, & lit.
1342ALIENS / RAPINE (Right and Left)VHCSack a Pres. discounting hint of scandal in devious answer containing untruth for outsiders?anag. less s; lie in ans.
1338SMART ALECVHCOne’s clever – but always out to clash with a masteranag. less ever, & lit.
1336STOCKINGVHCTo GIs one of a couple available freely – with a pair of knickers?anag. incl. c, kn; ref. WW2
1322CARPETVHCWhat’s starting price? See odds of three/one fixedanag. of p c tre a, & lit.
1316FINGERLICKIN’FirstTaste of grub in nick lifer’s found quite otherwise!anag. incl. g, & lit.
1312REST-CUREVHCPoorly creatures’ll want one?anag. less a, & lit.
1307AGILE (Spoonerisms)VHCIn years of life, one’s 49 – ne’er 50!fair nifty; IL in age
1303PONIARDVHCIt causes rapid suffering on being stuck inon in anag., & lit.
1294TRANSENNAThirdGrill St Anne was screened within?ran in anag. & lit.
1286CHALETVHCAlternative to hotel with a/c too spent?anag. less too, & lit.
1277NOVE(M)BER (Letters Latent)VHCNo bee, nor touch of vernal spring; no leavesanag. incl. v less no; ref. Hood’s poem ‘No!’
1268ARGIE-BARGIESecondWe find this mars the dissolution of Bigears’ marriagecomp. anag. & lit.; Diana’s nickname for Charles
1264TREDRILLE / FERVOROUS (Right and Left)VHCWhat may produce deal around school? Game with three only – so game with four and over’s Outdrill in tree; anag.; so game = very spirited
1255CATAFALCOFirstCoach covering the last fatal tripanag. less h, & lit.
1250SONEOCARDIA (STENOCARDIA) (Ten to One)VHCOnce a road is jammed, a bypass could be its answeranag.
1242KNOCKERSVHCNaughty necklines risk ‘Coo!’, if these are silicone-enhancedcomp. anag. & lit.
1238ELASTIN (Printer’s Devilry)VHCDeciphering one memorial myopic found a real pigst/y (inscription illegible)stela
1232The world is too much with us; late and soon (Anagram)VHCInn without dual rooms has to let cowshed. 
1229GRUPPETTOFirstA turn from note F, say? E up to G and rpt startanag.; start vb
1216CHAPERONVHCHer pa worried, little Constance goes round with me?anag. in Con, & lit.
1212HILDINGVHCWith hazard nigh, I’d left!anag. incl. l, & lit.
1207EPOCH-MARKINGFirstChap at odds with Rome – one named Martin Luther – signalling new eraanag. + King
1203CLERICALISMVHCIn Decline and Fall, it’s i/c all crimes!anag. & lit.; ref. Gibbon’s bitter anticlericalism
1200Nine letter word (C and T latent) (Letters Latent)FirstHutton-follower in Oval’s delirious!VOL(C)ANIS(T); anag.; see Vulcanist in C.; ref. L. Hutton’s record-breaking innings of 364 at the Oval in 1938
1190DENARIUSVHCPossibly Barings (bags lost!) used a fair number of asses?anag. less bags; ref. collapse of B. Bank
1181SLADEFirstSemi paludal’s the term for comparable groundanag. of (palu)dal’s e, & lit.
1178BOOTLEGVHCIllicit goblet o’ rum?anag.
1169BLITHE / URSINE (Right and Left)VHCFirst and foremost, Brunel built gracefully, happy in labours in edifices like PaddingtonB lithe; hidden; P. Bear
1165YAPSTERSecondI could make Pat start to run? Yes!anag. incl. r, & lit.; ref. Postman Pat
1152PARACETAMOLVHCA recipe in a temp., high with a cold, being reduced by a degreea r in anag. less d, & lit.
1147MAYDAYVHCWhat can occasion this? A yard breaking cana yd in may, & lit.
1143DEATH (Printer’s Devilry)VHCMany mums roast children, though it’s only inhuman me/at butchers issueMedea
1139BENJAMINVHCIn a cold month I’m fastened up under a peak cap, perhapsben + I’m (rev.) in Jan, & lit.
