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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
1953 Nov 2009TRAUMA (misprint of T) Misprints 23


Competition 1953’s average clue lengths over 23 clues:

51 letters per clue (6 above the archive average, and 7 above the average for Misprints competitions)

9.6 words per clue (equal to the archive average, and 0.4 above the average for Misprints competitions)


Longest clue (the 4th longest Misprints clue in the archive)

Revolutionary Marat soaking in a tub’s content … one sees the scene for forthcoming shock

73 letters, 14 words, by G. Johnstone


Shortest clue (the 41st shortest Misprints clue in the archive)

Wound arm with gun’s second shot in LA

30 letters, 8 words, by A. Plumb


Competition 1953 has contributed 17 unique words to the clue archive:

C. Lovingcyclist
A. Plumbgun’s
R. Gilbertmanager’s
P. McKennametatarsus
A. G. Flemingmystification
E. Crossoccasioned
T. J. Mooreypacket
T. J. DonnellyRadium
J. G. Boothramshackle
R. Gilbertrewiring
P. McKennasews
E. Crossstashed
W. F. Maintapas
A. G. Flemingterrorised
P. ColesThurman’s
P. ColesTravolta
G. Johnstonetub’s