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1.  W. L. Miron: ‘… slings … arms … no more … perchance … the rub …’ etc. (anag.; ref. Hamlet’s soliloquy).

2.  D. V. Harry: A large spinner once restored the determination of Robert the Bruce (anag. incl. t; spin = send hurtling).

3.  C. G. Millin: Sends block soaring – besieging threat’s reduced without one (cube (rev.) in anag. less a, & lit.).


C. Allen Baker: Pitcher – ancient English pitcher, not very good, but unusual (anag. incl. E less pi).

T. Anderson: It was a dreadful butcher and imported from France (anag.+ et, & lit.).

J. W. Bates: I’m not to be put in a glass house; much better shot miles away (anag. less m).

Dr J. G. Booth: This reinforced early bombardments upon castles, having elastic tension initially (initial letters, & lit.).

E. J. Burge: Apprentice mounted – he, included in weight allowance, could get stones off! (cub (rev.) he in tret).

A. E. Danher: One of the slings of O.F.? Ay! there’s the rub etc. – outrageous (anag.; O.F. = old French / outrageous fortune; ref. Hamlet’s soliloquy ).

J. H. Dingwall: Almost tetchy, distraught, about unfinished puzzle, my shot was a bit rocky (rebu(s) in anag. of tetch(y)).

R. R. Greenfield: Baron, in violation of the truce, might bring this out (B in anag., & lit.).

J. R. Kirby: Wooden structure comprising a pivoted device turning round about the top of a tower (c. in hub (rev.) in tree + t, & lit.).

A. D. Legge: Painful teeth-curb once coped with the problem of projection (anag.).

J. P. Lester: Was used to pepper yet upset the b—— cruet (anag.).

D. M. Macarthur: Weapon Cuthbert abandoned about start of engagement? (anag. incl. e; C. = one evading battle).

H. W. Massingham: One could chuck up rock and curb teeth decay (anag.).

C. J. Morse: Traces of early bombardment in ruins of Utrecht? Made by this, perhaps (e b in anag., & lit.).

D. S. Nagle: Note upset youngster – he is got round by abstainer offering a large sling (re + cub (rev.) + he, all in TT).

Dr R. J. Palmer: Slinging the first bit of boulder from this may leave the truce broken (anag. incl. b).

Mrs B. Simmonds: Strange brute, with cow’s head, allied to the wild onager (anag. + c + anag.; onager = siege-engine).

S. E. Woods: B—— the truce! Blast that – I’d hurl things at the enemy (anag.).


R. H. Adey, E. E. Bailey, Maj A. S. Birt, C. Blackett, K. Blewett, Mrs A. Boyes, J. M. Brown, C. O. Butcher, R. O. Calder, W. P. Cass, S. D. Chalk, D. L. L. Clarke, P. R. Clemow, Mrs M. P. Craine, G. Cuthbert, L. L. Dixon, P. Drummond, J. Etherington, J. S. Fowlie, B. Franco, G. Gargan, J. J. Goulstone, E. M. Hornby, P. Hurst, R. Jacks, L. W. Jenkinson, K. W. Johnson, G. Johnstone, Sir S. Kaye, N. Kemmer, Capt G. Langham, A. Lawrie, Mrs J. Macfie, H. MacRae, S. M. Mansell, D. P. M. Michael, R. A. Mostyn, M. Newman, L. W. G. Oxley, F. R. Palmer, S. L. Paton, J. G. Pearson, W. H. Pegram, M. L. Perkins, E. R. Riddle, A. Rivlin, D. R. Robinson, H. R. Sanders, Dr A. H. Seville, W. K. M. Slimmings, J. Sparrow, M. D. Speigel, F. B. Stubbs, L. E. Thomas, G. Walters, B. J. Warren, L. J. Wayman, Mrs M. P. Webber, J. F. N. Wedge, A. R. Wheatley, G. H. Willett, N. D. Young, (plus one unnamed entry from Bristol – Mr Manley?).

Another first-class entry, nearly 600 with virtually no mistakes. The longer-than-average H. C. list contains most of the users of the ‘end of Robert the Bruce’ idea in one of its many forms, which turned out to be the most popular by far. Although the poor chap actually died of leprosy in 1329, I dare say he had to contend with a few enemy trebuchets before that so the idea was quite O.K. – it was just too often used, with few outstanding examples. This is bound to happen now and then. The Hamlet soliloquy was another favourite but in this case Mr. Miron’s clue stuck out a mile. Congratulations to him.
I must be brief because I’m late for the printer. May I just make an impassioned plea for you all to observe the requests listed with every competition puzzle. They’re not just there to fill up space, but it’s astonishing how many people disregard them, even regulars. In particular, do please attach your diagram entry to your clue sheet with a pin, paper-clip or staple (in that order of preference); if your clue-sheet is loose there is a chance it will get separated from the diagram between the Observer mail department and me. And please write your clue etc., on a reasonable size of sheet, neither too large or too small. And don’t forget your name and address.


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