1134TOVARICHVHCI could be at OR’s reunion with (hic!) drop of vodkaanag. incl. v, & lit.
1126CHEATERYVHCRogue heartlessly crafty hereat?anag. incl. c, y, & lit.
1113EMPLASTRUMVHCCovering where boot’s made me rump bruised?last in anag., & lit.
1108GREENVHCCrusading re environment? I’m right in there!hidden & lit.
1087OLD SOLDIERSecondWhat first shows in one? Dodging drill doeso + anag., & lit.
1074DEMIREPVHCFergie, e.g., with secret spread over half the Mirror?Mir(ror) in deep; ref. Duchess of York
1056ENTRAIN def. ASTHORE (Wrong Number)VHCOne’s to get aboard in King’s X possibly, bidding farewell first to sweetheartsweetheart; a in anag. of in R’s ten, less s, & lit.
1052AGANIPPEVHCFor aping a poet, dash to thiscomp. anag. & lit.
1048GALLOPADEVHCAfter it’s danced, e.g. OAP’d appear all in?all in anag., & lit.
1043PESTO (Printer’s Devilry)VHCArabia-bound globetrotter expects belly-dancers and ho/uris – providing such entertainment! 
1034BURLAPVHCMurals must be prepared replacing paper? This could doanag. with BP for MS, & lit.
1026LET-OFFVHCChance missed by aged inside left a bit out of conditionof in anag.
1024PRESENT (3 defs + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)VHCMajor battle against Germans cut current Tory EEC revoltY(PRES ENT)RECOTE; anag.
1017SCHAPSKA / PEARMAIN (Right and Left)VHCMilitary cap Pole has issued with pack often gets blown off in the wind: take Pole’s cap a degree in round earS + anag.; ear in P MA in
1013ALVEARYVHCWhat’s early learner wanting if faced with a Latin verba L v + ear(L)y, & lit.
991BRASH (or BRUSH)VHCBushy tail disappearing once Ranter’s poked his head inR in bush(y), & lit.; R. one of J. Peel’s hounds
978DOUBLE-CENTURYVHCCurrent span of the newspaper cultured Boney once conned?anag. & lit.; ref. Observer bicentenary, dates from Napoleonic era
974AVANT-PROPOSVHCPossibly couple of pages or so at the front for introductionvan in anag. incl. pp, & lit.
965EARBASH def. NECKLET (Wrong Number)FirstGo on an endless time after managing to collar Australiancollar; A in er(a) + bash, & lit.
943BARAGOUINVHCWith British – or French – a tabloid’s written in trendy jargona rag in B, ou + in
934LACE-UPSVHCThey’re beginning to undo within fifty paces if loose?u in L + anag., & lit.
930SABULOSEVHCGritty youngster in control of jumbo starts to land on single engineSabu + l o s e; ref. S. the Elephant Boy
926NERDVHCOne lacking headpiece to take degree?(o)ne r d., & lit.; to = in contact with
922REFORMADOVHCSick of ramrod, one’s finishing?anag. + e, & lit.
920CHRIST-CROSS-ROWVHCThe alphabet so cows chits struggling with 3 R’sanag. incl. r r r
917HOOLIGANISMVHCWhat, with no goals for English, sailing home could occasionanag. with 0 for E, & lit.
913ARCHIBALDVHCIt makes you crash? Bail out with seconds to go before ending up dead!anag. less s + d, & lit.
900(C)HARLATANIS(M) (Letters Latent)FirstQuack medicine? Crooked liar has bottles to flogtan in anag.
895TONE DEAFVHCOften getting a D and E confusedanag. & lit.
887MONSTERVHCMrs T one to Labour?anag. & lit.
874BLUESTOCKINGVHCBuckles into work – getting ‘First’ at Girton?anag. + G, & lit.
869HOLD-UPSVHCGoing round on horseback, they’d make you stop with a rough order for £. s. d.ho + up in anag. of L s d, & lit.
868ROLAND (2 clues + def. of contents) (Parcels)VHCWatch, from portal, tragic Hero part from Leander – so nearly getting backpatrol, Anderson; anag.; hidden; ref. Viv A., England full-back
866NECTAREOUSVHCAres etc on U fluid like this?anag. & lit.; Greek god of war
862OFF-AND-ONVHCWith regard to frequency, starting then stopping – one has to assumeof f and on, off an don, & lit.
