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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
2078 Apr 2012RÉCOLLET normal 22


Competition 2078’s average clue lengths over 22 clues:

50 letters per clue (5 above the archive average, and 5 above the average for 8-letter words)

9.6 words per clue (equal to the archive average, and 0.2 above the average for 8-letter words)


Longest clue (the 69th longest normal clue in the archive)

State of Chancellor of the Exchequer meeting resistance in recession? He’s friendless, for God’s sake!

83 letters, 15 words, by T. J. Moorey


Shortest clues (the 644th shortest normal clues in the archive)

I repair to cell after church

24 letters, 6 words, by D. V. Harry


One from ‘le cloitre’ reformed?

24 letters, 5 words, by P. L. Stone


Competition 2078 has contributed 17 unique words to the clue archive:

R. J. Healdcontemplate
T. C. BorlandCorleone
J. Grimesdetache
G. H. Willettenlisted
Ms S. WallaceFranciscan
M. Barleyfrere
T. J. Mooreyfriendless
R. J. WhaleGalloway
A. J. Wardroplector
R. J. Whalemaverick
M. Lunannearby
R. HeskethObservant
M. Barleyreflective
R. J. HooperRevelations
M. Lunanshelters
M. LunanTiree
M. Lunanwindswept