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No.DateClue wordClue typeClues
447 Nov 1980URTICARIA / APOGRAPHS Right and Left 25


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Competition 447’s average clue lengths over 25 clues:

94 letters per clue (49 above the archive average, and 21 above the average for Right and Left competitions)

18.8 words per clue (9.2 above the archive average, and 4.1 above the average for Right and Left competitions)


Longest clue (the longest Right and Left clue in the archive)

Rash primaries in USA – really, those idiots Carter and Reagan (ignoring Anderson) – you can’t choose between them! Perhaps hostages will be released – then you could say: ‘He’s set these free’

149 letters, 30 words, by P. F. Henderson


Shortest clue (the 136th shortest Right and Left clue in the archive)

Phosphorus, half wound with a rag, spits fire from touching air – cut air supply

63 letters, 14 words, by S. Goldie


Competition 447 has contributed 34 unique words to the clue archive:

R. A. Mostyncaricature
D. F. Manleyconveyed
W. L. Mironconvulsion
J. F. Grimshawconvulsive
D. F. Manleydiction
W. J. M. Scotlandduplicates
G. JohnstoneEruptive
G. Johnstoneevaluating
W. L. Mironfacsimiles
Miss E. H. C. JenkinsG-sharp
C. Lovinggash
D. V. B. UnwinGrappa’s
J. F. Grimshawgrasshopper
W. L. MironHerbert
P. F. Hendersonhostages
D. F. Manleyjerking
V. G. Hendersonnettly
A. J. CrowPapa’s
S. GoldiePhosphorus
E. M. Holroydphotocopies
V. G. Hendersonphotographer’s
J. J. Moorepimples
R. A. MostynPrecise
P. F. Hendersonprimaries
E. J. Burgeprints
C. Allen Bakerpsora
D. P. M. MichaelRe-writes
J. J. Moorerepetitions
Mrs M. P. Webberreviewing
R. A. Mostynself
D. V. B. Unwintauric
Miss E. H. C. Jenkinstransposition
D. P. M. Michaelunaltered
V. G. Hendersonwench’s

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