857REDCAP / NICETY (Right and Left)VHCRefinement may be produced by tiny touches of cosmetics, and employing rouge to add the final touch – it’ll increase charmanag. incl. c e; red cap; charm2
853DEBACLESecondElbe, with extremes of cold, possibly needs one to break it?a in anag. incl. c, d, & lit.; d. = sudden flood
827MICKEY-TAKINGFirst(M)urine-extraction?2 mngs.; ref. Mickey Mouse
823SARBACANEVHCCause of a nick in bear’s bum?a can in anag., & lit.
818EMBUSQUÉVHCBit of a bolshie – me! – about service involving Queen, perhapsb + me (rev.) + Qu. in use, & lit.
805LITOTESVHCWith this, what’s large to begin with could become so littlecomp. anag. & lit.
801LINCHETVHCForm of chine separating alternate parts of plotanag. in l, t, & lit.
788CROWVHCOne that follows a bee linei.e. C row, & lit.
779MISSING LINKVHCSemi simian slinking up a gum tree, maybe?anag. & lit.
774VICTORINEThirdNeckwear in civet or fox?anag. & lit.; fox vi.
770HERMITSVHCWhat quarters theirs? Molluscan, originallyanag. incl. m, & lit.
766GUBBINSSecondBunter’s interest is awfully big bunsanag.; bunter = ragpicker
762OBELISEVHCThus mark Loeb’s translation that’s without first sign of senseanag. + s in i.e., & lit.; ref. Loeb Classical Library, etc.
757ETHEROMANIAC (Misprints)VHCJunks trafficking in more China teajunky; anag.
753SHEEPDOGVHCWith hops, e.g., one’s tailed deb aroundanag. incl. de(b), & lit.
750SALMAGUNDY (THLMAGUY/OULMAGUY) (750 themed clue)VHCGaily one leaves Randolph (finally!) with tum well treated – tasty dinneranag. less I incl. h; ref. AZ dinner at R. Hotel, Oxford
731STRINGVHCIt’s wound around wrapping-paper finallyr in sting, & lit.
727WELL-TO-DOFirstIt’s this Littlewoods could make youcomp. anag. & lit.
722SUPERNACULUMVHCIt’s drunk as usual upon MC introducing ‘The Queen’ – nothing left over!ER in anag. less 0, & lit.
714MOTEVHCLast of the endless work with so many leaves, wheeling the old barrowe tom(e) (rev.)
709GINGERVHCThe girl of girl-gent combination, both endlessly dancinganag. of gir(l)-gen(t); ref. G. Rogers
705MUSICOTHERAPYFirstWhat psychiater could effect with a trio of Moussorgsky’s?anag. incl. Mou, & lit.
692FIDIBUS def. PRICKET (Wrong Number)VHCBeing holder of one, following half suck, I’d top of bowl litholder; I in anag. of f su(ck) I’d b, & lit.
683BANISHFirstMake inhabit abroad – it being the end of Alcibiadesanag. with s for it, & lit.; ref. exiled Athenian statesman
679ESTOVER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCVeteran go/allie’s kept now for forty yearsVE rallies
660Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (Anagram)FirstEast’s trio encounter new saviour at manger 
653INTERNUNCIOVHCOne linking Innocent I with a couple of rulers abroad?anag. incl. ru, & lit.
649AUSTRALORPVHCA free-range rural spot would satisfy mea + anag., & lit.
644EASY STREET (or STAPELIA)VHCWhere there’s a high rate set? Yesanag. & lit.
631INTERLOCKVHCSynchromesh e.g. of car like Citroen that’s eliminated grindinganag. less i.e., & lit.?
618CRETISMVHC‘Terminological inexactitude’ (coined by Mister Churchill initially)anag. incl. C & lit.; ref. Churchill
615HISTORIETTEVHC‘Shortie’ little Decline and Fall with lines omitted?anag. less ll, & lit.; ref. Waugh novel
610DOUBLETHINKFirstBy it ‘truth’ and ‘lie’ looked alternately interchangeableanag. of alternate letters, & lit.
607CARNEYThirdSirens do so entice any crew at sea without women!anag. less W, & lit.
603FIGULINEVHCPot requiring Reardon’s extreme guile if snookeredanag. incl. (Reardo)n; ref. Ray R., snooker
600Into the jaws of Death / Into the mouth of Hell (Anagram)ThirdJonathan? How oft he doth toil! Let us fête him! 
572SNAKE-OILVHCSimple that doesn’t end in purge, perhaps?nake(d) in soil, & lit.
564PARAMENTVHCPierpoint’s capital skill – last word in it – was hangingamen in P art; ref. Albert Pierrepoint (sic), former public hangman
559EMBASEVHCHumble pie of deer’s entrails ma’s beginning to bakeanag. of (d)ee(r) ma’s b
558MINCEMEAT (with one extra R) (Extra Letter)VHCFind me incorporated inside mater’s pie for Xmas faremate’s ; Inc. in me + anag., & lit.; pie2
552NOURICE-FEEFirstTip for effective cure if one’s illanag. incl. e, & lit.
538INGRAINVHCSoak rag in double dyeanag. incl. in in, & lit.; soak = beat
534DODGEMVHCIt’s extraordinarily odd me going round without bang in the rearg in anag. + me (rev.), & lit.
525PABOUCHEVHCIt makes one roll about with cry of pain when applied to one’s back-sidebap (rev.) + ouch + e, & lit.
517IMMORTELLEVHCRound 2000 ere it’ll wither?anag. incl. O MM, & lit.; O = round
513ETYMOLOGICONVHCGo look my note up – and figure the rootgo lo my te (rev.) + icon, & lit.
508POSTURE-MAKERVHCYou want acrobatic trouper? Ask meanag. & lit.
506ELANET (Printer’s Devilry)VHCProvost (will-exp/onent) ran these – escheatingEton
491SEVENTY-EIGHTVHCYet this – gramophone’s first – wobbles round still!even in anag. incl. g, & lit.
478BIBLIOPEGISTVHCIn books I toil getting pages fixed? I for one, yesI in bb + anag. with I for a, & lit.
469APLUSTREVHCAn addition, in moulded art, to trireme’s stern?plus in anag. + e, & lit.
460SWOOPVHCWhat does Owl do? Woos Pussy-cat when starting at seaanag. incl. P; ref. Lear: ‘The Owl and the Pussy-cat’
443STEEPLECROWNFirstEnter low space carelessly – and you’ll knock one off!anag. less a, & lit.
434JARDINIÈRESecond‘Grace before me?’ Ire roused in another English cricket captainanag. in Jardine; ref. Douglas J.
430TEGULAVHCGet climbing on hall if there’s one missing from topget (rev.) + (a)ula, & lit.
423ACCOUTREVHCCoat curée, possiblyanag. & lit.; ref. deriv. in SOED: ‘prob. f. à + coustre a sacristan, who robed the clergyman’
419RAMILLIESVHCOne following Marlborough’s first in series of hits at courtM I in rallies, & lit.
410CUL-DE-SACFirstWhat use a 550 c.c. model here?anag. incl. DL, & lit.
404CANDLE-HOLDER (Spoonerisms)VHCLord C. healed struggle with Nkomo’s front: his work brings pax to the warwax to the paw; anag. incl. N; ref. L. Carrington, Rhodesia talks
397BIJOUTERIE (Misprints)VHCIle de Franceice; cryptic def.; ice = jewellery
388ALEXIPHARMICVHCElixir a chap needed when mad enough to hold mamba’s headanag. incl. m
384OUTSPREADINGVHCLike an old chestnut or aged pun – it’s cornyanag.; ref. Longfellow: “Under the spreading c. tree”; corny = tipsy
379SCYTHEMANFirstThe doddery can’t shy me!anag. & lit.; ref. Old Father Time
375SPREATHEFirstTo chap ’ee wi’ t’ sharp windanag.; wind = twist
358UPSTART def. NON-TERM (Wrong Number)FirstOne outshining the rest, newly put in orbitrest; star in anag., & lit.
354SHEER-HULKVHCHere’s dismantled hull, docked – deck three quarters goneanag. + hul(l) + (dec)k, & lit.
349ODDCOMESHORTVHCSuperfluous bit after having some edges of cloth cut upodd + anag. incl. c, h + ort, & lit.
57MINARET (Printer’s Devilry)SecondI ran into a tree first time; examiner expressed hope I’d run into for/est 
53ALEXANDERSVHCUnusual name ex salad recipe could provideanag. incl. E.(?), n., r, & lit.
50CORPULE(N)T (Letters Latent)VHCSuch could well turn to P.E. – or cut last bit of the mealanag. incl. l, & lit.
40FANTOCCINISecondWe’d be out of action if ends of cotton tangledanag. incl. c, n, & lit.; i.e. puppet strings
36CRUSADERVHCWithout me and others like me barbarian’d take Acreus in anag. incl. r & lit.
23SCLERODERMICVHCAs hard skin circles me, Doctor, nothing is painfulanag. incl. Dr 0
14Terrapin, hermit, elephant, armadillo, rhesus (Anagram)FirstRain-storm plashed; all animals, put hither, keep drier 
10LINGERIEVHCMen lose their head with girlie flirting in thisanag. incl. (M)en, & lit.
5SCEUOPHYLAXVHCLose a pyx and church superior has me sackedanag. incl. ch., U, & lit.
Ximenes competitions
1162BEAM-ENDSFirstYou may see ’em rise vertically and send A.B. reeling around’em (rev.) in anag., & lit.
1158ELEPHANT-SEALVHCYou’ll see me surface—pate all sheen—at seaanag.
1154CLARIONETVHCInstrument that’s made X ail—or C. erranag. incl. ten, & lit.; C = Chambers; ref. X’s error [see comments]
1145GENIPAPVHCWhen one’s plucked ’tis terribly appetisinganag. less ’tis, & lit.
1140CALLOUSVHCFrom a scull round at sea?anag. incl. o, & lit.
1135HILAIRE BELLOCVHCHe hymned Matilda’s sad adieu: the call “I boil here” can’t be trueanag.; ‘M.: Who told Lies …’
1131CAROUSER (Misprints)FirstCausing stir in a mini perhaps, I ought to go home in a maxitaxi; rouse in car
1127TRAYBITVHCWhat may not be converted without a scrapa in try + bit, & lit.; rugby try; 3d. bit to be withdrawn in 1971
1123MAXIMISTFirstI must take endless time with Xmas crackersanag. less e, & lit.
1119RONDE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCSay! Those who bet on Wilson o/we! Your pollsters misled usHarold W., 1970 election, T.E. Dewey, US Pres. election, 1948
1110IMPERSONATEFirstIt’s tricky to do this, says Danny, without me bra or me panties—very trickyanag. & lit.; D. la Rue
1106LEXICOGRAPHYSecondOpening for his XI—ploy Grace developed—was the famous Dr.’s artanag. incl. h; ref. Dr Samuel Johnson
1100BEAU(C)LER(C) (Letters Latent)ThirdIt makes poor Abel rue he had a ruddy brotheranag.; ref. Gen. 4, Wm. Rufus
1093MARTINETVHCIt heads N. in a spring month to land hereit (rev.) in Mar net (vb.), & lit.; bird
1091WENCESLASVHCSovereign appearing after blizzardous scene was round aboutanag. + L (£1), all in was, & lit.
1084ANGEL-FOODVHCOne sufficient? Sure, if you’ve a slender little figure to be held inelf in an good (= sufficient), & lit.
1080ANDROMEDASecondA constellation seen in the north or a dame deserted on the rocksanag., d. = deserted, & lit.
1076NEFAST (Misprints)VHCKicked a full-back’s head—sent offwicked; anag. incl. a f(ull-back)
1062CALLING-CRABVHCSomething found in the sea with claw—one stunted oddly—on either sideling in anag. of cla(w) + crab3 & lit.
1058Aragon, Boleyn, Seymour, Cleves, Howard, Parr (Anagram)VHCHenry—royal ram!—once wed us poor brave gals 
1054PINACOTHECAVHCCheap? Pretty unusual in a canvas hanging thereinin a cot in anag., & lit.; cot = hanging canvas bed
1045SPLIT / MOUTH (Right and Left)VHCWhat rivers do on the Adriatic coast—there’s a coastal opening for rivers to do this2 mngs.; 2 mngs.; those who rive; Split, Yugoslavia; mouth = debouch
1032TENONER (Printer’s Devilry)SecondOf pyromaniacs was Guy Fawkes worthiest of no/ose? This whole city ablaze!Nero
1023CONSOLEVHCPlace for a key player? Perverse Insole & Co. leave one outanag. less I; Doug I., England cricket selector
1002PILLAGEVHCWhat’s often felt a large store gives an opening for—not-so-petty pilferinglag (= strip of felt) in pile
989GRENADINEVHCSomething needing a safety-pin in to be held—it could be a little nappyin in grenade; nappy, adj.
984Word containing a first name (Anonymous)VHCGo out after game—like those disappointed after England’s World Cup victoryP-ROGER-MAN; Hunt, footballer; def.
980OMNIBUSESSecondHeavy traffic? With us jammed in, some—around “peak”—is chaoticnib us in anag., & lit.; nib = peak
971MAGOTPIE / ANECDOTE (Right and Left)SecondI’m told there’s a terrible ending to “Circe” account (Od. X)—the old bird transforms me to a piganag. of (Circ)e, a/c, Od. ten; anag.; ref. Odyssey, book 10
967CREMOSINFirstColour of the skie, perhaps, with Morne (sic) breakinganag. & lit.; F. Q. 11, 3 “Early before the Morne with cremosin ray”
962PALINGVHCBoarding post: experienced piper reqd. Apply head of Gordonstoun (Box 51)LI in Pan G, 2 defs.
949BROWSINGVHCHeffers don’t object to it—nor do heifers!2 mngs; ref. Cambridge booksellers
945OBLITERATEFirst(Biol.) Treat defective end of a tubeanag. + e, & lit.
941HYPODERMICVHCI make many a patient shout: Cor! My soft hide’s bruisedanag. incl. p
936MINI SKIRTSVHCThey show one skin naughtily in dress rising above stocking-topI + anag. all in trim (rev.) + s
935MALAPROPThirdShe used PREPOSITION in an abnormal way. (In the normal—a PROPOSITION)hidden, & lit.
924MIMESTER / PECULATE (Right and Left)FirstSee me take items off—take items one shouldn’t—high class in exotic “peel” act!anag. of me, r., items & lit.; U3 in anag.
920ARISTATE (Printer’s Devilry)VHCBaby-talk I hate. To he/ll, children! That, thank you, sounds better 
911DRAGONSecondOne that often walks round to ward against silver being pinchedAg in Dr on, & lit.
907SORITES (Misprints)VHCAnything but a good guzzle will rouse the sot’s irepuzzle; anag.
900PARAMECIA or PAREOEANSFirstWild apes are no relations of Peking ManPareoeans; anag.
898POCHARDVHCHull? Labour in—its poll takes a steep divechar in pod; ref. cup replay on polling day
890DEBENTUREFirstWithout one, rebate due with conclusion of re-exportation is lostanag. incl. n less a, & lit.
884MASHER (Printer’s Devilry)VHCHarold: “Rhodesia’s certain crooks. Hi, S. A. r/ace! Sin to deliver”H. Rhodes, bowler
878ENTOMOSTRACAVHCThe Shrimp goes a degree higher—and at once a storm explodes!anag.; ref. model Jean Shrimpton and mini-skirt
868DANDER / TOUPEE (Right and Left)VHCA wig—when you’ve nothing on top what you aim at is concealing it!—may fall from your head, making you darned embarrassed0 up in tee (= mark aimed at); anag.
864PATERNALVHCPa-pa’s pa-pa-pa?i.e. pa ternal (= threefold)
829FAREWELLVHCGet on to W. Shakespeare’s last lines for successfare + W + e + ll; i.e. fare well
812ABRUPT / TISANE (Right and Left)VHCShort? Yes—find the bar, and put in another order. It’s a Scotch for me—just what the doctor ordered!anag.; ’tis ane
800Charlemagne, Emperor of the West (Anagram)VHC… whom Leo names her great prefectPope Leo III
786METAMERES (Printer’s Devilry)VHCFull-bodied? Forgo ur/n! If fat—grave shock, etc., will decideGraves, Hock
777TAILOR-BIRDFirstFantastic warblers do it—sew leaves! Here’s one among themI in anag. less sew, & lit.
773FIT-OUTVHCFor member of the Lords, it’s coronet, ermine, etc. (Home no longer qualified for upper chamber)i.e. fit1 above out (home no longer); ref. Douglas-H.’s renunciation of peerage on appointment as PM
769PENNYVHCStamped by mint—on reverse—with name and yearnep (rev.) + n + y, & lit.
746INTERMIT (Printer’s Devilry)VHCGod up there? There? Snow? “No idea,” that squa/red theologian saysref. ‘Honest to God’ by Bishop J. Robinson, pub. 1963
738ANAESTHETICVHCThis causes distraught patient’s ache quietly to melt awayanag. less p, & lit.
734NASALITYVHCEnd of negotiation—one where French retire, interrupting talk—is entailed in pronouncement of de Gaulle’s “no”!lit (= bed, Fr.) in (negotiatio)n a say; French accent; resistance to UK membership of Common Market
730ARCH-PIRATEVHCRovers’ captain discovered endlessly hard ground with part iceanag. incl. har(d); ref frozen football pitches, winter of 1962/3
728ALDERMA(N) (N’s missing in def.) (Letters Latent)VHCRa-ked with beak, -early—a deal upset swallowing only half a worm(wo)rm in anag.
682PARAMOUR / CHIN (Right and Left)VHCPetting’s capital, with arms around one’s lover! … / … in which instance, this should be smoothP + a in armour; hidden, i.e. clean shaven
673ERISTICALVHCWhat starts engine? I sit bemused in broken-down car—a learner! My sort’s at a loss when motionlesse + anag. in anag. + L; motionless, i.e. in debate
604APOSTROPHISEVHCPhrase “O pot!” is another way to address a Grecian Urn, for exampleanag.; ref. Keats’ Ode
595INORNATE / OMADHAUN (Right and Left)VHCOne train shunting up and down is enough for simple idiot in his loco-mad hauntingsanag.; hidden
571PESTERSecondThis would annoy any fellow, a saint includedSt in peer, & lit.; osmose, morses, crosse, rosace
569PROPOSALVHCPoor sap won’t be able to make this without ending in betrothal!anag. + (betrotha)l, & lit.
451MEGAPODESecondHaving big feet, I’m an upholder of long dresses coming back into fashionpage2 (rev.) in mode
421DOVETAILVHCFeather-brush for use in the cornerdove tail; feather = birds collectively

HCs awarded to N. C. Dexter
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  2091 SNIFTER
  2058 ROBUST
  2040 EASTER (Printer’s Devilry)
  2036 AL CONTO
  1997 FADO
  1958 HANGDOG
  1945 PRISON
  1927 TONSURE (Spoonerisms)
  1914 VE(S)TAL (Letters Latent)
  1906 MORSE
  1897 WASH-OUT
  1893 EARTHY
  1866 BINGE
  1862 UNALIKE (Spoonerisms)
  1849 AUXESIS
  1845 UPBRAID
  1827 AMAKOSI def. DENUDED (Wrong Number)
  1823 KISS
  1818 POISSO(N) D’AVRIL (Letters Latent)
  1779 NEWIE (misprint of U) (Misprints)
  1746 ENTOMIC
  1715 RELEASE / RASPING (Right and Left)
  1707 GALENA (Definition of Anagram)
  1689 SYNOD
  1685 MINO (Printer’s Devilry)
  1672 IMPASTOS (Spoonerisms)
  1654 CRESCENT / ENTHRALS (Overlaps)
  1650 SAPHENA
  1637 AMNESIC
  1619 GISMO (Printer’s Devilry)
  1611 LEISLER
  1585 SHIATSU
  1500 GIT (on board ship) (Ship of Fools)
  1472 TORAN (Printer’s Devilry)
  1454 GET-UP
  1363 MAVIN def. THONG (Wrong Number)
  1300 OXFORD (extra O) (Extra Letter)
  1290 NITERIE
  1284 STALE (3 defs. + sub. ind. of wrapping) (Parcels)
  1273 SIPOREX
  1260 OUT-AND-OUT
  1225 CURRY
  1194 DONET
  1078 KIRBEH
  1069 (P)OSTICHE (Headpieces)
  1061 MAGIC
  995 STASIMA (Printer’s Devilry)
  972 Anagram of 28 letters (Anagram)
  969 BUNTER
  952 STAR (Spoonerisms)
  939 A-PER-SE / ESCROC (Right and Left)
  908 INDIGO (Printer’s Devilry)
  849 VISITE
  840 SONDE
  816 POTLACH (with extra O in word) (Extra letter)
  792 DISTHENE (Printer’s Devilry)
  735 MALIGN
  718 FLO(GG)IN(G) (Letters Latent)
  666 Any word; subsidiary indication omits an animal (Beasts)
  622 SIMP (Printer’s Devilry)
  568 TETHER (Printer’s Devilry)
  556 SWEAL (Misprints)
  464 SIMKIN
  447 URTICARIA / APOGRAPHS (Right and Left)
  439 LINGA (Printer’s Devilry)
  406 BOIL
  401 GO-AHEAD
  371 GRADIN
Ximenes competitions
  1071 ORACLE (Printer’s Devilry)
  1066 RAVE / PAIR (DLM)
  1039 TEGMEN def. LEGION (Wrong Number)
  987 THING (Printer’s Devilry)
  975 HALE
  839 GINGER (Printer’s Devilry)
  832 PENNY-WISE (Misprints)
  780 NOBLEST (and Eximenamination)
  750 SEVEN-FIFTY / CROSSWORDS (Right and Left)
  717 STAR-MAN (Misprints)
  694 OSIRIS (Printer’s Devilry)
  686 FEMALE
  647 MADCAP
  525 MORALE (Printer’s Devilry)

Annual Honours record of N. C. Dexter
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2012-20130 0 1
2011-20120 0 4
2010-20110 5 5 15
2009-20101 (1, 0, 0) 5 4 8
2008-20091 (0, 1, 0) 3 6 16
2007-20081 (0, 1, 0) 6 6 7
2006-20071 (0, 0, 1) 8 4 3
2005-20061 (1, 0, 0) 6 6 6
2004-20053 (2, 1, 0) 5 5 1
2003-20042 (2, 0, 0) 6 5 6
2002-20031 (0, 1, 0) 5 5 8
2001-20021 (1, 0, 0) 5 5 9
2000-20011 (0, 1, 0) 9 2 4
1999-20003 (2, 1, 0) 6 3 2
1998-19991 (0, 1, 0) 7 3 4
1997-19982 (1, 0, 1) 8 2 2
1996-19972 (0, 1, 1) 5 6 7
1995-19963 (3, 0, 0) 7 3 2
1994-19953 (2, 1, 0) 4 4 3
1993-19940 7 3 11
1992-19931 (0, 1, 0) 4 6 13
1991-19920 6 4 8
1990-19911 (1, 0, 0) 4 7 10
1989-19901 (1, 0, 0) 8 3 2
1988-19891 (0, 1, 0) 7 3 4
1987-19881 (1, 0, 0) 5 3 5
1986-19872 (0, 1, 1) 6 3 1
1985-19863 (3, 0, 0) 5 4 3
1984-19851 (1, 0, 0) 5 6 5
1983-19843 (1, 0, 2) 3 4 2
1982-19831 (1, 0, 0) 6 5 3
1981-19820 7 3 5
1980-19812 (1, 1, 0) 4 6 4
1979-19803 (3, 0, 0) 5 5 1
1978-19791 (1, 0, 0) 2 1 15
1973-19741 (0, 1, 0) 1 0
1972-19732 (1, 1, 0) 5 4 1
Ximenes competitions
1970-19714 (4, 0, 0) 7 2 1
1969-19703 (0, 2, 1) 6 3 1
1968-19691 (0, 1, 0) 3 3 7
1967-19683 (1, 2, 0) 4 5 2
1966-19674 (2, 1, 1) 5 2 1
1965-19662 (2, 0, 0) 5 6 2
1964-19650 2 9
1963-19641 (1, 0, 0) 4 3 7
1962-19630 5 4 9
1961-19620 2 5
1960-19610 2 2
1959-19601 (0, 1, 0) 1 2
1958-19590 0 2
1957-19581 (0, 1, 0) 0 0
1956-19570 1 0